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I don't know how deep you want to get into detecting invalid URIs, but with the new patch this one causes a parsing error that is probably worth dealing with:


Maybe a reasonable set of checks would be (in hostname) that if the part of the netloc after the @ contains a ']' or a '[', then it must start with a [ and either end with a ] or contain a ']:'.

I can also mess up your new checks with something like this:


or even:


although those don't fail, they just faithfully produce the nonsensical results implicit in the invalid urls.  I think the above check logic in hostname would catch them, but it wouldn't catch this one:


That may be OK, though, since as you noted earlier we aren't doing full URI validation.

Oh, and I notice that your test only covers the 'fast' path code, it doesn't exercise the general URI logic.

(Sorry I didn't review this issue earlier.)
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