ID Activity Title Status
33326 11 months ago Convert collections (cmp_op, hasconst, hasname and others) in opcode module to more optimal type open
33228 11 months ago Use Random.choices in tempfile has PR open
32801 13 months ago Lib/ utilize all() open
26219 14 months ago implement per-opcode cache in ceval has patch open
32196 15 months ago Rewrite plistlib with functional style has PR open
28308 15 months ago Accelerate 'string'.format(value, ...) by using formatted string literals open
32408 15 months ago Performance regression in urllib.proxy_bypass_environment open
31791 17 months ago Ensure that all PyTypeObject fields are set to non-NULL defaults open
31610 18 months ago Use select.poll instead of in SocketServer.BaseServer.serve_forever open
31484 18 months ago Cache single-character strings outside of the Latin1 range has PR open
28060 20 months ago Clean up division fast paths in Objects/longobject.c has patch open
30509 21 months ago Optimize calling type slots has patch has PR open
30556 22 months ago asyncio.wait very slow with FIRST_COMPLETED open
30505 22 months ago Performance of typing._ProtocolMeta._get_protocol_attrs and isinstance open
26280 22 months ago ceval: Optimize list[int] (subscript) operation similarly to CPython 2.7 has patch open
30427 22 months ago isinstance checks in os.path.normcase redundant with os.fspath has PR open
29533 23 months ago urllib2 works slowly with proxy on windows has patch has PR open
10399 24 months ago AST Optimization: inlining of function calls has patch open
29811 24 months ago Avoid temporary method object in PyObject_CallMethod() and PyObject_CallMethodObjArgs() open
29410 25 months ago Moving to SipHash-1-3 has patch open
24165 27 months ago Free list for single-digits ints has patch open
28158 27 months ago Implement LOAD_GLOBAL opcode cache has patch open
11322 27 months ago encoding package's normalize_encoding() function is too slow has patch open
10401 27 months ago Globals / builtins cache has patch open
28309 30 months ago Accelerate string.Template by using formatted string literals has patch open
14757 30 months ago INCA: Inline Caching meets Quickening in Python 3.3 has patch open
18329 30 months ago for line in socket.makefile() speed degradation open
13564 30 months ago ftplib and sendfile() has patch open
27898 31 months ago regexp performance degradation between 2.7.6 and 2.7.12 open
27926 31 months ago ctypes is too slow to convert a Python list to a C array open
24424 33 months ago xml.dom.minidom: performance issue with Node.insertBefore() has patch open
4821 33 months ago Patches for thread-support in built-in SHA modules has patch open
13451 34 months ago speedup cancel() method has patch open
25702 34 months ago Link Time Optimizations support for GCC and CLANG has patch open
26049 34 months ago Poor performance when reading large xmlrpc data has patch open
26774 35 months ago Elide Py_atomic fences when WITH_THREAD is disabled? open
26285 37 months ago Garbage collection of unused input sections from CPython binaries has patch open
26236 38 months ago urllib2 initiate irregular call to gethostbyaddr open
25881 39 months ago A little faster ElementTree serializing has patch open
25469 41 months ago multiprocessing .Condition.notify(_all) function has O(N) time complexity where N is the number of wait() calls with a timeout since the last notify(_all) call has patch open
13559 43 months ago Use sendfile where possible in httplib has patch open
18003 46 months ago lzma module very slow with line-oriented reading. has patch open
12807 48 months ago Optimization/refactoring for {bytearray, bytes, unicode}.strip() has patch open
23376 48 months ago getargs.c: redundant C-contiguity check has patch open
23720 48 months ago __del__() order is broken since 3.4.0 open
23690 48 months ago re functions never release GIL open
23553 49 months ago Reduce the number of comparisons for range checking. has patch open
23324 50 months ago Nonblocking serial io using Arduino and Ubuntu 14.10 (Python 3.4.2) performance slowdown open
1610654 52 months ago multipart/form-data has patch open
15903 54 months ago Make rawiobase_read() read directly to bytes object has patch open
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