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45116 3 days ago Performance regression 3.10b1: inlining issue in the big _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault() function with Visual Studio (MSC) has patch has PR open neonene
43760 3 weeks ago The DISPATCH() macro is not as efficient as it could be (move PyThreadState.use_tracing) has PR open Mark.Shannon
45193 1 month ago IDLE Show completions pop-up not working on Ubuntu Linux has PR open taleinat
42972 2 months ago [C API] Heap types (PyType_FromSpec) must fully implement the GC protocol has PR open vstinner
43908 4 months ago array.array should remain immutable: add Py_TPFLAGS_IMMUTABLETYPE flag has patch has PR open gvanrossum
43916 5 months ago Mark static types newly converted to heap types as immutable: add Py_TPFLAGS_DISALLOW_INSTANTIATION type flag has patch has PR open pablogsal
43921 6 months ago test_ssl: test_wrong_cert_tls13() and test_pha_required_nocert() fail randomly on Windows has PR open pablogsal
40964 14 months ago Connection to IMAP server hangs has PR open christian.heimes
32604 17 months ago [subinterpreters] PEP 554 implementation: add interpreters module has PR open eric.snow
22367 24 months ago Add open_file_descriptor parameter to fcntl.lockf() (use the new F_OFD_SETLK flag) has patch has PR open Andrew.Lutomirski
34172 25 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open tzickel
28440 29 months ago ensurepip and pip install failures on macOS Sierra with non-system Python 2.7.x has patch has PR open Marc.Culler
33729 38 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open Juuso Lehtivarjo
1100942 39 months ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open josh-sf
release blocker
45813 yesterday Importing asyncio after deleting a coroutine object and before cleaning it up leads to crashing on Python3.11 has PR open xxm
40222 2 weeks ago "Zero cost" exception handling has PR open Mark.Shannon
45618 1 month ago Documentation builds fail with Sphinx 3.2.1 has PR open Maciej Olko
43683 1 month ago Handle generator (and coroutine) state in the bytecode. has PR open Mark.Shannon
deferred blocker
43223 6 months ago [security] http.server: Open Redirection if the URL path starts with // has patch has PR open hamzaavvan
17239 3 weeks ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch has PR open christian.heimes
44011 7 months ago Borrow asyncio ssl implementation from uvloop has PR open asvetlov
29406 35 months ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod
17180 40 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open milko.krachounov
33295 44 months ago ERROR: test_sites_no_connection_close (test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests) has PR open methane
11352 9 hours ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
44445 1 week ago Add `site-include` install scheme path in sysconfig has PR open FFY00
19217 3 weeks ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak
17305 3 weeks ago IDNA2008 encoding is missing has patch has PR open marten
40257 3 weeks ago Improve the use of __doc__ in pydoc has PR open serhiy.storchaka
34956 3 weeks ago _tkinter built on macOS 10.14 does not link to Tcl and Tk in /Library/Frameworks has PR open wordtech
28124 3 weeks ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open christian.heimes
40503 2 months ago PEP 615: Add zoneinfo module has PR open p-ganssle
38820 2 months ago Make Python compatible with OpenSSL 3.0.0 has PR open christian.heimes
34722 2 months ago Non-deterministic bytecode generation has PR open Peter Ebden
14156 3 months ago argparse.FileType for '-' doesn't work for a mode of 'rb' has patch has PR open anacrolix
38856 3 months ago asyncio ProactorEventLoop: wait_closed() can raise ConnectionResetError has PR open yselivanov
25782 3 months ago CPython hangs on error __context__ set to the error itself has patch has PR open yselivanov
14364 8 months ago Argparse incorrectly handles '--' as argument to option has patch has PR open maker
21109 9 months ago tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability has patch has PR open Daniel.Garcia
30064 17 months ago BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_{recv,sendall}() don't remove their callbacks when canceled has patch has PR open abacabadabacaba
26317 18 months ago _scproxy and Python Launcher fail to build wtih GNU gcc on macOS 10.13+ has patch has PR open Robert P Fischer
9253 20 months ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie
6083 21 months ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open billm
28866 24 months ago Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch has PR open sjpalt
38270 24 months ago Tests: Avoid MD5 or check for MD5 availablity has PR open christian.heimes
29125 24 months ago Shell injection via TIX_LIBRARY when using tkinter.tix has patch open symphorien
36338 25 months ago urlparse of urllib returns wrong hostname has patch has PR open sanebow
28971 30 months ago nntplib is broken when responses are longer than _MAXLINE has patch open xdegaye
32694 42 months ago Can no longer specify OpenSSL locations with CPPFLAGS / LDFLAGS ? has PR open yselivanov
30437 42 months ago SSL_shutdown needs SSL_read() until SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN has PR open njs
8372 63 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open baikie
3132 68 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
23973 76 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
1508475 82 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
40280 11 minutes ago Consider supporting emscripten/webassembly as a build target has PR open Simon Biggs
45953 1/4 hour ago Statically allocate interpreter states as much as possible. has PR open eric.snow
11455 3 hours ago issue a warning when populating a CPython type dict with non-string keys has patch open michael.foord
45950 3 hours ago Reintroduce bootstrap_python for freezing has PR open christian.heimes
1284670 3 hours ago Allow to restrict ModuleFinder to get "direct" dependencies has patch open misc_from_metz
9226 3 hours ago erroneous behavior when creating classes inside a closure has patch open monsanto
44637 3 hours ago Quoting issue on header Reply-To and other address headers has patch has PR open Abridbus
45476 4 hours ago [C API] PEP 674: Disallow using macros as l-value has patch has PR open vstinner
45607 4 hours ago Make it possible to enrich an exception's error message has PR open iritkatriel
45947 5 hours ago Place dict (and values) pointers at a fixed (negative) offset from the base of the object. has PR open Mark.Shannon
45753 7 hours ago Further speed up Python-to-Python calls. has PR open Mark.Shannon
45944 8 hours ago Avoid calling isatty() for most open() calls has PR open collinanderson
44133 10 hours ago Some C-API symbols (e.g. Py_FrozenMain) are not always exported has patch has PR open vstinner
45711 yesterday Simplify the interpreter's (type, val, tb) exception representation has PR open iritkatriel
6471 yesterday errno and strerror attributes incorrectly set on socket errors wrapped by urllib has patch open ezio.melotti
20468 yesterday [doc] resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open Kurt.Rose
45940 yesterday add_multiarch_paths breaks cross compilation to Emscripten has PR open ethan smith
24725 yesterday test_socket testFDPassEmpty fails on OS X 10.11+ with "Cannot allocate memory" has patch has PR open ned.deily
45816 yesterday Python does not support standalone MSVC v143 (VS 2022) Build Tools has PR open February291948
45732 yesterday Make Windows and macOS installers use Tk 8.6.12 has PR open ned.deily
44674 yesterday dataclasses should allow frozendict default value has PR open gianni
37658 yesterday In some cases asyncio.wait_for can lead to socket leak. has patch has PR open Nikita Ilyasov
41270 yesterday NamedTemporaryFile is not its own iterator. has PR open xzy3
26791 yesterday shutil.move fails to move symlink (Invalid cross-device link) has PR open Unode
13236 yesterday unittest needs more flush calls has patch has PR open petere
28953 yesterday Use `raise from` when raising new IncompleteRead has patch has PR open cool-RR
45929 yesterday extend json.tool --json-lines to ignore empty rows has PR open ZeD
45524 yesterday Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints has PR open aidan.b.clark
23056 yesterday tarfile raises an exception when reading an empty tar in streaming mode has patch open gregory.p.smith
45582 yesterday Rewrite getpath.c in Python has PR open steve.dower
45653 yesterday Freeze the encodings module. has PR open eric.snow
45881 2 days ago Cross compiling on Linux is untested, undocumented, and broken has PR open christian.heimes
23017 2 days ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open planet36
45847 2 days ago Port module setup to PY_STDLIB_MOD() macro and addext() has PR open christian.heimes
24301 2 days ago gzip module failing to decompress valid compressed file has PR open Ericg
45828 2 days ago [sqlite3] use unraisable exceptions in callbacks has PR open erlendaasland
45723 2 days ago Improve and simplify checks has PR open christian.heimes
45114 2 days ago bad example for os.stat has PR open harridu
35821 2 days ago Clarify when logging events are propagated when propagate is true has PR open chris.jerdonek
45886 2 days ago Fix Program/_freeze_module for cross compiling Python has PR open christian.heimes
45786 2 days ago Avoid allocating when exiting frame; it may be unsafe. has PR open Mark.Shannon
38619 2 days ago [Doc] UUID.hex is lowercase has PR open fov
33376 2 days ago [pysqlite] Duplicate rows can be returned after rolling back a transaction has PR open cary
28140 3 days ago Give better errors for OS commands, like 'pip', in REPL, script has PR open ncoghlan
45915 3 days ago Use fcntl(fd, F_GETFD) to check whether an fd is valid has PR open christian.heimes
19737 3 days ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch has PR open Zahari.Dim
18717 3 days ago test for request.urlretrieve has patch has PR open mjehanzeb
17383 3 days ago [doc] Possibly ambiguous phrasing in tutorial/modules#more-on-modules has patch open Piotr.Kuchta
12970 3 days ago [doc] os.walk() consider some symlinks as dirs instead of non-dirs has patch open socketpair
28445 3 days ago Wrong documentation for GzipFile.peek has PR open abacabadabacaba
45558 3 days ago shutil.copytree: Give the option to disable copystat has PR open doronbehar
21557 4 days ago [doc] os.popen & os.system lack shell-related security warnings has patch open cvrebert
21914 4 days ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch has PR open Lita.Cho
15010 4 days ago unittest: _top_level_dir is incorrectly persisted between calls to different load_test methods has patch has PR open r.david.murray
45903 4 days ago What’s New In Python 3.11: wrong reference to Signature.from_callable has PR open jwilk
10880 4 days ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
44530 4 days ago Propagate qualname from the compiler unit to code objects for finer grained profiling data has patch has PR open Gabriele Tornetta
14074 4 days ago argparse allows nargs>1 for positional arguments but doesn't allow metavar to be a tuple has patch has PR open tshepang
44359 4 days ago test_ftplib.test_makeport() fails as "env changes" if a socket operation times out in a thread: TimeoutError is not catched has patch open vstinner
30535 4 days ago [doc] Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open xmorel
21944 4 days ago Allow copying of CodecInfo objects has patch open lehmannro
45898 5 days ago ctypes cfield.c defines duplicate ffi_type_* symbols has PR open christian.heimes
27281 5 days ago unpickling an xmlrpc.client.Fault raises TypeError has patch open Uri Okrent
25341 5 days ago File mode wb+ appears as rb+ has patch open Mark.Williams
4322 5 days ago function with modified __name__ uses original name when there's an arg error has patch open erickt
13475 5 days ago Add '--mainpath'/'--nomainpath' command line options to override sys.path[0] initialisation has patch open ncoghlan
23882 5 days ago unittest discovery doesn't detect namespace packages when given no parameters has patch has PR open Florian.Apolloner
43656 6 days ago TracebackException or StackSummary.extract with capture_locals=True fail to catch exceptions raised by repr() on value of frame local variable in FrameSummary.__init__. has PR open moi90
45759 6 days ago Improve error messages for non-matching `elif`/`else` statements has PR open February291948
42238 6 days ago Deprecate has PR open mdk
43112 7 days ago SOABI on Linux does not distinguish between GNU libc and musl libc has PR open ncopa
45885 7 days ago Specialize COMPARE_OP has PR open Dennis Sweeney
25066 7 days ago Better repr for multiprocessing.synchronize objects has patch has PR open davin
45878 7 days ago Use `self.assertRaises` instead of `try/except` in `ctypes/` has PR open sobolevn
45890 7 days ago Add tests for tracing try-except-finally blocks has PR open iritkatriel
45509 7 days ago Gzip header corruption not properly checked. has patch has PR open rhpvorderman
32731 7 days ago getpass.getuser() raises an unspecified exceptions (ImportError, OSError, etc) has PR open gregory.p.smith
45887 7 days ago [subinterpreters] Pull all interpreter-global objects into one place. has PR open eric.snow
45883 7 days ago reuse_address mistakenly removed from loop.create_server has PR open jcristharif
45703 1 week ago importlib.invalidate_caches() does not invalidate _NamespacePath's _last_parent_path-based cache has PR open hroncok
45490 1 week ago [meta][C API] Avoid C macro pitfalls and usage of static inline functions has PR open vstinner
45126 1 week ago [sqlite3] cleanup and harden Connection and Cursor __init__ has PR open erlendaasland
45191 1 week ago Error.__traceback__.tb_lineno is wrong has PR open nahco314
44525 1 week ago Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations has PR open kj
45235 1 week ago argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults has PR open ALSchwalm
45874 1 week ago urllib.parse.parse_qsl does not parse empty query string with strict parsing has PR open sattler
42367 1 week ago Restore os.makedirs ability to apply mode to all directories created has PR open gregory.p.smith
45459 1 week ago Limited API support for Py_buffer has PR open christian.heimes
32582 1 week ago chr raises OverflowError has patch has PR open ukl
45863 1 week ago tarfile zeroes ustar header fields unnecessarily has PR open jmr
26651 1 week ago Deprecate register_adapter() and register_converter() in sqlite3 has patch open berker.peksag
45677 1 week ago [doc] improve sqlite3 docs has PR open erlendaasland
33125 1 week ago Windows 10 ARM64 platform support has PR open Steven Noonan
45804 1 week ago IDLE - faster shell writing has patch open roger.serwy
43827 1 week ago abc conflicts with __init_subclass__ has PR open vladhoi
45854 1 week ago winreg: implement RegGetValue has PR open imba-tjd
22276 1 week ago pathlib glob ignores trailing slash in pattern has PR open
44844 1 week ago The command line of launching Edge on Linux hangs has PR open rayluo
42627 1 week ago urllib.request.getproxies() misparses Windows registry proxy settings has PR open benrg
41818 1 week ago Lib/ major revision has PR open soumendra
45606 1 week ago pathlib.Path.glob() does not list dangling symlink when pattern is the exact filenane has PR open raek
45273 1 week ago OS-specific frozen modules are built, even on other OSes. has PR open eric.snow
45272 1 week ago 'os.path' should not be a frozen module has PR open steve.dower
45356 1 week ago Calling `help` executes @classmethod @property decorated methods has patch has PR open randolf.scholz
45573 1 week ago Use pkg-config autoconf macros to detect flags for Modules/Setup has PR open christian.heimes
45829 1 week ago Remove C stack use by specializing BINARY_SUBSCR, STORE_SUBSCR, LOAD_ATTR, and STORE_ATTR has PR open Mark.Shannon
45840 1 week ago Improve cross-references in the data model documentation has PR open AlexWaygood
45834 1 week ago Move runtime except: check to the parser has PR open iritkatriel
45680 1 week ago Documentation on `GenericAlias` objects and `__class_getitem__` could be improved has PR open AlexWaygood
45691 2 weeks ago Partial moving of core objects to interpreter state is incorrect at best, unsafe at worse. has PR open Mark.Shannon
45256 2 weeks ago Remove the usage of the C stack in Python to Python calls has PR open pablogsal
45643 2 weeks ago SIGSTKFLT is missing from the signals module on Linux has PR open
28806 2 weeks ago Improve the netrc library has patch has PR open xiang.zhang
45819 2 weeks ago Avoid releasing the GIL in nonblocking socket operations has patch has PR open jcristharif
45292 2 weeks ago Implement PEP 654: Exception Groups has PR open iritkatriel
41260 2 weeks ago datetime, date and time: strftime method takes different keyword argument: fmt (pure) or format (C) has PR open Anthony Sottile
26175 2 weeks ago Fully implement IOBase abstract on SpooledTemporaryFile has patch has PR open Gary Fernie
42376 2 weeks ago Add helpers to populate modules in C has PR open christian.heimes
45113 2 weeks ago [subinterpreters][C API] Add a new function to create PyStructSequence from Heap. has PR open shihai1991
10572 2 weeks ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch has PR open michael.foord
38748 2 weeks ago 32 bit ctypes stdcall callback fails to restore stack pointer has patch has PR open David Heffernan
43225 2 weeks ago Add missing value returned by methods on cookiejar has PR open eamanu
42969 2 weeks ago pthread_exit & PyThread_exit_thread from PyEval_RestoreThread etc. are harmful has PR open gregory.p.smith
45809 2 weeks ago Race condition in WeakKeyDictionary/WeakKeyDictionary has patch open colesbury
45808 2 weeks ago configure check for HAVE_CRYPT_R is wrong has PR open christian.heimes
37295 2 weeks ago Possible optimizations for math.comb() has patch has PR open rhettinger
15500 2 weeks ago Python should support exporting thread names to the OS has PR open bra
44532 2 weeks ago multi subinterpreters use _PyStructSequence_InitType failed. has PR open JunyiXie
45791 2 weeks ago __instancecheck__ being checked on type(cls) instead of cls has PR open rhettinger
44995 2 weeks ago "Hide the prompts and output" works abnormal has patch has PR open yangqing
37824 2 weeks ago IDLE: Handle Shell input SyntaxWarning & DeprecationWarning has PR open serhiy.storchaka
42109 2 weeks ago Use hypothesis for testing the standard library, falling back to stubs has PR open p-ganssle
45790 2 weeks ago Inaccurate phrasing in extending/newtypes_tutorial has PR open rtobar2
45696 2 weeks ago "Deep-freeze": skip the marshal step by generating C code has PR open gvanrossum
40421 2 weeks ago [C API] Add getter functions for PyFrameObject and maybe move PyFrameObject to the internal C API has PR open vstinner
45357 2 weeks ago Idle does not check user config for extention configuration has PR open CoolCat467
45757 3 weeks ago compiler emits EXTENDED_ARG + NOP sequence in 3.10 has PR open rok.mandeljc
43588 3 weeks ago [Subinterpreters]: use static variable under building Python with --with-experimental-isolated-subinterpreters cause crash. has PR open JunyiXie
40464 3 weeks ago functools.singledispatch doesn't verify annotation is on FIRST parameter has PR open Dutcho
34498 3 weeks ago Python 3.7+ break on singledispatch_function.register(pseudo_type), which Python 3.6 accepted has PR open Dutcho
45767 3 weeks ago Fix types for dev_t processing in posix module has patch has PR open AMDmi3
45354 3 weeks ago test_winconsoleio fails on Windows 11 has PR open jkloth
45771 3 weeks ago urllib.request.urlopen can leak socket.timeout to callers has PR open thorpe-dev
30082 3 weeks ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has patch has PR open iMath
23041 3 weeks ago csv needs more quoting rules has patch has PR open samwyse
45743 3 weeks ago Cleanup and simplify has PR open christian.heimes
45171 3 weeks ago stacklevel handling in logging module is inconsistent has PR open joukewitteveen
33927 3 weeks ago Allow json.tool to have identical infile and outfile has PR open kuhlmann
40170 3 weeks ago [C API] Make PyTypeObject structure an opaque structure in the public C API has PR open vstinner
45436 3 weeks ago test_tk.test_configure_type() fails with Tcl/Tk 8.6.11 has PR open vstinner
44439 3 weeks ago stdlib wrongly uses len() for bytes-like object has PR open malin
40051 3 weeks ago Give proper link in help(idlelib/turtledemo/tkinter.sub/test_*/?) has PR open wyz23x2
22708 3 weeks ago httplib/http.client in method _tunnel used HTTP/1.0 CONNECT method has patch has PR open vova
45708 3 weeks ago PEP 515-style formatting with underscores does not seem to work for Decimal has PR open sndrtj
42369 3 weeks ago Reading ZipFile not thread-safe has patch has PR open Thomas
41544 3 weeks ago multiprocessing.dummy.Process lacks daemon parameter has PR open moi90
45684 3 weeks ago `functools.singledispatchmethod` does not define `__class_getitem__` has PR open AlexWaygood
45630 3 weeks ago Dump CodeObject API for debugging has PR open penguin_wwy
38323 3 weeks ago asyncio: MultiLoopWatcher has a race condition (test_asyncio: test_close_kill_running() hangs on AMD64 RHEL7 Refleaks 3.x) has patch has PR open vstinner
41122 3 weeks ago functools.singledispatchfunction has confusing error message if no positional arguments are passed in has PR open markgrandi
38605 3 weeks ago [typing] PEP 563: Postponed evaluation of annotations: enable it by default in Python 3.11 has PR open vstinner
1635741 3 weeks ago Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan
45706 3 weeks ago Add IMAP4.login_plain to imaplib has patch has PR open przemub
45578 4 weeks ago Missing tests for the dis module has PR open nanjekyejoannah
45692 4 weeks ago IDLE: define word/id chars in one place. has PR open terry.reedy
45598 4 weeks ago grep_headers_for() is broken by design has PR open christian.heimes
45646 4 weeks ago Star expression in comprehension wrongly indicates to use or_expression after the star has PR open Arthur-Milchior
45669 1 month ago An 'ascii_alphanumerics' variable is missing in the 'strings' lib has PR open pauloxnet
45584 1 month ago Clarifying truncating in documentation has PR open Arthur-Milchior
39214 1 month ago Add curses.window.in_wch has PR open Anthony Sottile
44511 1 month ago Improve the bytecode for mapping patterns has PR open brandtbucher
45359 1 month ago TopologicalSorter is not Generic at runtime (but is in typeshed) has PR open JacobHayes
22377 1 month ago %Z in strptime doesn't match EST and others has patch has PR open cool-RR
43633 1 month ago Improve the textual representation of IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses has PR open maxmouchet
5004 1 month ago socket.getfqdn() doesn't cope properly with purely DNS-based setups has patch open dfranke
45379 1 month ago Improve errors related to frozen modules. has PR open eric.snow
45535 1 month ago Enum's dir() does not contain inherited members has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
14527 1 month ago How to link with a non-system libffi? has PR open pda
45664 1 month ago resolve_bases() and new_class() do not work with type alias of a built-in type has PR open serhiy.storchaka
23597 1 month ago Allow easy display of local variables in log messages? has PR open ncoghlan
45396 1 month ago Custom frozen modules get ignored. has PR open eric.snow
45663 1 month ago is_dataclass() does not work for dataclasses which are subclasses of types.GenericAlias has PR open serhiy.storchaka
40452 1 month ago Tkinter/IDLE: preserve clipboard on closure has patch has PR open epaine
45662 1 month ago Incorrect repr of InitVar of a type alias has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35540 1 month ago dataclasses.asdict breaks with defaultdict fields has PR open wrmsr
21736 1 month ago Add __file__ attribute to frozen modules has patch has PR open lemburg
45648 1 month ago Better tp_version_tag overflow checks in specializer has PR open kj
45639 1 month ago Support modern image formats in MIME types has PR open adamkonrad
9351 1 month ago argparse set_defaults on subcommands should override top level set_defaults has patch open bethard
45096 1 month ago Update Tools/freeze to make use of Tools/scripts/ open eric.snow
23556 1 month ago [doc] Scope for raise without argument is different in Python 2 and 3 has patch has PR open a3nm
42545 1 month ago Check that all symbols in the limited ABI are exported has PR open pablogsal
40990 1 month ago Make http.server support SSL has PR open remi.lapeyre
45545 1 month ago chdir __exit__ is not safe has patch has PR open ucodery
40512 1 month ago [subinterpreters] Meta issue: per-interpreter GIL has patch has PR open vstinner
36675 1 month ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
11477 1 month ago Incorrect operand precedence when implementing sequences in C has patch open terry.reedy
15795 1 month ago Zipfile.extractall does not preserve file permissions has patch has PR open uruz
45587 1 month ago argparse add_argument_group: distinguish title and description from **kwargs has PR open SelfAdjointOperator
45593 1 month ago SpooledTemporaryFile.truncate returns None has PR open rooter
40350 1 month ago modulefinder chokes on numpy - dereferencing None in spec.loader has patch has PR open Greg Whiteley
40899 1 month ago Document exceptions raised by importlib.import has PR open j13r
45391 1 month ago 3.10 objects.inv classifies UnionType as data has PR open gaborjbernat
20749 1 month ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented has PR open jwilk
44665 1 month ago asyncio.create_task() documentation should mention user needs to keep reference to the task has PR open bernat
41682 1 month ago [Windows] test_asyncio: Proactor test_sendfile_close_peer_in_the_middle_of_receiving failure open aeros
41222 1 month ago POpen bufsize=0 ignored with universal_newlines=True has patch has PR open yann
45575 1 month ago Use a more principled approach to freelists has PR open Mark.Shannon
35037 1 month ago PYLONG_BITS_IN_DIGIT differs between MinGW and MSVC has PR open scoder
41086 1 month ago Exception for uninstantiated interpolation (configparser) has PR open scrummyin
43795 1 month ago Implement PEP 652 -- Maintaining the Stable ABI has PR open petr.viktorin
45520 1 month ago Frozen dataclass deep copy doesn't work with __slots__ has PR open jfuruness
45528 1 month ago mmap: constants not listed in the documentation has PR open goodmami
45565 1 month ago More LOAD_ATTR specializations has PR open kj
29844 1 month ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 has PR open TBBle
27544 1 month ago Document the ABCs for instance/subclass checks of dict view types has patch open story645
21249 1 month ago removing from sys.path results in additional test failures has patch open doko
42413 1 month ago Replace custom exceptions for timeouts with TimeoutError has PR open christian.heimes
5120 1 month ago Change _tkinter initialization for new versions of Aqua Tk on OS X has patch open gpolo
43532 1 month ago Add keyword-only fields to dataclasses has PR open eric.smith
24766 1 month ago Subclass of property doesn't preserve instance __doc__ when using doc= argument has patch has PR open erik.bray
10566 1 month ago gdb debugging support additions (Tools/gdb/ has patch open eggy
39947 1 month ago [C API] Make the PyThreadState structure opaque (move it to the internal C API) has PR open vstinner
26834 1 month ago Add truncated SHA512/224 and SHA512/256 has patch open christian.heimes
45542 1 month ago Using multiple comparison operators can cause performance issues has PR open akuvfx
36481 1 month ago telnetlib process_rawq() callback has PR open goktengri
45192 1 month ago The tempfile._infer_return_type function cannot infer the type of os.PathLike objects. has PR open rekyungmin
45229 1 month ago Always use unittest for collecting tests in regrtests has PR open serhiy.storchaka
1760357 1 month ago ZipFile.write fails with bad modification time has patch open gradha
7938 1 month ago makesetup interprets macros -DA=B as a Make variable definition has patch has PR open wdebruij
38704 1 month ago Prevent installation on unsupported Windows versions has PR open senyai
28584 1 month ago ICC compiler check is too permissive has patch open struktured
34543 1 month ago _struct.Struct: calling functions without calling __init__ results in SystemError has PR open DeKrain
31779 1 month ago assertion failures and a crash when using an uninitialized struct.Struct object has PR open Oren Milman
36073 1 month ago sqlite crashes with converters mutating cursor has PR open sir-sigurd
37910 1 month ago argparse wrapping fails with metavar="" (no metavar) has PR open sjfranklin
38384 1 month ago An assertion failure in test_pickle has PR open ZackerySpytz
45452 1 month ago Support crash tolerance feature for gdbm module has PR open corona10
35134 1 month ago Add a new Include/cpython/ subdirectory for the "CPython API" with implementation details has PR open vstinner
38031 1 month ago FileIO.__init__ aborts when opener returns bad fd has PR open tekknolagi
31165 1 month ago list_slice() crashes if the list is mutated indirectly by PyList_New() has PR open geeknik
31573 1 month ago PyStructSequence_New() doesn't validate its input type (crashes in os.wait3() and os.wait4() in case of a bad resource.struct_rusage) has PR open Oren Milman
45519 1 month ago Minor docstring improvement in __contains__ has PR open Ivan.Savov
9334 1 month ago argparse does not accept options taking arguments beginning with dash (regression from optparse) has patch open andersk
36581 1 month ago __dir__ on unittest.mock not safe for all spec types has PR open Dylan Semler
26143 1 month ago Ensure that IDLE's stdlib imports are from the stdlib has PR open terry.reedy
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