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There has been a number of discussions about bdist_deb, and some code too. I don’t have links handy, unfortunately, but I remember a conclusion that was: Don’t.

 Debian packages are best made by Debian tools, which go to great lengths to comply with Debian Policy, work together, and are frequently updated. On the Distutils(2) site, the most we can do would be a bdist_dsc command that produces a special file which is used by debianizing tools.

 A key thing to remember is that .deb is not just a file format, it’s the embodiment of a Policy (the real value of Debian is its policy, not its package manager—a nice technical side effect), and as such, best handled by Debian tools.

Disclaimers: I’ve not been following packaging discussions for long, these lines are a summary of other people’s thoughts, I’m not a Debian developer or maintainer.

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