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34172 2 weeks ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
37149 4 months ago link to John Shipman's Tkinter 8.5 documentation fails: website no longer available has PR open xameridu
32604 6 months ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open eric.snow
33729 13 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
28124 8 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
11352 8 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
33609 14 months ago Document that dicts preserve insertion order has PR open yselivanov
28022 25 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
38738 yesterday Fix formatting of True and False has PR open serhiy.storchaka
15243 yesterday Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch has PR open William.Schwartz
17306 yesterday Improve the way abstract base classes are shown in help() has patch open rhettinger
38778 yesterday Document that os.fork is not allowed in subinterpreters has PR open pconnell
38753 3 days ago AsyncMock not cited as new in 3.8 has PR open John Belmonte
32309 3 days ago Implement asyncio.run_in_executor shortcut has PR open asvetlov
38495 7 days ago print built-in function docs bug has PR open Alex Mashianov
38652 1 week ago Remove/update provisional note for asyncio.BufferedProtocol has PR open aeros
38657 1 week ago Clarify numeric padding behavior in string formatting has PR open Wicken
9182 1 week ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch open gray_hemp
38316 2 weeks ago docs: Code object's "co_stacksize" field is described with mistake has PR open pfalcon
38623 2 weeks ago Python documentation should mention how to find site-packages has PR open bittner
37052 2 weeks ago Add examples for mocking async for and async context manager in unittest.mock docs has PR open xtreak
35714 2 weeks ago Document that the null character '\0' terminates a struct format spec has PR open bup
27992 2 weeks ago Clarify %(prog)s in argparse help formatter returns basename of sys.argv[0] by default has patch has PR open py.user
27873 3 weeks ago should take more than one iterable has patch open Jason Yu
34344 1 month ago Fix the docstring for AbstractEventLoopPolicy.get_event_loop has PR open drtyrsa
32996 1 month ago Improve What's New in 3.7 has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38056 1 month ago Overhaul Error Handlers section in codecs documentation has patch has PR open Ma Lin
38446 1 month ago Ambiguous signature for builtins.__build_class__ has PR open bup
38413 1 month ago Remove or change "Multithreading" section open Vladimir Ryabtsev
9004 1 month ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch has PR open belopolsky
37408 1 month ago [DOC] Precise that Tarfile "format" argument only concerns writing. has PR open pakal
34226 1 month ago cgi.parse_multipart() requires undocumented CONTENT-LENGTH in Python 3.7 has PR open yan12125
37970 1 month ago urllib.parse docstrings incomplete has PR open zach.ware
37883 1 month ago threading.Lock.locked is not documented has PR open remi.lapeyre
32820 1 month ago Add and document __format__ method for IPv[46]Address has PR open ewosborne
13743 1 month ago xml.dom.minidom.Document class is not documented has PR open sandro.tosi
3559 1 month ago IDLE: Pasted newline doesn't trigger execution when typed newline would has patch open terry.reedy
34398 1 month ago Docs search should prominently show definitions and glossary items has PR open jfine2358
38221 1 month ago Enhancement to pydoc for Python 3.6 to allow full backgrounding as a server has patch open fmouse
33095 1 month ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations has patch has PR open ncoghlan
26468 2 months ago shutil.copy2 raises OSError if filesystem doesn't support chmod has PR open Vojtěch Pachol
29986 2 months ago Documentation recommends raising TypeError from tp_richcompare has PR open Devin Jeanpierre
38157 2 months ago Add a recipe in unittest.mock examples about mock_open per file has PR open xtreak
36675 2 months ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
30076 2 months ago Opcode names BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL and BUILD_TUPLE_UNPACK_WITH_CALL are too long has PR open serhiy.storchaka
18697 2 months ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
25810 2 months ago Python 3 documentation for eval is incorrect has PR open aroberge
35784 2 months ago document that takes kwargs has PR open joernheissler
36853 2 months ago inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2) has PR open jaraco
15125 2 months ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca
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