ID Activity Title Status
22472 80 months ago OSErrors should use str and not repr on paths open
18234 80 months ago Unicodedata module should provide access to codepoint aliases open
10581 80 months ago Review and document string format accepted in numeric data type constructors open
10803 80 months ago ctypes: better support of bytearray objects has patch open
22837 79 months ago getpass returns garbage when typing tilde on Windows with deadkeys open
22833 79 months ago The decode_header() function decodes raw part to bytes or str, depending on encoded part open
22746 78 months ago cgitb html: wrong encoding for utf-8 has patch open
18679 78 months ago include a codec to handle escaping only control characters but not any others open
23050 77 months ago Add Japanese legacy encodings has patch open
8934 77 months ago aifc should use str instead of bytes (wave, sunau compatibility) has patch open
1763 77 months ago Get path to shell/known folders on Windows has patch open
23195 77 months ago Sorting with locale (strxfrm) does not work properly with Python3 on BSD or OS X open
9393 76 months ago exception with unicode paths has patch open
1745722 76 months ago please add wsgi to SimpleXMLRPCServer has patch open
20413 76 months ago Errors in documentation of standard codec error handlers open
19035 75 months ago tokenize.generate_tokens treat '\f' symbol as the end of file (when reading in unicode) open
9679 75 months ago unicode DNS names in urllib, urlopen has patch open
23676 74 months ago Add support of UnicodeTranslateError in standard error handlers has patch open
23550 74 months ago Add to unicodedata a function to query the "Quick_Check" property for a character has patch open
6733 73 months ago curses line wrap broken when mixing full- and half-width unicode characters open
12807 73 months ago Optimization/refactoring for {bytearray, bytes, unicode}.strip() has patch open
11101 73 months ago plistlib has no graceful way of handing None values has patch open
24041 73 months ago Implement Mac East Asian encodings properly open
24043 73 months ago Implement mac_romanian and mac_croatian encodings open
23614 73 months ago Opaque error message on UTF-8 decoding to surrogates open
20159 73 months ago Derby #7: Convert 51 sites to Argument Clinic across 3 files -> Derby: Convert the ElementTree module to use Argument Clinic has patch open
10977 72 months ago Concrete object C API considered harmful to subclasses of builtin types has patch open
22350 72 months ago nntplib file write failure causes exception from QUIT command has patch open
18003 72 months ago lzma module very slow with line-oriented reading. has patch open
23455 70 months ago file iterator "deemed broken"; can resume after StopIteration open
16310 70 months ago zipfile: allow surrogates in filenames has patch open
17319 68 months ago http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler send_response_only doesn't check the type and value of the code. has patch open
25275 68 months ago Documentation v/s behaviour mismatch wrt integer literals containing non-ASCII characters open
25334 68 months ago telnetlib: process_rawq() and binary data has patch open
22612 67 months ago Add block info to unicodedata open
7352 67 months ago pythonx.y-config --ldflags out of /usr and missing -L<install_lib_dir> has patch open
23235 67 months ago doesn't set correctly has patch open
25477 67 months ago text mode for pkgutil.get_data open
10351 66 months ago Add autocompletion for keys in dictionaries has patch open
25834 65 months ago getpass falls back when sys.stdin is changed open
25190 65 months ago Define StringIO seek offset as code point offset has patch open
25867 65 months ago os.stat raises exception when using unicode and no locale is set open
25880 65 months ago u'..'.encode('idna') → UnicodeError: label empty or too long open
23997 65 months ago unicodedata_UCD_lookup() has theoretical buffer overflow has patch open
18162 65 months ago Add index attribute to IndexError has patch open
10757 65 months ago zipfile.write, arcname should be allowed to be a byte string open
25743 65 months ago Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open
9377 64 months ago socket, PEP 383: Mishandling of non-ASCII bytes in host/domain names has patch open
25937 63 months ago DIfference between utf8 and utf-8 when i define python source code encoding. has patch open
15948 63 months ago Unchecked return value of I/O functions has patch open
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