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Date 2010-05-04.02:37:54
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Well, it wouldn't be the first time the microsoft docs were wrong.

There are two questions here: (1) is this behavior consistent across all microsoft platforms we support?  (2) is this *change* in behavior of Popen acceptable?

For (1) we need a unit test added to the subprocess unit tests that can check this.

For (2)...well, I think it would be good for the behavior to be as consistent as practical, so I'd be in favor.  We need some second opinions, though, to make sure we aren't overlooking some negative consequence.  I'm also not sure that this qualifies as a bug fix, so it may only be possible to get it into 3.2, assuming it is acceptable.

Note that I have not tested your program on Windows myself, I'm taking your word for it that it works ;)  I'll be more inclined to test things if the tests are in the form of unit tests, which should be much easier to understand than your test program.
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