ID Activity Title Status Creator
12706 18 months ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open orsenthil
16700 21 months ago Document that bytes OS API can returns unusable results on Windows open serhiy.storchaka
12067 23 months ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch has PR open terry.reedy
17140 24 months ago Document multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool open ncoghlan
29981 25 months ago Update Index for set, dict, and generator 'comprehensions' has PR open terry.reedy
23019 25 months ago pyexpat.errors wrongly bound to message strings instead of message codes open bkarge
23560 26 months ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
18576 27 months ago Document has patch has PR open ncoghlan
29844 28 months ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open TBBle
11165 29 months ago Document PyEval_Call* functions open ncoghlan
9182 30 months ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch open gray_hemp
20140 34 months ago UnicodeDecodeError in when home dir contains non-ascii signs open Jarek.Śmiejczak
15243 37 months ago Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch open William.Schwartz
25866 43 months ago Reference 3. Data Model: miscellaneous minor cleanups on the word "sequence". open abarnert
4712 44 months ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open georg.brandl
17311 49 months ago use distutils terminology in "PyPI package display" section has patch open chris.jerdonek
16776 55 months ago Document PyCFunction_New and PyCFunction_NewEx functions open asvetlov
20296 56 months ago PyArg_ParseTuple 2.X docs mention int for "t#", but "Py_ssize_t" for "w#", etc. open rlb
22456 58 months ago __base__ undocumented has patch open Arfrever
12933 59 months ago Update or remove claims that distutils requires external programs has patch open eric.araujo
15125 59 months ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca
22014 59 months ago Improve display of OS exception <-> errno mapping has patch open ncoghlan
1170 61 months ago shlex have problems with parsing unicode has patch open dexen
1398781 61 months ago Example in section 5.3 "Pure Embedding" doesn't work. open wrstuden
1635217 62 months ago Warn against using requires/provides/obsoletes in open techtonik
15104 63 months ago Unclear language in __main__ description has patch open techtonik
1887 64 months ago Document that distutils doesn't support out-of-source builds has patch open sdirector
7262 65 months ago + eol (windows) has patch open shamilbi
12585 69 months ago distutils dereferences symlinks for zip but not for bztar/gztar target open fberger
19154 69 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' in http/ when using select when file descriptor is closed. open fviard
10434 72 months ago Document the rules for "public names" open belopolsky
18056 74 months ago Document importlib._bootstrap.NamespaceLoader open brett.cannon
16580 74 months ago Add examples to int.to_bytes and int.from_bytes has patch open paddy3118
12634 75 months ago Random Remarks in class documentation has patch open ats.engg
763043 77 months ago unable to specify another compiler open doko
17179 78 months ago Misleading error from type() when passing unknown keyword argument open cjw296
15436 79 months ago __sizeof__ is not documented open serhiy.storchaka
13498 82 months ago os.makedirs exist_ok documentation is incorrect, as is some of the behavior has patch open r.david.murray
12436 84 months ago Missing items in installation/setup instructions has patch open ncoghlan
19820 7 days ago docs are missing info about module attributes open eric.snow
27886 35 months ago Docs: the difference between rename and replace is not obvious open asvetlov
20408 38 months ago memoryview() constructor documentation error has patch open larry
13826 39 months ago Having a shlex example in the subprocess.Popen docs is confusing open Julian
21063 64 months ago Touch up one-line descriptions of modules for module index has patch open brett.cannon
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