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Keyword Description
3.10regression Regressions in 3.10 (either relative to 3.9, or to earlier 3.10 releases)
3.11regression Regressions in 3.11 (either relative to 3.10, or to earlier 3.11 releases)
3.2regression Regressions in 3.2 (either relative to 3.1, or to earlier 3.2 releases)
3.3regression Regressions in 3.3 (either relative to 3.2, or to earlier 3.3 releases)
3.4regression Regressions in 3.4 (either relative to 3.3, or to earlier 3.4 releases)
3.5regression Regressions in 3.5 (either relative to 3.4, or to earlier 3.5 releases)
3.6regression Regressions in 3.6 (either relative to 3.5, or to earlier 3.6 releases)
3.7regression Regressions in 3.7 (either relative to 3.6, or to earlier 3.7 releases)
3.8regression Regressions in 3.8 (either relative to 3.7, or to earlier 3.8 releases)
3.9regression Regressions in 3.9 (either relative to 3.8, or to earlier 3.9 releases)
buildbot indicates that related test failures are causing buildbot instability
easy This is an easy task (e.g. suitable for GHOP or bug day beginners)
easy (C) This is an easy task for folks that already know how to program in C.
gsoc Issue is a good candidate for Google's Summer of Code
needs review This issue has a patch which needs the review of a developer.
newcomer friendly Issue suitable for newcomer/first time contributors. Not suitable for experienced contributors. It should be straightforward change, well-defined, and low-risk.
patch Contains patch
pep3121 Module enhancements to use PEP 3121
security_issue As discussed in irc #wesnoth-dev, they are important security issues.