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With respect to msg98314 ( referenced in this bug, which I thought is easy to handle, does not appear so. It is bit tricky.

The problem is the relative url is given of the format '07.11.2009-9:54:12-1.jpg' and urlparse wrongly assumes that it is VALID url with the scheme as 07.11.2009-9 ( Surprisingly, this falls under valid characters for a URL Scheme, but we know that there no url scheme like that).

But when you give ./07.11.2009-9, ./ is identified a relative path and urljoin happens properly. 

My inclination for this specific msg9814, is the allow the user to give the proper path like ./07.11.2009-9 or use urljoin from different directory, images/07.11.2009-9 and this should handle it.

This date-time relative url is not a typical scenario, but for  typical scnerios, urlparse behaves as expected.

>>> x = 'http://a.b.c'
>>> urlparse.urljoin(x,'foo')
>>> urlparse.urljoin(x,'./foo')

I shall provide my comments on the IPv6 parse in next msg.
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