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> A nitpick:  on OS X, the gdb script ends up being called:
> Is this intentional?  If it is, then I'll add this filename to the 
> svn:ignore property.  (And also to make distclean, I guess.  Is python-
> currently deleted by a 'make distclean'?)

That was unexpected, but re-reading I see where it's coming from.  Please do add it to svn:ignore.

Looks like I forgot to add the removal of the file to the "distclean" target.  Sorry about that.  Presumably adding:
  -rm -f python*
should do the trick (as I understand it, if the glob fails to match, it will happily fail to "rm" the non-existant file named "python*").

Another nit I spotted: the buildbot is "unexpectedly" skipping test_gdb on Win32 (with "gdb not found in path").  Looking at _expectations in Lib/test/ it strikes me that test_gdb is likely to be skipped on every configuration other than on "linux2") - should I wire that in with a decorator within

To my knowledge, OS X doesn't ship with gdb 7 - though presumably someone could build their own copy, linking with the system Python, and if so, the file would then be of use in debugging the freshly-built ./python.exe
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