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Date 2010-05-23.19:27:52
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codecs module (and function) was added to Python 2.0. creates a StreamReaderWriter object which use two other objects: StreamReader and StreamWriter.

Python 2.6 and 3.0 have a new API: the io module. creates a TextIOWrapper object which is fully compatible with the file object API (it *is* the (text) file object API :-)). TextIOWrapper supports univeral newline and does better support reading+writing than StreamReaderWriter. TextIOWrapper has a better test suite and is used by default to read and write text files in Python3 (since Python 3.0). The io module has an *optimized* design and the io module was rewritten in C (in Python 2.7 and 3.1). should be deprecated in Python 3.2 and removed in Python 3.3 (not in Python 2.7). Maybe also StreamReader, StreamWriter and StreamReaderWriter: I don't know if any program use directly these classes, but I think that TextIOWrapper can be used instead.
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