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Author rubenlm
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Date 2010-04-29.14:08:08
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Here is my current error handler:

def handleRmtreeError(func, path, exc):
  excvalue = exc[1]
  if excvalue.errno == errno.EACCES:
    if func in (os.rmdir, os.remove):
      parentpath = path.rpartition('/')[0]
      os.chmod(parentpath, stat.S_IRWXU) # 0700
    elif func is os.listdir:
      os.chmod(path, stat.S_IRWXU) # 0700
      rmtree(path=path, ignore_errors=False, onerror=handleRmtreeError)

Looking back to this code there is an infinite recursion bug if os.chmod fails for some reason in the os.listdir condition. I don't see an easy way to solve this...
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