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Date 2010-05-05.00:15:47
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Patch for the second solution (fallback to utf-8 on get_codeset() failure):

 - create a subfunction initfsencoding() (Py_InitializeEx is already very long)
 - hardcode the encoding to utf-8 if nl_langinfo(CODESET) is missing
 - don't call get_codeset() on Windows or Mac OS X
 - call _PyCodec_Lookup(Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding) if get_codeset() was not called (eg. on Windows) or if get_codeset() failed to ensure that the codec can be (and is) loaded: display a fatal error on failure

Since I wrote patches for both solution, I can now compare correctly advantages and disavantages. I prefer initfsencoding() because it works on all cases and is simpler than no_fsencoding_error.patch.
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