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Date 2010-03-11.03:31:49
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Sorry to not be able to follow up for so long, but I was moving 

I was playing with the tests a bit and ended up trying this:

$ ./python -E -tt -d -v -W all ./Lib/test/ -l -v -s test_builtin

Which resulted (after quite a bit of output) in this:

# /usr/pkgsrc/lang/python26/work/Python-2.6.4/Lib/tempfile.pyc matches 
import tempfile # precompiled from 
import fcntl # dynamically loaded from 
import thread # builtin
[1]   Segmentation fault      ./python -E -tt -d -v -W all 
./Lib/test/ -l -v -s test_builtin

So, is this perhaps a bug either in Python's thread usage, or NetBSD's 
library?  Is there an easy way to tell python to build without any threads,
even if configure finds the proper system include files and libraries?  Is
it as simple as "./configure --without-threads" when starting the build?
(I'm about to try that...)

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