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32604 1 month ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open eric.snow
34172 2 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
33729 8 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
28124 3 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
11352 3 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
33609 9 months ago Document that dicts preserve insertion order has PR open yselivanov
28022 20 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
28805 2 days ago Add documentation for METH_FASTCALL and _PyObject_FastCall*() has PR open skrah
34831 2 days ago Asyncio Tutorial has PR open cjrh
36689 6 days ago docs: os.path.commonpath raises ValueError for different drives has PR open lazka
32625 7 days ago Update the dis module documentation to reflect switch to wordcode has PR open belopolsky
36896 7 days ago clarify in types.rst that FunctionTypes & co constructors don't have stable signature has PR open mbussonn
36853 7 days ago inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2) has PR open jaraco
36373 1 week ago Deprecate explicit loop parameter in all public asyncio APIs has PR open dtrauma
37218 1 week ago Default digestmod has not been removed from documentation has PR open Alex.Willmer
36675 1 week ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
36868 2 weeks ago New behavior of OpenSSL hostname verification not exposed, incorrectly documented has PR open josh.r
34788 2 weeks ago ipaddress module fails on rfc4007 scoped IPv6 addresses has PR open Jeremy McMillan
26468 2 weeks ago shutil.copy2 raises OSError if filesystem doesn't support chmod has PR open Vojtěch Pachol
36612 2 weeks ago Unittest document is not clear on SetUpClass calls has PR open vrpolakatcisco
37073 2 weeks ago clarify functions docs in IO modules and Bytes Objects has PR open Windson Yang
37105 2 weeks ago Add deprecated-remove information on stream doc has PR open eamanu
21314 2 weeks ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open veky
26329 3 weeks ago os.path.normpath("//") returns // has patch open Fred Rolland
31163 3 weeks ago Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace has PR open albertogomcas
24653 3 weeks ago Mock.assert_has_calls([]) is surprising for users has PR open rbcollins
36971 1 month ago Add subsections in C API "Common Object Structures" page has PR open jdemeyer
26515 1 month ago Update extending/embedding docs to new way to build modules in C has PR open brett.cannon
36927 1 month ago traceback docstrings should explicitly state return values instead of referring to other functions has PR open Aaron Hall
36345 1 month ago Doc: make serve uses http.server instead of Tools/scripts/ has PR open matrixise
26124 1 month ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords has PR open Charles Daffern
2897 1 month ago Deprecate structmember.h has patch open benjamin.peterson
30535 1 month ago Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open xmorel
22021 1 month ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
13474 1 month ago Mention of "-m" Flag Missing From Doc on Execution Model has PR open eric.snow
32523 1 month ago inconsistent spacing in changelog.html has PR open ned.deily
22630 1 month ago `concurrent.futures.Future.set_running_or_notify_cancel` does not notify cancel has patch open bwhmather
33187 1 month ago Document ElementInclude (XInclude) support in ElementTree has PR open scoder
24195 1 month ago Add `Executor.filter` to concurrent.futures has patch open cool-RR
36165 1 month ago DOC: ssl.rst is missing formatting on two links has PR open cheryl.sabella
36754 1 month ago Remove smart quotes in pydoc text has PR open steve.dower
36270 1 month ago DOC: Add link to sys.exc_info for "Reference Manual" has PR open cheryl.sabella
36654 1 month ago Add example to tokenize.tokenize has PR open Windson Yang
32309 1 month ago Implement asyncio.run_in_executor shortcut has PR open asvetlov
27409 1 month ago List socket.SO_*, SCM_*, MSG_*, IPPROTO_* symbols has patch open martin.panter
36743 1 month ago Docs: Descript __get__ signature defined differently across the docs has PR open jdufresne
36329 1 month ago use the right python "make -C Doc/ serve" has PR open matrixise
36769 1 month ago doc Document that fnmatch.filter supports any kind of iterable not just lists has PR open adelfino
35181 1 month ago Doc: Namespace Packages: Inconsistent documentation of __loader__ being None has PR open mdk
15629 1 month ago Add to regrtest the ability to run Lib and Doc doctests has patch open chris.jerdonek
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