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22367 4 days ago Add open_file_descriptor parameter to fcntl.lockf() (use the new F_OFD_SETLK flag) has patch has PR open Andrew.Lutomirski
34172 1 month ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
28440 5 months ago ensurepip and pip install failures on macOS Sierra with non-system Python 2.7.x has patch has PR open Marc.Culler
37149 5 months ago link to John Shipman's Tkinter 8.5 documentation fails: website no longer available has PR open xameridu
32604 7 months ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open eric.snow
34922 14 months ago hashlib segmentation fault has PR open shuoz
33729 14 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
1100942 15 months ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open josh-sf
release blocker
20443 2 days ago __code__. co_filename should always be an absolute path has PR open yselivanov
deferred blocker
37228 1/4 hour ago UDP sockets created by create_datagram_endpoint() allow by default multiple processes to bind the same port has PR open vaizki
30064 2 days ago BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_{recv,sendall}() don't remove their callbacks when canceled has PR open abacabadabacaba
38410 2 days ago Possible fatal errors due to _PyEval_SetAsyncGen{Finalizer,Firstiter}() has PR open ZackerySpytz
38500 1 week ago Provide a way to get/set PyInterpreterState.frame_eval without needing to access interpreter internals has PR open fabioz
33725 1 month ago Python crashes on macOS after fork with no exec has PR open kapilt
17239 3 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch has PR open christian.heimes
29406 11 months ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod
31453 13 months ago Debian Sid/Buster: Cannot enable TLS 1.0/1.1 with PROTOCOL_TLS has patch has PR open adrianv
19050 16 months ago [Windows] fflush called on pointer to potentially closed file has patch open damiro
17180 16 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open milko.krachounov
32745 16 months ago ctypes string pointer fields should accept embedded null characters has patch has PR open theller
33738 18 months ago PyIndex_Check conflicts with PEP 384 has PR open Christian.Tismer
33295 20 months ago ERROR: test_sites_no_connection_close (test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests) has PR open inada.naoki
28866 yesterday Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch has PR open sjpalt
38820 4 days ago Make Python compatible with OpenSSL 3.0.0 has PR open christian.heimes
38270 6 days ago Tests: Avoid MD5 or check for MD5 availablity has PR open christian.heimes
29125 3 weeks ago Shell injection via TIX_LIBRARY when using tkinter.tix has patch open symphorien
9338 1 month ago argparse optionals with nargs='?', '*' or '+' can't be followed by positionals has patch open bethard
36338 1 month ago urlparse of urllib returns wrong hostname has patch has PR open sanebow
37951 2 months ago Disallow fork in a subinterpreter broke subprocesses in mod_wsgi daemon mode has PR open christian.heimes
14364 2 months ago Argparse incorrectly handles '--' as argument to option has patch has PR open maker
38077 3 months ago IDLE leaking ARGV into globals() namespace has PR open rhettinger
37440 3 months ago httplib should enable post-handshake authentication for TLS 1.3 has PR open christian.heimes
37428 3 months ago SSLContext.post_handshake_auth implicitly enables cert validation has PR open christian.heimes
9253 3 months ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie
21109 4 months ago tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability has patch has PR open Daniel.Garcia
34722 5 months ago Non-deterministic bytecode generation has PR open Peter Ebden
26423 6 months ago Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows with len > 2**31-1 has patch has PR open Dave Hibbitts
28971 6 months ago nntplib is broken when responses are longer than _MAXLINE has patch open xdegaye
14156 7 months ago argparse.FileType for '-' doesn't work for a mode of 'rb' has patch has PR open anacrolix
36515 8 months ago unaligned memory access in the _sha3 extension has patch open doko
12613 9 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open VPeric
28124 9 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
11352 9 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
6164 9 months ago [AIX] Patch to correct the AIX C/C++ linker argument used for 'runtime_library_dirs' has patch open srid
33618 9 months ago Support TLS 1.3 has PR open christian.heimes
33570 9 months ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 cipher suite changes has PR open christian.heimes
19217 11 months ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak
14074 12 months ago argparse allows nargs>1 for positional arguments but doesn't allow metavar to be a tuple has patch has PR open tshepang
33609 15 months ago Document that dicts preserve insertion order has PR open yselivanov
6083 16 months ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open billm
8036 17 months ago Interpreter crashes on invalid arg to spawnl on Windows has patch open alfps
32694 18 months ago Can no longer specify OpenSSL locations with CPPFLAGS / LDFLAGS ? has PR open yselivanov
30437 18 months ago SSL_shutdown needs SSL_read() until SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN has PR open njs
33136 20 months ago Harden ssl module against CVE-2018-8970 has PR open christian.heimes
23239 21 months ago SSL match_hostname does not accept IP Address has patch open Ádám.Zsigmond
2445 25 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch has PR open dstanek
28022 26 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
8372 39 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open baikie
3132 44 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
24295 46 months ago Backport of #17086 causes regression in has patch open moritzs
23973 52 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
6377 57 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open atuining
1508475 58 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
39028 1 3/4 hours ago ENH: Fix performance issue in keyword extraction has PR open seberg
6699 3 hours ago IDLE: Warn user about overwriting a file that has a newer version on filesystem has patch has PR open gpolo
37701 8 hours ago shutil.copyfile raises SpecialFileError for symlink to fifo has PR open chrahunt
36225 yesterday Lingering subinterpreters should be implicitly cleared on shutdown has patch has PR open ncoghlan
1438480 yesterday shutil.move raises OSError when copystat fails has patch open piman
10915 yesterday Make the PyGILState API compatible with multiple interpreters has patch open pitrou
38225 yesterday iscoroutinefunction broken with cython - allow tagging of functions as async? has PR open dhiltonp
39019 yesterday Missing class getitems in standard library classes has PR open BTaskaya
25160 yesterday Stop using deprecated imp module; imp should now emit a real DeprecationWarning has patch has PR open vstinner
24925 yesterday Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch has PR open r.david.murray
31114 2 days ago 'make install' fails when the configure 'prefix' is '/' and DESTDIR is used has PR open xdegaye
26859 2 days ago unittest fails with "Start directory is not importable" when trying to run sourceless tests has patch open xdegaye
22724 2 days ago byte-compile fails for cross-builds has patch open Benedikt.Morbach
28542 2 days ago document cross compilation has patch open xdegaye
20211 2 days ago do not add system header locations when cross compiling has patch open thomas-petazzoni
26855 2 days ago android: add platform.android_ver() has patch open xdegaye
13886 2 days ago readline-related test_builtin failure has patch has PR open nadeem.vawda
26852 2 days ago add the '--enable-sourceless-distribution' option to configure has patch open xdegaye
31046 2 days ago ensurepip does not honour the value of $(prefix) has patch open xdegaye
27640 2 days ago add the '--disable-test-suite' option to configure has patch open xdegaye
36351 2 days ago the ipv6type variable in may be set incorrectly when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye
36361 2 days ago generate correct pyconfig.h when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye
28190 2 days ago Cross-build _curses failed if host ncurses headers and target ncurses headers have different layouts has patch open yan12125
28833 2 days ago cross compilation of third-party extension modules has patch has PR open xdegaye
25172 2 days ago Unix-only crypt should not be present on Windows. has PR open terry.reedy
38848 2 days ago compileall fails when the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye
38840 2 days ago incorrect __all__ list in multiprocessing.managers module has PR open xdegaye
35813 2 days ago shared memory construct to avoid need for serialization between processes has PR open davin
38852 2 days ago test_recursion_limit in test_threading crashes with SIGSEGV on android has PR open xdegaye
38630 2 days ago subprocess.Popen.send_signal() should poll the process has PR open vstinner
38975 2 days ago Add direct anchors to regex syntax documentation has PR open bmispelon
37193 2 days ago Memory leak while running TCP/UDPServer with socketserver.ThreadingMixIn has patch has PR open maru-n
38981 2 days ago better name for re.error Exception class. has PR open mbussonn
36982 2 days ago Add support for extended color functions in ncurses 6.1 has PR open Jeffrey.Kintscher
33592 2 days ago Document contextvars C API has PR open Elvis.Pranskevichus
34272 2 days ago Reorganize C API tests has PR open serhiy.storchaka
18697 2 days ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36346 2 days ago Prepare for removing the legacy Unicode C API has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38956 2 days ago argparse.BooleanOptionalAction should not add the default value to the help string by default has PR open Antony.Lee
34793 2 days ago Remove support for "with (await asyncio.lock):" has PR open yselivanov
37404 3 days ago asyncio sock_recv blocks on ssl sockets. has patch has PR open AkshayTakkar
38091 3 days ago Import deadlock detection causes deadlock has PR open Ronan.Lamy
37916 3 days ago distutils: allow overriding of the RANLIB command on macOS (darwin) has PR open Jakub Piotr Cłapa
13501 3 days ago Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch has PR open ngie
38021 3 days ago Modify AIX platform_tag so it provides PEP425 needs has PR open Michael.Felt
38815 5 days ago test_ssl: test_min_max_version() fails on FreeBSD and Fedora has PR open vstinner
38952 5 days ago asyncio cannot handle Python3 IPv4Address has PR open Max Coplan
37096 5 days ago Add large-file tests for modules using sendfile(2) has patch has PR open giampaolo.rodola
37931 5 days ago crash reimporting posix after Py_Finalize on mac has patch has PR open Benoit Hudson
38706 6 days ago What should the error message in the exception raised by assertTrue and assertFalse be? has PR open mkarotsieris
36077 6 days ago Inheritance dataclasses fields and default init statement has PR open Кирилл Чуркин
38439 7 days ago Python needs higher resolution app/menu icons has patch has PR open hroncok
24565 7 days ago the f_lineno getter is broken has patch has PR open xdegaye
29298 7 days ago argparse fails with required subparsers, un-named dest, and empty argv has PR open zachrahan
38976 7 days ago Add support for HTTP Only flag in MozillaCookieJar has PR open Jacob Taylor
38878 7 days ago os.PathLike subclasshook causes subclass checks true on abstract implementation has PR open bar.harel
31821 1 week ago pause_reading() doesn't work from connection_made() has PR open pitrou
38960 1 week ago DTrace FreeBSD build fix has PR open David Carlier
38741 1 week ago Definition of multiple ']' in header configparser has PR open @mark99i
7982 1 week ago extend captured_output to simulate different stdout.encoding has patch has PR open flox
27873 1 week ago should take more than one iterable has patch has PR open Jason Yu
38945 1 week ago Remove newline characters from uu encoding methods has PR open stealthcopter
27777 1 week ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch has PR open rr-
29427 1 week ago Option to skip padding for base64 urlsafe encoding/decoding has PR open Thorney
38918 1 week ago Add __module__ entry for function type in inspect docs table. has PR open eric.snow
9694 1 week ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open benschmaus
38572 1 week ago Misleading AttributeError accessing fileno attribute in tarfile has PR open xtreak
36470 1 week ago dataclasses.replace raises an exception if InitVar with default argument is not provided. has PR open Greg Kuhn
31807 1 week ago unitest.mock: Using autospec=True conflicts with 'wraps' has patch open John Villalovos
35981 1 week ago shutil make_archive create wrong file when base name contains dots at end has PR open highwind
38449 1 week ago regression - mimetypes guess_type is confused by ; in the filename has PR open Yaroslav.Halchenko
32894 1 week ago AST unparsing of infinity numbers has PR open serhiy.storchaka
28805 1 week ago Add documentation for METH_FASTCALL and _PyObject_FastCall*() has PR open skrah
37224 1 week ago test__xxsubinterpreters fails randomly has PR open vstinner
38938 1 week ago Possible performance improvement for heaqq.merge() has patch has PR open Dennis Sweeney
38942 1 week ago Possible assertion failures in csv.Dialect() has PR open ZackerySpytz
38937 1 week ago NameError in list comprehension within .pth file has PR open Chris Billington
30988 1 week ago Exception parsing invalid email address headers starting or ending with dot has PR open timb07
38932 2 weeks ago unittest.mock.Mock.reset_mocks does not pass all arguments to its children has PR open vegarsti
38079 2 weeks ago _PyObject_VAR_SIZE should avoid arithmetic overflow has PR open Greg Price
16079 2 weeks ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open xdegaye
11664 2 weeks ago Add patch method to unittest.TestCase has patch open eric.araujo
38854 2 weeks ago Decorator breaks inspect.getsource has PR open crusaderky
38715 2 weeks ago Regression in compileall ddir parameter when recursing has PR open hetman
33604 2 weeks ago HMAC default to MD5 marked as to be removed in 3.6 has PR open mbussonn
37218 2 weeks ago Default digestmod has not been removed from documentation has PR open Alex.Willmer
18233 2 weeks ago SSLSocket.getpeercertchain() has patch open christian.heimes
38914 2 weeks ago Clarify wording for warning message when checking a package has PR open jugmac00
38045 2 weeks ago enum.Flag instance creation is slow has PR open Antony.Lee
27501 2 weeks ago Add class describing a PEP 3118 buffer object has patch open Daniel Moisset
22377 2 weeks ago %Z in strptime doesn't match EST and others has patch has PR open cool-RR
36375 2 weeks ago PEP 499 implementation: "python -m foo" binds the main module as both __main__ and foo in sys.modules has PR open cameron
34716 2 weeks ago MagicMock.__divmod__ should return a pair has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38907 2 weeks ago Add IPv6 Dual-Stack control for http.server has PR open zkonge
38870 2 weeks ago Expose ast.unparse in the ast module has PR open pablogsal
38603 2 weeks ago inspect.getdoc could examine the __class__ cell for dynamically generated subclasses has PR open Antony.Lee
38804 2 weeks ago Regular Expression Denial of Service in http.cookiejar has PR open bc
38903 2 weeks ago #if 0 block on parsetok.c has PR open eamanu
37334 2 weeks ago Add a cancel method to asyncio Queues has PR open Martin.Teichmann
25872 2 weeks ago multithreading traceback KeyError when modifying file has PR open Michael Allen
36876 2 weeks ago Global C variables are a problem. has PR open eric.snow
38721 2 weeks ago modulefinder should use import hooks properly has PR open plokmijnuhby
38384 2 weeks ago An assertion failure in test_pickle has PR open ZackerySpytz
38818 2 weeks ago Modify PyInterpreterState.eval_frame to pass tstate (PyThreadState) has PR open vstinner
33387 2 weeks ago Simplify bytecodes for try-finally, try-except and with blocks. has PR open Mark.Shannon
24084 2 weeks ago pstats: sub-millisecond display has patch has PR open Romuald
38886 2 weeks ago permissions too restrictive in zipfile.writestr has PR open rdussin
38880 2 weeks ago Subinterpreters: List interpreters associated with a channel end has PR open LewisGaul
33608 2 weeks ago Add a cross-interpreter-safe mechanism to indicate that an object may be destroyed. has patch has PR open eric.snow
38823 3 weeks ago Improve stdlib module initialization error handling. has PR open brandtbucher
22107 3 weeks ago tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open rupole
9625 3 weeks ago argparse: Problem with defaults for variable nargs when using choices has patch open thesociable
17306 3 weeks ago Improve the way abstract base classes are shown in help() has patch has PR open rhettinger
37367 3 weeks ago octal escapes applied inconsistently throughout the interpreter and lib has PR open bup
36041 3 weeks ago email: folding of quoted string in display_name violates RFC has patch has PR open aaryn.startmail
38636 3 weeks ago IDLE regression: toggle tabs and change indent width functions has PR open Zero
33046 3 weeks ago IDLE option to strip trailing whitespace automatically on save has PR open rhettinger
36710 3 weeks ago Pass _PyRuntimeState as an argument rather than using the _PyRuntime global variable has PR open vstinner
37957 3 weeks ago Allow regrtest to receive a file with test (and subtests) to ignore has PR open pablogsal
36287 3 weeks ago Make ast.dump() not output optional default fields has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38753 3 weeks ago AsyncMock not cited as new in 3.8 has PR open John Belmonte
38631 3 weeks ago Replace Py_FatalError() with regular Python exceptions has PR open vstinner
38845 3 weeks ago test_shared_memory_SharedMemoryServer_ignores_sigint and others fail on Guix has patch open tlecarrour
36424 3 weeks ago Pickle fails on frozen dataclass that has slots has PR open drhagen
17013 3 weeks ago Allow waiting on a mock has PR open pitrou
23407 3 weeks ago os.walk always follows Windows junctions has patch open craigh
38644 3 weeks ago Pass explicitly tstate to function calls has PR open vstinner
29137 3 weeks ago Fix fpectl-induced ABI breakage has PR open njs
38811 3 weeks ago Pathlib crashes when os module is missing 'link' method has PR open tohojo
35727 3 weeks ago sys.exit() in a multiprocessing.Process does not align with Python behavior has patch has PR open chrahunt
38116 3 weeks ago Make select module PEP-384 compatible has PR open dino.viehland
36589 3 weeks ago Incorrect error handling in curses.update_lines_cols() has PR open ZackerySpytz
17642 3 weeks ago IDLE add font resizing hot keys and wheel has patch has PR open rhettinger
38615 3 weeks ago imaplib has no timeout setting has PR open Jairo Llopis
32309 3 weeks ago Implement asyncio.run_in_executor shortcut has PR open asvetlov
3530 3 weeks ago ast.NodeTransformer doc bug has PR open daishiharada
38794 3 weeks ago Setup: support linking openssl statically has PR open Lukas.Vacek
29620 3 weeks ago unittest.TestCase.assertWarns raises RuntimeEror if sys.modules changes size has PR open kernc
23544 3 weeks ago IDLE hangs when selecting Stack View with debug active has patch has PR open Andrew.Harrington
38806 3 weeks ago "pdb.Pdb(skip=…).set_trace()" should always stop on calling frame has PR open blueyed
27465 4 weeks ago IDLE:Make help source menu entries unique and sorted. has PR open terry.reedy
38689 4 weeks ago IDLE crashes when KeyError is raised during calltip generation has PR open bup
38695 4 weeks ago IDLE should restart instead of hanging when subprocess exits has PR open terry.reedy
37827 4 weeks ago IDLE Shell: add a terminal mode that responds to \a, \b, and \r has PR open taleinat
38792 4 weeks ago IDLE calltips may not properly close on KeyboardInterrupt has PR open ZackerySpytz
38787 4 weeks ago PEP 573: Module State Access from C Extension Methods has PR open Dormouse759
4630 1 month ago IDLE: add cursor noblink option has patch has PR open mark
38731 1 month ago bad input crashes py_compile library has PR open Kaoru Esashika
16142 1 month ago ArgumentParser inconsistent with parse_known_args has patch open idank
15243 1 month ago Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch has PR open William.Schwartz
37309 1 month ago idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.9.0 and backports has PR open terry.reedy
37903 1 month ago IDLE Shell sidebar. has patch has PR open terry.reedy
36852 1 month ago Python3.7.2 fails to cross-compile (yocto / openembedded) when target is mips softfloat has patch has PR open mschoepf
35278 1 month ago [security] directory traversal in tempfile prefix has patch has PR open Yusuke Endoh
38681 1 month ago 2to3 Conversion Result using BlankLine() can be Syntactically Incorrect has PR open Samuel Tatasurya
38743 1 month ago configure: on macOS (darwin) add CoreFoundation to flags before checking for gettext has PR open Jakub Piotr Cłapa
36906 1 month ago Compile time textwrap.dedent() equivalent for str or bytes literals has PR open gregory.p.smith
30587 1 month ago Mock with spec object does not ensure method call signatures has PR open cbelu
36406 1 month ago doctest.testmod(empty_package) raises TypeError in 3.7 (and no errors in 3.6) has PR open Dutcho
11588 1 month ago Add "necessarily inclusive" groups to argparse has patch open John.Didion
13214 1 month ago Cmd: list available completions from the cmd.Cmd subclass and filter out EOF handler(s) has patch has PR open ngie
38599 1 month ago Deprecate creation of asyncio object when the loop is not running has patch open asvetlov
37645 1 month ago Replace PyEval_GetFuncName/PyEval_GetFuncDesc has PR open jdemeyer
22253 1 month ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections has patch has PR open kernc
38693 1 month ago Use f-strings instead of str.format within importlib has PR open gregory.p.smith
38495 1 month ago print built-in function docs bug has PR open Alex Mashianov
38662 1 month ago Decouple ensurepip from pip's internals using runpy has PR open pradyunsg
38430 1 month ago Memory leak in ThreadPoolExecutor + run_in_executor has patch has PR open Evgeny Nizhibitsky
25522 1 month ago IDLE: warn if save-as name matches stdlib name has PR open terry.reedy
38687 1 month ago Expose 'adler32_combine' function from zlib has PR open callumattryde
29930 1 month ago Waiting for asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() twice in parallel raises an AssertionError when the transport stopped writing has patch open metathink
38314 1 month ago Implement unix read_pipe.is_reading() method has PR open asvetlov
38657 1 month ago Clarify numeric padding behavior in string formatting has PR open Wicken
35182 1 month ago Popen.communicate() breaks when child closes its side of pipe but not exits has PR open and800
38610 1 month ago use-after-free in list object function has PR open LCatro
35328 1 month ago Set a environment variable for venv prompt has PR open batisteo
9182 1 month ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch open gray_hemp
38629 1 month ago float is missing __ceil__() and __floor__(), required by numbers.Real has PR open bluetech
23903 1 month ago Generate PC/python3.def by scraping headers has patch open zach.ware
38643 1 month ago Assertion failures when calling PyNumber_ToBase() with an invalid base has PR open ZackerySpytz
38316 1 month ago docs: Code object's "co_stacksize" field is described with mistake has PR open pfalcon
34790 1 month ago Deprecate passing coroutine objects to asyncio.wait() has PR open yselivanov
38623 1 month ago Python documentation should mention how to find site-packages has PR open bittner
25597 1 month ago unittest.mock does not wrap dunder methods (__getitem__ etc) has patch has PR open Darragh Bailey
35617 1 month ago unittest discover does not work with implicit namespaces has PR open Simon Fagerholm
23882 1 month ago unittest discovery doesn't detect namespace packages when given no parameters has patch open Florian.Apolloner
18108 1 month ago shutil.chown should support dir_fd and follow_symlinks keyword arguments has patch has PR open cjwatson
37052 1 month ago Add examples for mocking async for and async context manager in unittest.mock docs has PR open xtreak
32092 1 month ago mock.patch with autospec does not consume self / cls argument has PR open cbelu
34938 1 month ago Fix mimetype.init() to account for from import has PR open YoSTEALTH
17446 1 month ago doctest test finder doesnt find line numbers of properties has patch has PR open Ronny.Pfannschmidt
38519 1 month ago Internal include files missing on Windows has PR open steve.dower
21622 1 month ago ctypes.util incorrectly fails for libraries without DT_SONAME has PR open Jeremy.Huntwork
38530 1 month ago Offer suggestions on AttributeError has PR open pablogsal
29612 1 month ago TarFile.extract() suffers from hard links inside tarball has patch has PR open Jussi Judin
35714 1 month ago Document that the null character '\0' terminates a struct format spec has PR open bup
38286 1 month ago tarfile forgets set sgid when targetpath has it has patch open Charles Coulombe
29270 1 month ago super call in ctypes sub-class fails in 3.6 has patch open Dave Jones
38584 1 month ago argparse: Specifying a whitespace-only help message to a positional arg triggers an IndexError when displaying --help has PR open Lucas Cimon
38092 1 month ago environment variables not passed correctly using new virtualenv launching in windows and python3.7+ has PR open pierreglaser
35113 1 month ago inspect.getsource returns incorrect source for classes when class definition is part of multiline strings has PR open xtreak
20271 1 month ago urllib.parse.urlparse() accepts wrong URLs has patch open serhiy.storchaka
27992 1 month ago Clarify %(prog)s in argparse help formatter returns basename of sys.argv[0] by default has patch has PR open py.user
36541 1 month ago Make lib2to3 grammar better match Python, support the := walrus has PR open thatch
38567 1 month ago urllib.parse.unquote_plus raises incorrect error message when string parameter is bytes has PR open stein-k
37025 1 month ago Misleading error message "Python failed to load the default activation context" has PR open rhabacker
38554 1 month ago A fatal error in test_descr has PR open ZackerySpytz
38490 1 month ago statistics: add covariance, Pearson's correlation, and simple linear regression has PR open twolodzko
12178 1 month ago csv writer doesn't escape escapechar has patch has PR open ebreck
38550 1 month ago hashlib missing algorithms has PR open floppymaster
31202 1 month ago Windows pathlib.Path.glob(pattern) fixed part of the pattern changed to lowercase whereas it should be unchanged. has PR open brice.gros
38510 1 month ago build python with --enable-shared with static linked python against libpython*.a has patch open Chiu Speq
17852 1 month ago Built-in module _io can lose data from buffered files in reference cycles has patch has PR open arigo
38502 1 month ago regrtest: use process groups has PR open vstinner
34014 1 month ago loop.run_in_executor should propagate current contextvars has PR open hellysmile
38536 1 month ago Trailing space in formatted currency with international=True and symbol following value has PR open Jonas Aschenbrenner
38471 1 month ago _ProactorDatagramTransport: If close() is called when write buffer is not empty, the remaining data is not sent and connection_lost is not called has PR open primal
30672 1 month ago PEP 538: Unexpected locale behaviour on *BSD (including Mac OS X) has PR open ncoghlan
38532 1 month ago Missing decrefs in the _ctypes module has PR open ZackerySpytz
38527 1 month ago configure script fails to detect "float word ordering" on Solaris has PR open wiggin15
28937 1 month ago str.split(): allow removing empty strings (when sep is not None) has patch open barry
22891 1 month ago code removal from urllib.parse.urlsplit() has patch has PR open Alexander.Todorov
38307 1 month ago Provide Class' end line in pyclbr module has PR open aviral
38482 1 month ago BUG in codecs.BufferedIncrementalDecoder has patch open jamercee
38207 1 month ago subprocess: Popen.kill() + Popen.communicate() is blocking until all processes using the pipe close the pipe has patch has PR open vstinner
17393 1 month ago stdlib import mistaken for local by import_fixer has PR open lregebro
36076 1 month ago ssl.get_server_certificate should use SNI has PR open enki
38006 1 month ago Crash in remove() weak reference callback of weakref.WeakValueDictionary at Python exit has patch has PR open christian.heimes
38480 1 month ago resource.setrlimit() should raise PermissionError has PR open giampaolo.rodola
22347 1 month ago mimetypes.guess_type("//") misinterprets host name as file name has patch has PR open martin.panter
28556 1 month ago upgrades has PR open gvanrossum
32996 1 month ago Improve What's New in 3.7 has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38288 1 month ago shutil.make_archive() should allow setting zipfile.ZipFile() 'strict_timestamps' has PR open valorien
37910 1 month ago argparse wrapping fails with metavar="" (no metavar) has PR open sjfranklin
38473 1 month ago AttributeError on asserting autospecced mock object added using attach_mock has PR open xtreak
32498 1 month ago urllib.parse.unquote raises incorrect errormessage when string parameter is bytes has patch has PR open stein-k
28869 2 months ago __module__ attribute is not set correctly for a class created by direct metaclass call has PR open levkivskyi
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