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> I upload bfs.patch

Interesting patch, but:
- Please give understandable benchmark numbers, including an explicit
comparison with baseline 3.2, and patched 3.2 (e.g. gilinter.patch)
- Please also measure single-thread performance, because it looks like
you are adding significant work inside the core eval loop
- Do you need a hi-res clock? gettimeofday() already gives you
microseconds. It looks like a bit of imprecision shouldn't be
- The magic number DEADLINE_FACTOR looks gratuitous (why 1.1^20 ?)
- By the way, I would put COND_SIGNAL inside the LOCK_MUTEX /
UNLOCK_MUTEX pair in bfs_yield().

If this gets accepted there will be cosmetic issues to watch out (and
the patch should be cross-platform).
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