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Author skrah
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Date 2010-04-21.12:16:19
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Jeroen, thanks for the idea. I asked Thomas Dickey and he said that
one should not load both and

I think this means that if is already linked against, we are stuck with for the curses module.

If this affects users who want the wide character version, they could
file a bug report with their distro:

Thomas Dickey pointed out that there are two ways for a distro to
deal with this problem:

  1) Link libreadline against ncursesw.

  2) Split out the termcap interface (which readline uses) as
     libtinfo. This is a configure option for ncurses and SuSE
     and Redhat are doing this.

I'm attaching a new patch against py3k that makes sure that the
readline and curses modules use the same curses library.

(This does not apply to Darwin, but I don't want to touch that logic.)

I'm going to test the patch on py3k-cdecimal to see if it works on
the buildbots.
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