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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2010-03-07.12:29:09
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The implementation of pep-0370 treats OSX like any other unix platform. 

This is problemantic for two reasons: first of all OSX already had a per-user directory before pep-0370 was implement: ~/Library/Python/X.Y, which means there are now two per-user directories on OSX. Secondly the pep-0370  per-user directory does not honor platform conventions.

I therefore propose to change pep-0370 behavior on OSX: 
* remove ~/.local as the user-base
* upgrade ~/Library/Python/X.Y to a pep-0370 compatible directory
  (that is: introduce the additional subdirectories that are used
   in pep-0370)
* upgrade /Library/Python/X.Y to the same structure
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