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Author alfmel
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Date 2010-05-20.13:46:32
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I have attached a version 2 of the patch.  This patch includes everything in the first version, and adds the following:

 - Support for help arguments (HELP MAIL, for example)
 - Support for setting the maximum message size from the command line

This last feature adds the -s or --size option to the command line.  It allows the user to specify the maximum size for the message.  It is set to 0 for the default, meaning no limit.  This mimics the original behavior of module.  If you specify a size (like --size 32768), it will reject messages larger than the specified number of bytes (32KiB in this case).  If you don't specify the size, the response of EHLP won't list SIZE as one of the extensions.  But, if a size is specified, then it will show it on EHLP.

Hopefully these two changes will address some of the concerns that have been brought up.
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