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Date 2010-04-17.05:27:19
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The FreeBSD bot in question is now running 6.4, and test_signal is still failing.  I have access to a 6.3 box, which shows exactly the same failures as I see in the buildbot log.  On that box, doing

    t = threading.Thread(target=lambda: None)

with or without a t.join() afterward is enough to trigger the failures in test_signal.

Although it does not appear to have been fixed in 6.4, the 7.2 buildbot does not show the same problems.  (It has a somewhat different problem with *one* of the three failing tests in this case, but likely it is a different bug from this one, since the output is different.)  So I conclude that it is still most likely a platform problem, and I've added freebsd6 specific skips for those three tests in r80144.
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