ID Activity Title Status Creator
16637 1 month ago py-bt, py-locals, etc. GDB commands fail with output-radix 16 has patch has PR open mshroyer
37382 2 months ago Improve conditional check for test_gdb has PR open jdemeyer
33926 2 months ago test_gdb is skipped in builds since gdb is not installed as part of build script has PR open xtreak
22035 6 months ago Fatal error in dbm.gdbm has patch open serhiy.storchaka
34401 13 months ago Make test_gdb work on HP-UX has PR open michael-o
26788 31 months ago test_gdb fails all tests on a profile-opt build configured --with-lto has patch open gregory.p.smith
25460 47 months ago Misc/.gdbinit uses preprocessor macro has patch open philtweir
10566 68 months ago gdb debugging support additions (Tools/gdb/ has patch open eggy
17951 71 months ago TypeError during gdb backtracing has patch open Catalin.Patulea
9420 79 months ago gdbm with /usr/include/ndbm.h has patch open phaering
12605 86 months ago Enhancements to gdb 7 debugging hooks has patch open dmalcolm
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