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In one window run the attached script (assumes you have pywin32 installed) with a parameter of the directory the TESTFN file will end up in. Then run, eg, test_zipfile in another window. For me:

c:\temp> C:\work_in_progress\make-snapshots\trunk\python\Lib

C:\work_in_progress\make-snapshots\trunk\python\Lib> ..\pcbuild\python.exe -m test.test_zipfile

Obviously, you'd have to change the path to be wherever you're running the test suite from.

The watch_dir script sits there looking for file activity, then takes and releases a delete-share handle on the file. It's enough to disrupt certain tests (such as test_zipfile) pretty much every time. Other tests are affected less, or only the first few times. Not sure why, but it's certainly enough to reproduce the general effect of TortoiseSVN or indexer or virus checker.
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