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Date 2010-04-15.09:01:34
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As an aside, I don't really understand why the sem_open check is failing on the build machine.  'man sem_overview' says:

"On a system with Linux 2.6 and a glibc that provides the NPTL threading implementation, a complete implementation of POSIX semaphores is provided."

Is some part of this not true for the Ubuntu build machines?

> can't the required kernel version be checked at runtime?

What exact check would that be, and where would you put it?  It seems to me that the check may be more complicated than just looking for a kernel version (e.g., might depend on libc version, on whether POSIX semaphore support is actually compiled into the kernel or not).  Whatever runtime check is used would also need to work for *BSD and other systems.

We could try just doing a sem_open test call somewhere at run time (e.g. when importing the relevant piece of multiprocessing?);  we'd have to find some way to catch the SIGSYS signal that generates on FreeBSD (and on Linux?) though.
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