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On 18.03.2010 16:44, Thomas Heller wrote:
> Thomas Heller<>  added the comment:
>> the ports which are maintained separately still need an update:
>> libffi_msvc
>>    libffi trunk now has a port to x86/msvc. might require some
>>    extra updates from libffi.
> I'll take care of this one.
> Would it be a good idea to upgrade to libffi trunk
> in Modules/_ctypes/libffi, and get rid of the libffi_msvc
> fork completely (by applying an additional small patch)?

I'm attaching the patch for an update from the trunk; it passes the ctypes tests and the libffi testsuite on i486-linux-gnu.

We should revert the following chunk for to generate the Makefile's again, so that we are able to run the testsuite at least with dejagnu:

-AC_CONFIG_FILES(include/Makefile include/ffi.h Makefile testsuite/Makefile man/Makefile libffi.pc)
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