ID Activity Title Status Creator
33609 2 weeks ago Document that dicts preserve insertion order has PR open yselivanov
28124 3 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
28022 8 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
11352 36 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
33921 7 hours ago Explain that '' can be used to bind to all interfaces for the AF_INET address family in the docs has PR open John Hagen
33877 yesterday Doc: Delete UNIX qualification for script running instructions has PR open adelfino
33885 yesterday doc Replace "hook function" with "callable" in urllib.request.urlretrieve has PR open adelfino
33894 yesterday tempfile.tempdir cannot be unset has PR open philiprowlands
33943 yesterday doc Add references to logging.basicConfig has PR open adelfino
33460 yesterday ... used to indicate many different things in chapter 3, some are confusing has PR open lew18
32500 2 days ago PySequence_Length() raises TypeError on dict type has PR open mgorny
15533 2 days ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation: Posix vs Windows has patch open chris.jerdonek
33468 3 days ago Add try-finally contextlib.contextmanager example has PR open ncoghlan
33830 5 days ago Error in the output of one example in the httplib docs has PR open Aifu LIU
33832 5 days ago doc Add "magic method" entry to Glossary has PR open adelfino
33869 5 days ago doc Add set, frozen set, and tuple entries to Glossary has PR open adelfino
33888 6 days ago Use CPython instead of Python when talking about implementation details has PR open adelfino
33095 6 days ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations has patch has PR open ncoghlan
33878 6 days ago Doc: Assignment statement to tuple or list: case missing. has PR open mdk
33883 6 days ago doc Mention mypy, pytype and PyAnnotate in FAQ has PR open adelfino
33882 6 days ago doc Mention breakpoint() in debugger-related FAQ has PR open adelfino
27461 7 days ago Optimize PNGs has patch open scop
33859 7 days ago Spelling mistakes found using aspell has PR open xtreak
33032 1 week ago Mention implicit cache in struct.Struct docs has PR open ncoghlan
33726 1 week ago Add short descriptions to PEP references in seealso has PR open adelfino
31432 1 week ago Documention for CERT_OPTIONAL is misleading has PR open christian.heimes
24356 1 week ago venv documentation incorrect / misleading has PR open Graham.Oliver
33573 1 week ago statistics.median does not work with ordinal scale, add doc has patch has PR open W deW
33816 2 weeks ago New metaclass example for Data Model topic has PR open adelfino
31711 2 weeks ago ssl.SSLSocket.send(b"") fails has patch has PR open joernheissler
33082 2 weeks ago multiprocessing docs bury very important 'callback=' args has PR open chadmiller-amzn
33736 2 weeks ago Improve the documentation of asyncio stream API has PR open Elvis.Pranskevichus
33804 2 weeks ago Document the default value of the size parameter of has PR open adelfino
33722 2 weeks ago Document builtins in mock_open has PR open jcrotts
21196 2 weeks ago Name mangling example in Python tutorial has patch has PR open chandan
30516 2 weeks ago Documentation for datetime substract operation incorrect? has PR open René Hernández Remedios
30974 3 weeks ago Update os.samefile docstring to match documentation has PR open eMPee584
33479 3 weeks ago Document tkinter and threads has patch has PR open terry.reedy
33708 3 weeks ago Doc: Asyncio's Event documentation typo. has PR open socketpair
33702 3 weeks ago Add some missings links in production lists and a little polish has PR open adelfino
33699 3 weeks ago Don't describe try's else clause in a footnote has PR open adelfino
22021 3 weeks ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch open DemoHT
33601 3 weeks ago [EASY DOC] Py_UTF8Mode is not documented has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32769 4 weeks ago Add 'annotations' to the glossary has PR open cheryl.sabella
33594 1 month ago add deprecation since 3.5 for a few methods of inspect. has PR open mbussonn
33592 1 month ago Document contextvars C API has PR open Elvis.Pranskevichus
33602 1 month ago Remove set and queue references from Data Types has PR open adelfino
32996 1 month ago Improve What's New in 3.7 has PR open serhiy.storchaka
17972 1 month ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
33459 1 month ago Fix "tuple display" mention in Expressions has PR open adelfino
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