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Author ianbicking
Date 2002-04-25.15:30:02
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I heard that there was an undocumented feature to the
os.popen family, where instead of passing a command
string as the first argument you could pass a list, as
[path, arg1, arg2, ...], and circumvent any shell
interpretation.  I was disapointed to see that this was
not so ("popen() argument 1 must be string, not list"
ditto tuple)

I believe this would be an excellent feature -- using
the shell is a significant source of errors due to
quoting, as well as a serious security concern.  95% of
the time the shell is not required.  The shell also
introduces portability concerns (e.g., bug #512433) --
creating a Python shell is not necessary when the shell
is usually superfluous anyway.

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