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Date 2010-04-12.18:08:29
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Attaching the C test programs I forgot to attach yesterday -
sorry about that.  I've also tried these programs, and the
patches, on FreeBSD 5.3 (an old version from late 2004).  I found
that it accepted unterminated addresses as well, and unlike Linux
it did not normally null-terminate addresses at all - the
existing socket code only worked for addresses shorter than
sun_path because it zero-filled the structure beforehand.  The
return-unterminated patches worked with or without the

Unlike Linux, FreeBSD also accepted oversized sockaddr_un
structures (sun_path longer than its definition), so just
allowing unterminated addresses wouldn't make the full range of
addresses usable there.  That said, I did get a kernel panic
shortly after testing with oversized addresses, so perhaps it's
not a good idea to actually use them :)
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