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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-04-28.00:15:02
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I commited the patch into small parts:

1 (r80552): fix for Python compiled without thread
2 (r80553): -j option requires thread support
3 (r80554): test_doctest: import trace module in test_coverage()
4 (r80555): skip test_multiprocessing if thread support is disabled
5 (r80556, r80569): split Test.test_open() of ctypes/test/
6 (r80564): fix test_hashlib for missing threading module
7 (r80565): simplify threading detection in test_capi
8 (r80566): don't skip the whole test_asynchat if threading is missing
9 (r80568): fix test_xmlrpclib for missing threading module
10 (r80570): test_cmd imports trace module using test_support.import_module()
11 (r80571): fix many tests if thread support is disabled

I created the patch to Jerry Seutter in the Misc/NEWS file.

I'm waiting for the buildbot tests to port the commits to py3k. First commit of Part 5 (r80556) was wrong: I fixed it with a new commit (r80569).
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