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Author jednaszewski
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Date 2010-02-26.20:27:32
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I spent some time working on and testing a unit test as well.  It's the same basic idea as Zsolt Cserna's, but with a slightly different approach.  See 7242_unittest.diff.  My unittest fails pre-patch and succeeds post-patch.

However, I still have reservations about the patch.  The existing test test_threading.ThreadJoinOnShutdown.test_3_join_in_forked_from_thread hangs with the patch in place.

Vanilla 2.6.2 - test passes
Vanilla 2.6.4 - test fails
Patched 2.6.4 - test hangs

Note: the code of the test_threading test is identical in all 3 cases.  I'd feel more confident about the patch if this test didn't hang with the patch in place.
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