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Date 2010-05-03.09:02:56
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loewis> I really, really, REALLY think that it is bad to mix issues.
loewis> This makes patch review impossible.

I tried to, but it looks difficult :-) Anyway, I opened #8603.

> This specific issue is about introducing an fsdecode and fsencode 
> function; this is what the bug title says, and what the initial patch
> did.

I know, but the two topics (fs*code() and os.environb) are very close and related. My os.environb implementation uses fsencode()/fsdecode().

> FWIW, I'm +0 on adding these functions. MAL, please stop messing
> issue subjects. (...)

I think that we cannot decide correctly about fs*code() until we decided for os.environb.
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