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> _PyObject_Call	403	99,02
> affinity off:
> Functions Causing Most Work
> Name	Samples	%
> _PyObject_Call	1.936	99,23
> _threadstartex	1.934	99,13
> When we run on both cores, we get four times as many L1 instruction cache hits!

You mean we get 4x the number of cache /misses/, right?

This analysis is gratuitous if you can't evaluate/measure/calculate the
actual cost (in proportion of total elapsed or CPU time) of the
instruction cache misses. Perhaps it is actually negligible and the
slowdown is caused by something else.

> How best to combat this?  I'll do some experiments on Windows.
> Perhaps we can identify cpu-bound threads and group them on a single
> core.

IMHO, the OS should handle this. I don't think ad-hoc platform-specific
CPU affinity tweaks belong in the Python core.
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