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> The patch seems ok to me. This is how it was supposed to be in the
> first place if behaved as expected with non blocking sockets.

Ok, patch applied.

In light of the recv() and recv_into() implementation change, I also
think we should enable SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY for SSL sockets. It prevents
blocking read() calls from getting SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ at all.
(previously, we would loop manually in recv() and recv_into(); letting
the C OpenSSL runtime do it for us is certainly more efficient)

See description in


        Never bother the application with retries if the transport is
        blocking. If a renegotiation take place during normal operation,
        a SSL_read(3) or SSL_write(3) would return with -1 and indicate
        the need to retry with SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. In a non-blocking
        environment applications must be prepared to handle incomplete
        read/write operations. In a blocking environment, applications
        are not always prepared to deal with read/write operations
        returning without success report. The flag SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY
        will cause read/write operations to only return after the
        handshake and successful completion. »
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