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ID Activity Title Status
47213 25 months ago Incorrect location of caret in SyntaxError closed
47212 25 months ago Minor issues in reported Syntax errors has PR closed
47211 25 months ago Remove re.template() and re.TEMPLATE has PR closed
47210 25 months ago './configure --help' causes infinite loop closed
47209 25 months ago Documentation for asserting values of `unittest.mock.Mock.call_args_list` open
47208 25 months ago Support libffi implementations that cannot support invocations with 1024 arguments has PR open
47207 25 months ago Switch datetime docstrings / documentation to using "Returns" rather than "Return"? open
47206 25 months ago pickle docs are wrong about nested classes open
47205 25 months ago posix.sched_{get|set}affinity(-1) no longer returns ProcessLookup causing test failures on FreeBSD has PR open
47204 25 months ago Ensure PyEval_GetGlobals() doesn't set an exception when returning NULL open
47203 25 months ago ImportError: DLL load failed while importing binascii: %1 is not a valid Win32 application. closed
47202 25 months ago Feature request: Throw an error when making impossible evaluation against an empty list closed
47201 25 months ago pip3.10.4 is configured with locations that require TLS/SSL, however the ssl module in Python is not available open
47200 25 months ago Add ZipInfo.mode property has patch has PR open
47199 25 months ago multiprocessing: micro-optimize Connection.send_bytes() method has PR open
47198 25 months ago os.stat on windows doesn't take an open file even though os.stat in os.supports_fd closed
47197 25 months ago ctypes mishandles `void` return type has PR open
47196 25 months ago Function pointer cast in test_imp has PR closed
47195 25 months ago importlib lock race issue in deadlock handling code open
47194 25 months ago Upgrade to zlib v1.2.12 in CPython binary releases has PR open
47193 25 months ago Use zlib-ng rather than zlib in binary releases open
47192 25 months ago sys._getframe audit event has frame as argument in 3.8-3.10 open
47191 25 months ago inspect - getasyncgeneratorstate, getasyncgeneratorlocals open
47190 25 months ago Integrating tkinter and asyncio event loops has patch has PR closed
47189 25 months ago What's new in Python 3.11: Faster CPython has PR closed
47188 25 months ago ncurses: *** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 closed
47187 25 months ago locale module example is wrong for some platforms open
47186 25 months ago split JUMP_IF_NOT_EXC/EG_MATCH into CHECK_EXC/EG_MATCH + jump has PR closed
47185 25 months ago code.replace(co_code=new_code) no longer catch exceptions on Python 3.11 closed
47184 25 months ago multiprocessing.set_start_method force argument is not documented has PR open
47183 25 months ago Cant compile html docs closed
47182 25 months ago _PyUnicode_Fini should invalidate ucnhash_capi capsule pointer has patch has PR open
47181 25 months ago error: impossible constraint in ‘asm’ open
47180 25 months ago Remove unnecessary registration of weakref.WeakSet as a subtype of _collections_abc.Set has PR closed
47179 25 months ago pymalloc should align to max_align_t open
47178 25 months ago Improve the implementations of Sequence.index and MutableSequence.extend in has PR closed
47177 25 months ago Frames should store next_instr instead of lasti has PR closed
47176 25 months ago Interrupt handling for wasm32-emscripten builds without pthreads has PR closed
47175 25 months ago Allow applications to tune the condition that triggers a GIL release and implementation choice in hashlib open
47174 25 months ago Define behavior of descriptor-typed fields on dataclasses open
47173 25 months ago test_launcher fails on win-arm64 buildbot closed
47172 25 months ago Make virtual opcodes in the compiler negative and is_jump() identify only proper jumps has PR closed
47171 25 months ago Enable py.exe install in Windows ARM64 installer has PR closed
47170 25 months ago py launcher on windows opens new terminal window when parsing python script with shebang closed
47169 25 months ago Stable ABI: Some optional (#ifdef'd) functions aren't handled correctly has PR open
47168 25 months ago Improvements for stable ABI definition files has PR open
47167 25 months ago Allow overriding future-task compliance check in asyncio has PR open
47166 25 months ago Dataclass transform should ignore TypeAlias variables open
47165 25 months ago [C API] Test that the Python C API is compatible with C++ open
47164 25 months ago [C API] Add private "CAST" macros to clean up casts in C code has PR open
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