ID Activity Title Status
26301 7 months ago ceval.c: reintroduce fast-path for list[index] in BINARY_SUBSCR has patch has PR closed
28397 7 months ago Faster index range checks has patch has PR closed
34925 7 months ago 25% speed-up to common case for bisect() has PR closed
21165 7 months ago Optimize str.translate() for replacement with substrings and non-ASCII strings closed
13607 8 months ago Move generator specific sections out of ceval. has patch closed
30198 8 months ago distutils build_ext: don't run newer_group() in parallel in multiple threads when using parallel has PR closed
29419 8 months ago Argument Clinic: inline PyArg_UnpackTuple and PyArg_ParseStack(AndKeyword)? closed
29451 8 months ago Use _PyArg_Parser for _PyArg_ParseStack(): support positional only arguments closed
34636 8 months ago re module microoptimization: speed up bytes \w \s \d matching has PR closed
34633 8 months ago Simplify __reduce__ for ordered dict iterators has PR closed
17781 8 months ago optimize compilation options has patch closed
34599 8 months ago improve performance of _Py_bytes_capitalize() has PR closed
34436 9 months ago Overallocation is never disabled in _PyBytes_FormatEx() has PR closed
34151 9 months ago use malloc() for better performance of some list operations has PR closed
34141 10 months ago Speed up pickling simple non-recusive values has PR closed
34017 10 months ago Tkinter CheckButton not working in EXE closed
23493 10 months ago optimize sort_keys in json module by using operator.itemgetter() has PR closed
34043 10 months ago Optimize tarfile uncompression performance has PR closed
34010 10 months ago tarfile stream read performance regression has PR closed
33945 10 months ago concurrent.futures ProcessPoolExecutor submit() blocks on results being written closed
18932 11 months ago Optimize selectors.EpollSelector.modify() has patch closed
28240 11 months ago Enhance the timeit module: display average +- std dev instead of minimum has patch has PR closed
4896 11 months ago Faster why variable manipulation in ceval.c closed
33737 11 months ago Multiprocessing not working closed
26251 11 months ago Use "Low-fragmentation Heap" memory allocator on Windows closed
33505 11 months ago Optimize asyncio.ensure_future by reordering if conditions has patch has PR closed
33639 11 months ago Use high-performance os.sendfile() in shutil.copy* has PR closed
1792 12 months ago o(n*n) marshal.dumps performance for largish objects with patch has patch has PR closed
33144 12 months ago random._randbelow optimization has patch has PR closed
33372 13 months ago Wrong calculation closed
33298 13 months ago Wrap only constants with _PyCode_ConstantKey() in the compiler. has PR closed
33299 13 months ago Return an object itself for some types in _PyCode_ConstantKey() has PR closed
28126 13 months ago Py_MEMCPY: Use memcpy on Windows? has PR closed
33265 13 months ago contextlib.ExitStack abuses __self__ has PR closed
28832 13 months ago Reduce memset in dict creation has patch closed
33200 13 months ago Optimize the empty set "literal" has PR closed
27938 13 months ago PyUnicode_AsEncodedString, PyUnicode_Decode: add fast-path for "us-ascii" encoding has patch has PR closed
32360 13 months ago Save OrderedDict imports in various stdlibs. has PR closed
33021 14 months ago Some fstat() calls do not release the GIL, possibly hanging all threads has patch has PR closed
26647 14 months ago ceval: use Wordcode, 16-bit bytecode has patch closed
32829 14 months ago Lib/ be more pythonic closed
32946 14 months ago Speed up import from non-packages has PR closed
32925 14 months ago AST optimizer: Change a list into tuple in iterations and containment tests has PR closed
32945 15 months ago sorted(generator) is slower than sorted(list-comprehension) closed
32859 15 months ago os.dup2() tests dup3() availability on each call has PR closed
31333 15 months ago Implement ABCMeta in C has PR closed
32221 15 months ago Converting ipv6 address to string representation using getnameinfo() is wrong. has PR closed
32828 15 months ago compress "True if bool(x) else False" expressions closed
32336 15 months ago Save OrderedDict import in argparse has PR closed
28685 15 months ago Optimizing list.sort() by performing safety checks in advance has patch has PR closed
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