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Author jerry.seutter
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Date 2010-03-05.19:45:42
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Uploaded a new version of the patch, nothreads_3.patch.

@r.david.murray - Good point about unittest.skipUnless, I didn't know about that function.  I removed my decorator and used skipUnless() instead.

@haypo: - Modified the URL changes so that now the tests should run exactly as before in the multithreaded case. - The TESTFN changes are unrelated to the work I am doing.  I removed them and will file as a separate item in Roundup.

The skip_if_no decorator has been removed and replaced with unittest.skipUnless(). - You mentioned that only half the tests use threads.  The file has two test methods, both of which use threads. - Fixed so that only tests that require threading are skipped.  Thank you for the reminder about class decorators. - I will create an issue in the bug tracker to fix the usage of BaseTestCase.  From the svn revision lot it appears the functionality in BaseTestCase is there for a reason and I think it should be fixed.
  - The thread module is now imported once at the top of test_support.
  - The reap_threads() function decorates with a thread cleanup function if thread is available, or with a no-op function if thread is not available.  Added a docstring.
  - Removed "import thread" calls in threading_setup() and threading_cleanup().  Replaced with "if thread" statements. - I removed the decorator and use import_module() instead. - Modified the import so all but one of the tests run when threading is disabled. - Modified to use the try: import threading method of importing the module.  It's kind of a moot point because the multiprocessing module does not exist when python is built without threading. - test_pendingcalls_non_threaded eventually makes a call to testcapi._pending_threadfunc().  testcapi._pending_threadfunc() does not exist when python is built without threading.  What I'm trying to say is that both tests rely on threading.  I added the skipUnless decorator to both test methods. - Switched to use skipUnless instead.
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