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Current SSL module doesn't manage SSL sessions, so any connection must do the full SSL handshake.

SSL/TLS support session restarting, when an old SSL context is used in a new connection, so you don't need to do the full SSL handshake.

This is a huge performance improvement.

I think SSL module should keep a small pool of sessions in core, to reuse. Better yet:

a) In SSL sockets, a method should be added to get the SSL context.

b) When creating a SSL socket, in client mode, a new optional parameter should be accepted, for a SSL context.

c) When creating a SSL socket, in server mode, we have two options: a) provide a dictionary or similar, with different contexts for possible clients connections or, better b) provide a callback the SSL module will call when getting an incoming connection, with a session ID as a parameter. The callback can provide a session SSL state or "None". This second approach allow for session management, like expiration or persistence to disk.

(the second option is equivalent to the first if the dict-like object includes this logic inside)

What do you think?.
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