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32604 2 weeks ago [subinterpreters] PEP 554 implementation: add interpreters module has PR open eric.snow
37149 2 weeks ago link to John Shipman's Tkinter 8.5 documentation fails: website no longer available has PR open xameridu
22367 6 months ago Add open_file_descriptor parameter to fcntl.lockf() (use the new F_OFD_SETLK flag) has patch has PR open Andrew.Lutomirski
34172 8 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
28440 11 months ago ensurepip and pip install failures on macOS Sierra with non-system Python 2.7.x has patch has PR open Marc.Culler
33729 20 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
1100942 22 months ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open josh-sf
release blocker
29778 3/4 hours ago _Py_CheckPython3 uses uninitialized dllpath when embedder sets module path with Py_SetPath has PR open Tibor Csonka
41183 yesterday Workaround or fix for SSL ".._KEY_TOO_SMALL" test failures has patch has PR open larry
40964 3 weeks ago Connection to IMAP server hangs has PR open christian.heimes
deferred blocker
40536 1 month ago Addition of a "list of available time zones" function to zoneinfo has PR open p-ganssle
17239 5 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch has PR open christian.heimes
29406 18 months ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod
31453 20 months ago Debian Sid/Buster: Cannot enable TLS 1.0/1.1 with PROTOCOL_TLS has patch has PR open adrianv
19050 22 months ago [Windows] fflush called on pointer to potentially closed file has patch open damiro
17180 22 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open milko.krachounov
32745 23 months ago ctypes string pointer fields should accept embedded null characters has patch has PR open theller
33295 26 months ago ERROR: test_sites_no_connection_close (test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests) has PR open inada.naoki
39542 2 hours ago Cleanup object.h header has PR open vstinner
41025 2 weeks ago C implementation of ZoneInfo cannot be subclassed has PR open p-ganssle
30064 2 weeks ago BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_{recv,sendall}() don't remove their callbacks when canceled has patch has PR open abacabadabacaba
19217 1 month ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak
25782 1 month ago CPython hangs on error __context__ set to the error itself has patch has PR open yselivanov
34956 1 month ago _tkinter built on macOS 10.14 does not link to Tcl and Tk in /Library/Frameworks has PR open wordtech
26317 1 month ago _scproxy and Python Launcher fail to build wtih GNU gcc on macOS 10.13+ has patch has PR open Robert P Fischer
40257 1 month ago Improve the use of __doc__ in pydoc has PR open serhiy.storchaka
40503 1 month ago PEP 615: Add zoneinfo module has PR open p-ganssle
39107 2 months ago Upgrade tcl/tk to 8.6.10 (Windows and maxOS) has PR open Aivar.Annamaa
34722 2 months ago Non-deterministic bytecode generation has PR open Peter Ebden
9253 3 months ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie
38856 3 months ago asyncio ProactorEventLoop: wait_closed() can raise ConnectionResetError has PR open yselivanov
33136 3 months ago Harden ssl module against CVE-2018-8970 has PR open christian.heimes
26227 3 months ago Windows: socket.gethostbyaddr(name) fails for non-ASCII hostname has patch open vstinner
6083 4 months ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open billm
28866 6 months ago Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch has PR open sjpalt
38820 6 months ago Make Python compatible with OpenSSL 3.0.0 has PR open christian.heimes
38270 7 months ago Tests: Avoid MD5 or check for MD5 availablity has PR open christian.heimes
29125 7 months ago Shell injection via TIX_LIBRARY when using tkinter.tix has patch open symphorien
36338 8 months ago urlparse of urllib returns wrong hostname has patch has PR open sanebow
14364 9 months ago Argparse incorrectly handles '--' as argument to option has patch has PR open maker
38077 9 months ago IDLE leaking ARGV into globals() namespace has PR open rhettinger
37440 10 months ago httplib should enable post-handshake authentication for TLS 1.3 has PR open christian.heimes
37428 10 months ago SSLContext.post_handshake_auth implicitly enables cert validation has PR open christian.heimes
21109 10 months ago tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability has patch has PR open Daniel.Garcia
26423 13 months ago Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows with len > 2**31-1 has patch has PR open Dave Hibbitts
28971 13 months ago nntplib is broken when responses are longer than _MAXLINE has patch open xdegaye
14156 14 months ago argparse.FileType for '-' doesn't work for a mode of 'rb' has patch has PR open anacrolix
36515 15 months ago unaligned memory access in the _sha3 extension has patch open doko
12613 15 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open VPeric
28124 16 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
11352 16 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
6164 16 months ago [AIX] Patch to correct the AIX C/C++ linker argument used for 'runtime_library_dirs' has patch open srid
33570 16 months ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 cipher suite changes has PR open christian.heimes
8036 24 months ago Interpreter crashes on invalid arg to spawnl on Windows has patch open alfps
32694 25 months ago Can no longer specify OpenSSL locations with CPPFLAGS / LDFLAGS ? has PR open yselivanov
30437 25 months ago SSL_shutdown needs SSL_read() until SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN has PR open njs
23239 27 months ago SSL match_hostname does not accept IP Address has patch open Ádám.Zsigmond
2445 32 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch has PR open dstanek
28022 32 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
8372 46 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open baikie
3132 51 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
24295 52 months ago Backport of #17086 causes regression in has patch open moritzs
23973 59 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
6377 63 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open atuining
1508475 64 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
41204 1/2 an hour ago Use of unitialized variable `fields` along error path in code generated from has PR open blarsen
41162 3/4 hours ago Clear audit hooks after destructors has patch has PR open steve.dower
41173 an hour ago Windows ARM buildbots cannot upload results has PR open steve.dower
33327 1 3/4 hours ago Add a method to move messages to IMAPlib has PR open mcepl
41180 2 hours ago marshal load bypass code.__new__ audit event has PR open tkmk
41176 3 hours ago revise Tkinter mainloop dispatching flag behavior has patch has PR open Richard Sheridan
41110 4 hours ago 2to3 reports some files as both not changing and having been modified has PR open AWhetter
38731 4 hours ago bad input crashes py_compile library has PR open Kaoru Esashika
1635741 7 hours ago Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan
37322 7 hours ago test_ssl: test_pha_required_nocert() emits a ResourceWarning has patch has PR open vstinner
41202 8 hours ago Allow to provide custom exception handler to has PR open tomaszdrozdz
35105 yesterday Document that CPython accepts "invalid" identifiers has PR open vstinner
41066 yesterday Update documentation for Pathlib has PR open thatiparthy
39960 yesterday Using typename.__setattr__ in extension type with Py_TPFLAGS_HEAPTYPE is broken (hackcheck too eager?) has patch has PR open Matthias Braun
41177 yesterday ConvertingList and ConvertingTuple lack iterators and ConvertingDict lacks items() has PR open godot_gildor
12029 yesterday Allow catching virtual subclasses in except clauses has patch has PR open acooke
40204 yesterday Docs build error with Sphinx 3.0 due to invalid C declaration has PR open xtreak
41195 yesterday Interface to OpenSSL's security level has patch has PR open mhughes
41175 yesterday Static analysis issues reported by GCC 10 has patch has PR open cstratak
40967 yesterday asyncio.Task.all_tasks() and asyncio.Task.current_task() must be removed in 3.9 has PR open remi.lapeyre
41137 yesterday pdb uses the locale encoding for .pdbrc has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41100 yesterday Build failure on macOS 11 (beta) has PR open ronaldoussoren
40521 2 days ago [subinterpreters] Make free lists and unicode caches per-interpreter has patch has PR open vstinner
41187 2 days ago Convert the _msi module to Argument Clinic has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41188 2 days ago Prepare CPython for opaque PyObject structure. has PR open WildCard65
39573 2 days ago [C API] Make PyObject an opaque structure in the limited C API has PR open vstinner
41170 2 days ago Use strnlen instead of strlen when the size i known. has PR open Niclas Larsson
41182 2 days ago DefaultSelector fails to detect selector on VMware ESXi has PR open akasurde
36839 2 days ago Support the buffer protocol in code objects has PR open dino.viehland
41004 3 days ago Hash collisions in IPv4Interface and IPv6Interface has PR open nnewram
33346 3 days ago Syntax error with async generator inside dictionary comprehension has PR open pablogsal
40223 3 days ago Add -fwrapv for new icc versions has PR open skrah
40893 3 days ago tkinter: integrate TkDND support has patch has PR open epaine
41171 3 days ago Create companion methods of "PyType_FromSpec*" to allow setting metaclass. has PR open WildCard65
40742 3 days ago Doc: Parallel build break audit table has PR open mdk
40275 3 days ago has way too many imports has patch has PR open vstinner
18233 3 days ago SSLSocket.getpeercertchain() has patch has PR open christian.heimes
41123 3 days ago Remove Py_UNICODE APIs except PEP 623 has PR open inada.naoki
36346 3 days ago Prepare for removing the legacy Unicode C API has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41046 4 days ago unittest: make skipTest a classmethod has PR open jameshcorbett
29753 4 days ago Ctypes Packing Bitfields Incorrectly - Linux has patch has PR open Charles Machalow
41160 4 days ago Cross-compiling for GNU/Hurd fails has PR open mbakke
5004 4 days ago socket.getfqdn() doesn't cope properly with purely DNS-based setups has patch open dfranke
39672 4 days ago Segmentation fault on shutdown with shelve & c pickle has patch has PR open zd nex
37224 4 days ago [subinterpreters] test__xxsubinterpreters fails randomly has patch has PR open vstinner
30672 4 days ago PEP 538: Unexpected locale behaviour on *BSD (including Mac OS X) has PR open ncoghlan
34206 4 days ago Move and clarify Py_Main documentation has PR open ncoghlan
35859 4 days ago Capture behavior depends on the order of an alternation has patch has PR open davisjam
41149 5 days ago Threads can fail to start has PR open Barney Stratford
41138 5 days ago trace CLI reads source files using the locale encoding has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41147 5 days ago Document that redirect_std{out,err} yield the new stream as the context variable has PR open PeterJCLaw
23325 5 days ago Turn SIG_DFL and SIG_IGN into functions has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41146 5 days ago Convert signal.default_int_handler() to Argument Clinic has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32002 5 days ago test_c_locale_coercion fails when the default LC_CTYPE != "C" has PR open erik.bray
29988 5 days ago with statements are not ensuring that __exit__ is called if __enter__ succeeds has PR open njs
38870 5 days ago Expose ast.unparse in the ast module has PR open pablogsal
41141 6 days ago remove unneeded handling of '.' and '..' from patlib.Path.iterdir() has PR open sir-sigurd
41093 6 days ago TCPServer's server_forever() shutdown immediately when calling shutdown() has PR open tontinton
36656 6 days ago Add race-free and os.symlink wrapper / helper has PR open Tom Hale
35823 7 days ago Use vfork() in subprocess on Linux has PR open izbyshev
41115 7 days ago Codecs should raise precise UnicodeDecodeError or UnicodeEncodeError has PR open pitrou
40799 7 days ago Create Lib/ file to optimize "import datetime" when _datetime is available has PR open vstinner
40058 7 days ago Running test_datetime twice fails with: module 'datetime' has no attribute '_divide_and_round' has PR open vstinner
41125 7 days ago Display exit-codes for abruptly terminated processes in concurrent.futures has PR open Epic_Wink
41092 7 days ago Report actual size from 'os.path.getsize' has PR open stephenfin
41098 7 days ago Deprecating PyUnicodeEncodeError_Create has PR open inada.naoki
41091 1 week ago Remove recommendation in curses module documentation to initialize LC_ALL and encode strings has PR open mjacob
41117 1 week ago [easy C] GC: Use local variable 'op' when invoking 'traverse' in 'subtract_refs' has patch open WildCard65
40309 1 week ago “unmatched paren” for space before parenthesis in Py_BuildValue has patch has PR open Wrzlprmft
34137 1 week ago Add Path.lexist() to pathlib has PR open lordmauve
40939 1 week ago Remove the old parser has PR open pablogsal
30951 1 week ago Documentation error in inspect module has PR open jalexvig
23903 1 week ago Generate PC/python3.def by scraping headers has patch open zach.ware
39277 1 week ago _PyTime_FromDouble() fails to detect an integer overflow when converting a C double to a C int64_t has PR open graingert
29086 1 week ago Document C API that is not part of the limited API has patch open serhiy.storchaka
8939 1 week ago Use C type names (PyUnicode etc;) in the C API docs has patch open pitrou
40077 1 week ago Convert static types to PyType_FromSpec() has patch has PR open corona10
39947 1 week ago [C API] Make the PyThreadState structure opaque (move it to the internal C API) has PR open vstinner
39498 1 week ago Signpost security considerations in library has PR open anthonypjshaw
41056 1 week ago minor NULL pointer and sign issues reported by Coverity has PR open gregory.p.smith
34154 1 week ago Tkinter __init__ documentations sometimes missing valid keyword values has PR open Creation Elemental
41005 1 week ago Permission denied: 'xdg-settings' when executing 'jupyter notebook' from command line has PR open SBC King
41090 1 week ago Support for "Universal 2" binary builds has patch has PR open ronaldoussoren
41101 1 week ago Support "arm64" in Mac/Tools/pythonw has PR open ronaldoussoren
28806 1 week ago Improve the netrc library has patch has PR open xiang.zhang
24905 1 week ago Allow incremental I/O to blobs in sqlite3 has patch has PR open jim_minter
41095 1 week ago inspect.signature() doesn't parse __text_signature__ containing a newline character has PR open vstinner
41065 1 week ago Use zip-strict in zoneinfo has PR open cool-RR
41088 1 week ago Extend the AST Validator to validate all identifiers has PR open BTaskaya
41078 1 week ago [C API] Convert PyTuple_GET_ITEM() macro to a static inline function has PR open vstinner
37788 1 week ago fix for bpo-36402 (threading._shutdown() race condition) causes reference leak has patch has PR open anselm.kruis
19270 1 week ago Document that sched.cancel() doesn't distinguish equal events and can break order has patch open serhiy.storchaka
41086 1 week ago Exception for uninstantiated interpolation (configparser) has PR open scrummyin
41081 1 week ago Exclude __pycache__ directories from backups using CACHEDIR.TAG has PR open jstasiak
15849 1 week ago PEP 3121, 384 Refactoring applied to xx module has patch open Robin.Schreiber
40170 1 week ago [C API] Make PyTypeObject structure an opaque structure in the public C API has PR open vstinner
26407 1 week ago csv.writer.writerows masks exceptions from __iter__ has PR open Ilja Everilä
41061 1 week ago Incorrect expressions / assert with side effect in hashtable has PR open christian.heimes
40025 1 week ago enum: _generate_next_value_ is not called if its definition occurs after calls to auto() has patch has PR open edd07
1944 1 week ago Document PyUnicode_* API has patch has PR open alexandre.vassalotti
41052 1 week ago Opt out serialization/deserialization for heap type has PR open corona10
39783 1 week ago Optimize construction of Path from other Paths by just returning the same object? has PR open Antony.Lee
35232 1 week ago Add `module`/`qualname` arguments to make_dataclass for picklability has PR open Antony.Lee
33927 1 week ago Allow json.tool to have identical infile and outfile has PR open kuhlmann
19670 1 week ago SimpleCookie Generates Non-RFC6265-Compliant Cookies has PR open pdbogen
41024 1 week ago doc: Explicitly mention use of 'enum.Enum' as a valid container for 'choices' argument of 'argparse.ArgumentParser.add_argument' has PR open vincent-ferotin
41051 1 week ago Flush file after warning is written has PR open mjacob
41026 2 weeks ago mailbox does not support new Path object has PR open LimaAlphaHotel
37630 2 weeks ago Investigate replacing SHA3 code with OpenSSL has PR open christian.heimes
41036 2 weeks ago Visit the type of instance of heap types if tp_traverse is not implemented has PR open vstinner
40741 2 weeks ago Upgrade to SQLite v3.32 in Windows and macOS builds has PR open erlendaasland
39949 2 weeks ago truncating match in regular expression match objects repr has PR open Seth.Troisi
41028 2 weeks ago Move language and version switcher out of cpython has PR open mdk
40851 2 weeks ago subprocess.Popen: impossible to show console window when shell=True has PR open akdor1154
12800 2 weeks ago 'tarfile.StreamError: seeking backwards is not allowed' when extract symlink has patch has PR open adunand
1222585 2 weeks ago C++ compilation support for distutils has patch open ahonkela
40816 2 weeks ago Add missed AsyncContextDecorator to contextlib has PR open heckad
38144 2 weeks ago Add the root_dir and dir_fd parameters in glob.glob() has PR open serhiy.storchaka
41027 2 weeks ago get_version() fails to return gcc version for gcc-7 has PR open mbarbera
32068 2 weeks ago textpad from curses package isn't handling backspace key has patch open bacher09
40968 2 weeks ago urllib does not send http/1.1 ALPN extension has PR open pmenzel
11102 2 weeks ago configure doesn't find "major()" on HP-UX v11.31 has patch has PR open Oren_Held
35018 2 weeks ago Sax parser provides no user access to lexical handlers has PR open Jonathan.Gossage
39791 2 weeks ago New `files()` api from importlib_resources. has PR open jaraco
41001 2 weeks ago Provide wrapper for eventfd has PR open christian.heimes
40237 2 weeks ago Test code coverage (C) job of Travis CI fails on test_distutils which creates _configtest.gcno file has PR open vstinner
40989 2 weeks ago [C API] Remove _Py_NewReference() and _Py_ForgetReference() from the public C API has PR open vstinner
40998 2 weeks ago Compiler warnings in ubsan builds has PR open christian.heimes
40283 2 weeks ago Documentation of has PR open guchao
40995 2 weeks ago reprlib.Repr.__init__ should accept arguments has PR open remi.lapeyre
22433 2 weeks ago Argparse considers unknown optional arguments with spaces as a known positional argument has patch has PR open DenKoren
40990 2 weeks ago Make http.server support SSL has PR open remi.lapeyre
37857 2 weeks ago Setting logger.level directly has no effect due to caching in 3.7+ has PR open zaneb
30533 2 weeks ago missing feature in inspect module: getmembers_static has PR open carljm
40511 2 weeks ago IDLE: properly handle '(' and ')' within calls has PR open wyz23x2
40744 2 weeks ago Explicitly drop support for SQLite version < 3.7.3 has patch has PR open erlendaasland
34916 2 weeks ago Add create_window_function() to sqlite3.Connection has PR open Big Stone
40424 2 weeks ago AIX: makexp_aix, parallel build (failures) and ld WARNINGS has patch has PR open Michael.Felt
37556 2 weeks ago Launcher help does not mention configuration options has PR open Steve Barnes
36225 2 weeks ago [subinterpreters] Lingering subinterpreters should be implicitly cleared on shutdown has patch has PR open ncoghlan
39229 2 weeks ago library/functions.rst causes translated builds to fail has PR open rffontenelle
34480 2 weeks ago fails with UnboundLocalError on invalid keyword in marked section has patch has PR open kodial
39171 2 weeks ago Missing default root in tkinter has PR open dominic108
40975 2 weeks ago contextlib.AsyncExitStack enter_async_context and aclose should be labeled as coroutine methods has PR open naglis
31844 2 weeks ago HTMLParser: undocumented not implemented method has PR open srittau
38252 2 weeks ago Use 8-byte step to detect ASCII sequence in 64bit Windows builds has PR open malin
36470 2 weeks ago dataclasses.replace raises an exception if InitVar with default argument is not provided. has PR open Greg Kuhn
32631 2 weeks ago IDLE: revise has PR open terry.reedy
33393 2 weeks ago update config.guess and config.sub has PR open doko
39710 2 weeks ago "will be returned as unicode" reminiscent from Python 2 has PR open mdk
40894 2 weeks ago asyncio.gather() cancelled() always False has PR open timmwagener
37910 2 weeks ago argparse wrapping fails with metavar="" (no metavar) has PR open sjfranklin
1178 2 weeks ago IDLE - add "paste code" functionality has patch open taleinat
37193 2 weeks ago Memory leak while running TCP/UDPServer with socketserver.ThreadingMixIn has patch has PR open maru-n
27729 2 weeks ago Provide a better error message when the file path is too long on Windows has PR open brett.cannon
39666 2 weeks ago IDLE: Factor out similar code in editor and hyperparser has PR open cheryl.sabella
40896 3 weeks ago Missing links to Source Code in Documentation pages has PR open edison.abahurire
40219 3 weeks ago ttk LabeledScale: label covered by hidden element has patch open Stephen Bell
39073 3 weeks ago [security] email module incorrect handling of CR and LF newline characters in Address objects. has PR open jap
40670 3 weeks ago supplying an empty string to timeit causes an IndentationError has PR open edison.abahurire
40959 3 weeks ago Remove unused and unneeded function declaration from sqlite3 header files has PR open erlendaasland
40956 3 weeks ago Use Argument Clinic in sqlite3 has PR open erlendaasland
33944 3 weeks ago Deprecate and remove code execution in pth files has PR open barry
35019 3 weeks ago Allow ipaddres.IPv4/v6Address in asyncio.create_server has PR open bassford
6721 3 weeks ago Locks in the standard library should be sanitized on fork has patch has PR open gregory.p.smith
27578 3 weeks ago inspect.findsource raises exception with empty has PR open Alexander Todorov
36560 3 weeks ago test_functools leaks randomly 1 memory block has patch has PR open vstinner
40941 3 weeks ago Merge generator.gi_running and frame executing flag into single frame state has PR open Mark.Shannon
40937 3 weeks ago Remove deprecated functions marked for removal in 3.10 has PR open remi.lapeyre
29847 3 weeks ago Path takes and ignores **kwargs has PR open Jelle Zijlstra
40944 3 weeks ago email.message.EmailMessage address parser fails to handle 'example@' has PR open user34926
40927 3 weeks ago ./python -m test test___all__ test_binhex fails has PR open remi.lapeyre
39465 3 weeks ago [subinterpreters] Design a subinterpreter friendly alternative to _Py_IDENTIFIER has patch has PR open ncoghlan
40703 3 weeks ago PyType_FromSpec*() overwrites the type's "__module__" has PR open scoder
17013 3 weeks ago Allow waiting on a mock has PR open pitrou
22852 3 weeks ago urllib.parse wrongly strips empty #fragment, ?query, //netloc has patch open soilandreyes
37969 3 weeks ago Correct urllib.parse functions dropping the delimiters of empty URI components has PR open maggyero
40936 3 weeks ago Remove deprecated functions from gettext has PR open remi.lapeyre
40869 3 weeks ago errno missing descriptions has PR open YoSTEALTH
40882 3 weeks ago memory leak in multiprocessing.shared_memory.SharedMemory in Windows has PR open eryksun
18319 3 weeks ago gettext() cannot find translations with plural forms has patch has PR open jwilk
39372 3 weeks ago The header files in Include/ have many declarations with no definition has PR open pablogsal
40926 3 weeks ago command line interface of symtable module is broken has PR open BTaskaya
21756 3 weeks ago IDLE - ParenMatch fails to find closing paren of multi-line statements has patch has PR open taleinat
13179 3 weeks ago IDLE uses common tkinter variables across all editor windows has patch open roger.serwy
40841 3 weeks ago Provide mimetypes.sniff API as stdlib has PR open corona10
22021 3 weeks ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
15808 3 weeks ago IDLE: Update offline doc locations for linux has patch open Rostyslav.Dzinko
6804 3 weeks ago IDLE: Detect Python files even if name doesn't end in .py has patch open ggenellina
18903 3 weeks ago IDLE file-completion is case-sensitive in Windows has patch open westley.martinez
27621 3 weeks ago Finish IDLE Query dialog appearance and behavior. has patch open serhiy.storchaka
24760 3 weeks ago IDLE settings dialog shouldn't be modal has patch open markroseman
2704 3 weeks ago IDLE: Patch to make PyShell behave more like a Terminal interface has patch open roger.serwy
24813 3 weeks ago Redesign Help => About IDLE, make it non-modal has patch has PR open markroseman
22133 3 weeks ago IDLE: Set correct WM_CLASS on X11 has patch open Saimadhav.Heblikar
24252 3 weeks ago IDLE removes elements from tracebacks. has patch open ppperry
16198 3 weeks ago IDLE - tabbing in a string always brings up file completion window has patch open roger.serwy
26143 3 weeks ago Ensure that IDLE's stdlib imports are from the stdlib has PR open terry.reedy
27620 3 weeks ago IDLE: Add keyboard equivalents for mouse actions. has PR open terry.reedy
17583 3 weeks ago IDLE HOWTO has patch open Amit.Saha
18583 3 weeks ago Idle: enhance FormatParagraph has patch open terry.reedy
18504 3 weeks ago IDLE: Improve Mock_Text has patch open JayKrish
40823 3 weeks ago Don't use obsolete unittest.makeSuite() in sqlite3 tests has PR open erlendaasland
31254 3 weeks ago WeakKeyDictionary/Mapping doesn't call __missing__ open Antony.Lee
40901 3 weeks ago It's not clear what "interface name" means in socket if_nameindex/if_nametoindex/if_indextoname on Windows has PR open jstasiak
38364 3 weeks ago inspect.iscoroutinefunction / isgeneratorfunction / isasyncgenfunction can't handle partialmethod objects has PR open mjpieters
40617 3 weeks ago sqlite3: expose sqlite3_create_window_function has patch open iljau
20178 3 weeks ago Derby #9: Convert 52 sites to Argument Clinic across 11 files has patch open larry
25031 3 weeks ago IDLE - file list improvements has patch open markroseman
25036 3 weeks ago IDLE - infrastructure changes so editors don't assume they're in a toplevel has patch open markroseman
36267 3 weeks ago User input to argparse raises Index_Error: "-a=" on a 'store_true' action has patch has PR open paul.j3
21140 3 weeks ago Idle: saving Shell or an OutputWindow should default to .txt has patch open terry.reedy
24781 3 weeks ago Improve UX of IDLE Highlighting configuration tab has patch open markroseman
33689 3 weeks ago Blank lines in .pth file cause a duplicate sys.path entry has PR open Malcolm Smith
24725 4 weeks ago test_socket testFDPassEmpty fails on OS X 10.11+ with "Cannot allocate memory" has patch has PR open ned.deily
35845 4 weeks ago Can't read a F-contiguous memoryview in physical order has PR open pitrou
40872 4 weeks ago multiprocess.Lock is missing the locked() method has PR open remi.lapeyre
40514 4 weeks ago [subinterpreters] Add --experimental-isolated-subinterpreters build option has PR open vstinner
40866 1 month ago Use PyModule_AddType() in posix module initialisation has PR open erlendaasland
17258 1 month ago multiprocessing.connection challenge implicitly uses MD5 has patch has PR open dmalcolm
25377 1 month ago Mention octal format of mode argument of os.chmod has PR open krichter
40686 1 month ago Compiler warnings in _zoneinfo.c on Windows build in 64-bit has PR open vstinner
40859 1 month ago Update Windows build to use xz-5.2.5 has PR open malin
37483 1 month ago Add PyObject_CallOneArg() has PR open jdemeyer
37746 1 month ago Provide Windows predefined access type constants has PR open steve.dower
40692 1 month ago Adjust test_concurrent_futures to run more of its tests if multiprocessing.synchronize is missing has PR open asheesh
40471 1 month ago Grammar typo in issubclass docstring has PR open alexpovel
31861 1 month ago add aiter() and anext() functions to operator module has patch has PR open davide.rizzo
40846 1 month ago Misleading line in documentation has PR open J Arun Mani
40563 1 month ago Support pathlike objects on dbm/shelve has PR open BTaskaya
14527 1 month ago How to link with a non-system libffi? has PR open pda
39343 1 month ago Travis CI: documentation job fails in library/nntplib.rst with random network issue on has PR open vstinner
39943 1 month ago Meta: Clean up various issues in C internals has PR open petdance
24921 1 month ago Operator precedence table in 5.15 should be highest to lowest precedence has PR open Joseph Schachner
30008 1 month ago OpenSSL 1.1.0 deprecated functions has patch has PR open floppymaster
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