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Date 2010-04-08.07:19:51
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> If we agree so far, I believe that an implementation of untilConcludes *should* be added to stdlib ("signal.restartable_call", anyone?).

Definitely, it's better to have this handler written once and correct than having various implementations scattered around libraries.

> If people agree, I'd be happy to produce the patch (trunk+py3k, doc+test).

Go ahead :-)

> According to "man 7 signal" select must be explicitely restarted, regardless of the SA_RESTART flag.

man sigaction states this:


Provide behaviour compatible with BSD signal semantics by making _certain_ system calls restartable across signals. 

Indeed: you can't really rely on SA_RESTART, since certain syscalls are not restartable, and this flag isn't really portable.
select is even specific since the file descriptor sets can be modified, and the timeout too.

That's why it's definitely better to take the EINTR-wrapper approach.
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