ID Activity Title Status
7262 91 months ago + eol (windows) has patch open
20970 91 months ago contradictory documentation for prog option of argparse has patch open
10318 90 months ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs has patch open
16278 90 months ago Improve os.rename documentation and tests has patch open
15871 89 months ago Online docs: make index search always available. open
21054 89 months ago Improve indexing of syntax symbols open
21761 88 months ago language reference describes the role of module.__file__ inaccurately open
21763 88 months ago Clarify requirements for file-like objects has patch open
11385 88 months ago TextTestRunner methods are not documented open
21358 88 months ago Augmented assignment doc: clarify 'only evaluated once' open
21915 87 months ago telnetlib.Telnet constructor does not match telnetlib.Telnet.__init__ docstring open
9524 87 months ago Document CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT usage on Windows open
12902 87 months ago help("modules") executes module code open
12970 87 months ago os.walk() consider some symlinks as dirs instead of non-dirs has patch open
15428 86 months ago add "Name Collision" section to argparse docs open
10608 86 months ago Add a section to Windows FAQ explaining os.symlink has patch open
1159 85 months ago os.getenv() not updated after external module uses C putenv() open
22476 85 months ago asyncio task chapter confusion about 'task', 'future', and 'schedule' open
22456 85 months ago __base__ undocumented has patch open
22618 84 months ago urllib.parse.parse_qsl different results after urllib.parse.unquote open
10581 84 months ago Review and document string format accepted in numeric data type constructors open
22743 84 months ago Specify supported XML version open
22755 83 months ago contextlib.closing documentation should use a new example open
22344 83 months ago Reorganize unittest.mock docs into linear manner open
22855 83 months ago csv writer with blank lineterminator breaks quoting open
22882 83 months ago Document Linux packages you need to compile Python with all dependencies has patch open
22356 82 months ago mention explicitly that stdlib assumes gmtime(0) epoch is 1970 has patch open
23017 82 months ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open
1512163 81 months ago mailbox (2.5b1): locking doesn't work (esp. on FreeBSD) open
12384 81 months ago difflib.SequenceMatcher and Match: code and doc bugs open
23100 81 months ago multiprocessing doc organization impedes understanding open
20121 81 months ago quopri_codec newline handling has patch open
23323 81 months ago Issue with imaplib and append messages passing a tuple with flags open
23317 81 months ago Incorrect description of descriptor invocation in Python Language Reference open
23232 81 months ago 'codecs' module functionality + its docs -- concerning custom codecs, especially non-string ones open
20413 80 months ago Errors in documentation of standard codec error handlers open
6634 80 months ago sys.exit() called from threads other than the main one: undocumented behaviour has patch open
21557 80 months ago os.popen & os.system lack shell-related security warnings has patch open
23525 80 months ago isbuiltin, isroutine, etc. open
23747 79 months ago platform module exposes win32_ver function on posix systems open
23764 79 months ago Reference inspect.Signature.bind from functools.wraps documentation open
23743 79 months ago Python crashes upon exit if importing g++ compiled mod after importing gcc compiled mod open
23814 78 months ago argparse: Parser level defaults do not always override argument level defaults open
13386 78 months ago Document documentation conventions for optional args open
24124 77 months ago Two versions of instructions for installing Python modules open
10977 77 months ago Concrete object C API considered harmful to subclasses of builtin types has patch open
23698 77 months ago Multiprocessing.Manager: fix behavior and doc inconsistencies open
19737 77 months ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch open
24460 76 months ago urlencode() of dictionary not as expected open
20344 76 months ago subprocess.check_output() docs misrepresent what shell=True does has patch open
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