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1100942 2 months ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open josh-sf
20767 3 months ago Some python extensions can't be compiled with clang 3.4 has patch open Antoine.Brodin.FreeBSD
19217 15 months ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch open Jacek.Bzdak
33601 3 days ago [EASY DOC] Py_UTF8Mode is not documented open serhiy.storchaka
33600 3 days ago [EASY DOC] Python 2: document that platform.linux_distribution() has been removed open vstinner
33476 5 days ago String index out of range in get_group(), email/ open Cacadril
17972 6 days ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
13474 1 week ago Mention of "-m" Flag Missing From Doc on Execution Model has PR open eric.snow
32392 1 week ago documentation does not have **kwargs open oprypin
32769 1 week ago Add 'annotations' to the glossary has PR open cheryl.sabella
24255 1 week ago Replace debuglevel-related logic with logging has patch open demian.brecht
5430 3 weeks ago imaplib: must not replace LF or CR by CRLF in literals has patch open memeplex
33275 3 weeks ago glob.glob should explicitly note that results aren't sorted has PR open Ben FrantzDale
33217 3 weeks ago x in enum.Flag member is True when x is not a Flag has PR open Dutcho
32790 4 weeks ago Keep trailing zeros in precision for string format option g has PR open sk1d
24356 1 month ago venv documentation incorrect / misleading has PR open Graham.Oliver
33289 1 month ago tkinter askcolor returning floats for r,g,b values instead of ints has PR open Bryan.Oakley
21314 1 month ago Document '/' in signatures open veky
11594 1 month ago 2to3 does not preserve line endings has patch has PR open bialix
11122 1 month ago bdist_rpm should use rpmbuild, not rpm has patch open purpleidea
25433 1 month ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() open Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos
4963 1 month ago mimetypes.guess_extension result changes after mimetypes.init() has patch has PR open siona
33222 1 month ago Various test failures if PYTHONUSERBASE is not canonicalized has PR open jdemeyer
33187 1 month ago Document ElementInclude (XInclude) support in ElementTree open scoder
33014 1 month ago Clarify str.isidentifier docstring; fix keyword.iskeyword docstring has PR open dabeaz
24925 2 months ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray
28677 2 months ago difficult to parse sentence structure in "When an instance attribute is referenced that isn't a data attribute" has PR open viorel
15248 2 months ago Better explain "TypeError: 'tuple' object is not callable" has patch open o11c
33095 2 months ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations open ncoghlan
33071 2 months ago Document that PyPI no longer requires 'register' open p-ganssle
28612 2 months ago str.translate needs a mapping example has patch open Jim.Jewett
27902 2 months ago pstats.Stats: strip_dirs() method cannot handle file paths from different OS open Jaroslav
32758 2 months ago Stack overflow when parse long expression to AST has PR open serhiy.storchaka
28955 2 months ago Not matched behavior of numeric comparison with the documentation has PR open woo yoo
1410680 2 months ago Add 'surgical editing' to ConfigParser has patch open anadelonbrin
30974 2 months ago Update os.samefile docstring to match documentation open eMPee584
12750 2 months ago add cross-platform support for %s strftime-format code has patch open Daniel.O'Connor
29890 2 months ago Constructor of ipaddress.IPv*Interface does not follow documentation has PR open Ilya.Kulakov
26792 2 months ago docstrings of runpy.run_{module,path} are rather sparse has PR open Antony.Lee
13790 2 months ago In str.format an incorrect error message for list, tuple, dict, set has patch open py.user
4260 3 months ago Document that ctypes.xFUNCTYPE are decorators. open LambertDW
26018 3 months ago documentation of ZipFile file name encoding open gagern
32835 3 months ago Add documention mentioning that Cygwin isn't fully compatible open jayyin11043
5978 3 months ago cProfile and profile don't work with pygtk/pyqt and sys.exit(0) open akkana
32804 3 months ago urllib.retrieve documentation doesn't mention context parameter open julian_o
31215 3 months ago Add version changed notes for OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility open ncoghlan
30516 3 months ago Documentation for datetime substract operation incorrect? open René Hernández Remedios
32321 3 months ago functools.reduce has a redundant guard or needs a pure Python fallback has PR open steven.daprano
12706 4 months ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open orsenthil
28879 4 months ago smtplib send_message should add Date header if it is missing, per RFC5322 has patch has PR open Henning.von.Bargen
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