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I'm attaching a new version of the patch (v4), against svn trunk (r79422)

Changes since v3:
  * added support for PySetObject (set/frozenset)
  * added support for PyBaseExceptionObject (BaseException)
  * fixed a signed vs unsigned char issue that led to exceptions in gdb for PyStringObject instances containing bytes in the range 0x80-0xff
  * handle the case of loops in the object reference graph.  In previous versions, the gdb prettyprinter would get stuck in infinite recursion following the pointers.  The new version keeps track of the set of all pointers we've visited so far, stopping the traversal at object's we've already reached (analagous to Py_ReprEnter and Py_ReprLeave).
  * unit tests for all of the above (full test suite passes on my machine thus: "Ran 35 tests in 13.547s"; this is a Fedora 12 x86_64 box with gdb-7.0.1-33.fc12)
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