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ID Activity Title Status
9499 1 month ago DOC: C/API Execution namespace undocumented. (patch included) open
9524 1 month ago Document CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT usage on Windows open
9538 1 month ago Replace confusing pseudoname 'object' in special methods section. has patch open
9739 1 month ago Output of help(...) is wider than 80 characters has patch open
10021 1 month ago Format parser is too permissive open
10149 1 month ago [doc] Data truncation in expat parser has patch has PR open
10175 1 month ago vs version for win32 compilation of extension modules is undocumented. open
10225 1 month ago Fix doctest runable examples in python manual has patch open
10318 1 month ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs has patch open
10344 1 month ago buffering doc needs fix has PR open
10434 1 month ago Document the rules for "public names" open
10529 1 month ago [doc] Write argparse i18n howto open
10581 1 month ago Review and document string format accepted in numeric data type constructors open
10608 1 month ago [doc] Add a section to Windows FAQ explaining os.symlink has patch open
10665 1 month ago Expand unicodedata module documentation has patch open
10669 1 month ago Document Deprecation Warnings and how to fix open
10799 1 month ago Improve webbrowser (.open) doc and behavior open
10936 1 month ago Simple CSS fix for left margin at open
10948 1 month ago Trouble with dir_util created dir cache open
10977 1 month ago Concrete object C API considered harmful to subclasses of builtin types has patch open
10994 1 month ago implementation details in sys module open
11151 1 month ago Arguments to various types not specified in types module open
11176 1 month ago [doc] give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch has PR open
11253 1 month ago Document ctypes.wintypes constants open
11385 1 month ago [doc] TextTestRunner documentation improvements open
11479 1 month ago Add discussion of trailing backslash in raw string to tutorial has patch has PR open
11553 1 month ago Docs for: import, packages,, .pth files open
11573 1 month ago Improve Unicode Documentation with Known Caveats open
11776 1 month ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open
11924 1 month ago Pickle and copyreg modules don't document the interface open
11977 1 month ago Document int.conjugate, .denominator, ... open
12020 1 month ago [doc] Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open
12067 1 month ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch has PR open
12165 1 month ago [doc] clarify documentation of nonlocal has PR open
12217 1 month ago Cross-link docs for faulthandler, traceback and pdb has PR open
12290 1 month ago __setstate__ is called for false values has patch open
12317 1 month ago inspect.getabsfile() is not documented has PR open
12384 1 month ago difflib.SequenceMatcher and Match: code and doc bugs open
12403 1 month ago Mention sys.displayhook in code module docs and the compile builtin docs has patch has PR open
12436 1 month ago [doc] Missing items in installation/setup instructions has patch open
12476 1 month ago ctypes: need example how to pass raw data from Python open
12488 1 month ago multiprocessing.Connection does not communicate pipe closure between parent and child open
12558 1 month ago Locale-dependent exception for float width argument to Tkinter widget constructor open
12594 1 month ago Docs for "Using Python on a Macintosh" needs to be updated has patch open
12600 1 month ago Add example of using load_tests to parameterise Test Cases open
12706 1 month ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open
12832 1 month ago The documentation for the print function should explain/point to how to control the sys.stdout encoding has patch open
12880 1 month ago ctypes: clearly document how structure bit fields are allocated has patch open
12887 1 month ago Documenting all SO_* constants in socket module has PR open
12902 1 month ago help("modules") executes module code open
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