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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2010-04-21.13:08:48
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This patch looks good to me, assuming that the buildbots are happy.  I agree that this seems like a sensible solution for now, even if it means limiting users to ncurses rather than ncursesw.

I was initially a bit surprised that it works on OS X, since OS X doesn't have 'ldd';  but in that case the os.system call simply outputs "sh: ldd: command not found" to stderr and (presumably) nothing to stdout;  no Python exception is raised, so it's all okay.  It might be worth adding code to avoid the os.system('ldd ...') call on OS X, just to avoid the unnecessary error message on the console.  Apart from this, I say +1 to applying the patch.

Many thanks for all the detective work!
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