ID Activity Title Status
42108 yesterday HTTPSConnection hangs forever when the percentage completed of the upload drops from 100 to 0 open
9334 yesterday argparse does not accept options taking arguments beginning with dash (regression from optparse) has patch open
15125 yesterday argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open
42106 yesterday prioritises search horribly open
39116 yesterday StreamReader.readexactly() raises GeneratorExit on ProactorEventLoop open
40084 yesterday HTTPStatus has incomplete dir() listing has PR open
42037 yesterday Documentation confusion in CookieJar functions open
42102 yesterday Make builtins.callable "generic" has PR open
19699 yesterday Update zipimport for PEP 451 open
30680 yesterday textwrap should treat Unicode em-dash like ASCII em-dash has PR open
41736 yesterday test_site: test_s_option() failed on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 3.7 open
42085 yesterday Add dedicated slot for sending values has PR open
42104 yesterday xml.etree should support contains() function open
41859 yesterday Uncaught ValueError open
35753 yesterday Importing call from unittest.mock directly causes ValueError has PR open
36876 yesterday [subinterpreters] Global C variables are a problem has PR open
40891 yesterday Use PEP 573 in functools open
29981 yesterday Update Index for set, dict, and generator 'comprehensions' has PR open
42101 yesterday Allow inheritance of Venvs open
42100 2 days ago Add _PyType_GetModuleByDef has PR open
42041 2 days ago venv subprocess call to python resolves to wrong interpreter has patch has PR open
42087 2 days ago Remove pre-AIX 6.1 dead code paths has PR open
42099 2 days ago Fix reference to ob_type in unionobject.c and ceval has PR open
42098 2 days ago Test suite should verify auditing events get triggered open
40640 2 days ago Tutorial for Continue missing ... line has PR open
13348 2 days ago test_unicode_file fails: shutil.copy2 says "same file" open
41737 2 days ago Improper NotADirectoryError when opening a file in a fake directory has PR open
38456 2 days ago Reduce the time test_subprocess takes to complete. has PR open
38144 2 days ago Add the root_dir and dir_fd parameters in glob.glob() has PR open
38865 2 days ago [subinterpreters] Can Py_Finalize() be called if the current interpreter is not the main interpreter? has PR open
39640 2 days ago fall back os.fdatasync() to fsync() on POSIX systems without fdatasync() support has PR open
41768 2 days ago unittest.mock spec calls class properties has PR open
42090 2 days ago zipfile.Path.joinpath API inconsistent with pathlib.Path.joinpath open
40703 2 days ago PyType_FromSpec*() overwrites the type's "__module__" has PR open
37640 2 days ago telnetlib crash in Python3 while receiving un-printable characters from server has patch has PR open
34067 2 days ago Problem with contextlib.nullcontext has PR open
41618 2 days ago [C API] How many slots of static types should be exposed in PyType_GetSlot() open
31818 2 days ago [macOS] _scproxy.get_proxies() crash -- get_proxies() is not fork-safe? open
41798 2 days ago [C API] Revisit usage of the PyCapsule C API with multi-phase initialization API open
35608 2 days ago python3 multiprocessing queue deadlock when use thread and process at same time open
42095 2 days ago plistlib: Add tests that compare with plutil(1) has PR open
42094 2 days ago isoformat() / fromisoformat() for datetime.timedelta open
42060 2 days ago Usage of assert in http/ has PR open
38912 2 days ago test_asyncio altered the execution environment has PR open
13501 2 days ago Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch has PR open
37945 2 days ago [Windows] locale.getdefaultlocale() issues on Windows: test_locale.test_getsetlocale_issue1813() open
36541 2 days ago Make lib2to3 grammar better match Python, support the := walrus has PR open
27226 2 days ago distutils: unable to compile both .opt-1.pyc and .opt2.pyc simultaneously has patch open
30343 2 days ago Subclassed json.JSONEncoder does not respect default method for supported types has PR open
34858 2 days ago MappingProxy objects should JSON serialize just like a dictionary open
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