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Date 2010-04-21.02:14:48
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Ok, so I left the argument style in the docs as it was.

*** NOTE ***: Sean: Change this for the 3 trunk commit.

Setting the "python" string is outside of the argv function because we want to use "python" on any of the many places where the return is done.

As far as using the C argv[0], I decided to specifically use "python" as a fallback.  We could easily just let openlog pick it, which is what the old behavior was, but in that case it's dependent on the implementation.

I can't answer about sys.argv being unicode.

From my looking at the code, SEP will vary depending on the platform, and is just what os.path.sep is -- I was going to use os.path.sep, but found it just returns SEP.

Thanks for the great review, I've attached a new version.
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