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Date 2010-05-05.14:42:19
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I agree with Michael that something should be done.

I propose to add commit os-getgroups-v2.patch, which is the almost same as os-getgroups.patch that I posted earlier, but adds a check for large values of NGROUPS_MAX (see msg99913 for the rationale)

This ensures that os.getgroups() will return a value that is consistent with the id(1) command on OSX and solves the original issue.

Sadly enough this won't fix the other issue that's mentioned in msg99759, because that is a platform issue.  In the current release of OSX it is impossible to both have os.getgroups that reflects calls to os.setgroups and os.getgroups that returns the same information as system tools, and therefore it is my opinion that we should keep the current behavior where we're at least consistent with system tools.
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