ID Activity Title Status Creator
39671 1 month ago Mention in docs that asyncio.FIRST_COMPLETED does not guarantee the completion of no more than one task has PR open
41621 2 months ago defaultdict miss behave when using default_factory passed as kwargs has PR open moshemorad12340
41570 2 months ago Add DearPyGui to faq/gui.rst has PR open jhoffstadt
41510 2 months ago Mentions of pdb.set_trace() in library/functions and library/sys incorrectly states that set_trace expects no arguments has PR open Maciej Olko
33479 2 months ago Document tkinter and threads has patch has PR open terry.reedy
41475 2 months ago Make __future__.annotations default 3.10 in What's New 3.7 has PR open cool-RR
41482 2 months ago docstring errors in ipaddress.IPv4Network has PR open eric.frederich
41430 3 months ago Document C docstring behavior has PR open jameshcorbett
41394 3 months ago Document '_' in interpreter tutorial has PR open wyz23x2
41357 3 months ago pathlib.Path.resolve incorrect os.path equivalent has patch has PR open Jendrik Weise
40932 3 months ago subprocess docs should warn of shlex use on Windows has PR open Stephen Farris
41353 3 months ago Indicate supported sound header formats has PR open nanjekyejoannah
41283 3 months ago The parameter name for imghdr.what in the documentation is wrong has PR open aeltawela
23882 3 months ago unittest discovery doesn't detect namespace packages when given no parameters has patch has PR open Florian.Apolloner
41281 3 months ago Wrong/missing code formats in datetime documentation has PR open yyyyyyyan
41233 3 months ago Missing links to errnos on Built-in Exceptions page has PR open yyyyyyyan
26205 3 months ago Better specify number of nested scopes has PR open Roscoe R. Higgins
34154 3 months ago Tkinter __init__ documentations sometimes missing valid keyword values has PR open Creation Elemental
12165 3 months ago Nonlocal does not include global; clarify doc open Lukas.Petru
41203 3 months ago Replace references to OS X in documentation with macOS has PR open pxeger
35105 3 months ago Document that CPython accepts "invalid" identifiers has PR open vstinner
34206 4 months ago Move and clarify Py_Main documentation has PR open ncoghlan
41147 4 months ago Document that redirect_std{out,err} yield the new stream as the context variable has PR open PeterJCLaw
41091 4 months ago Remove recommendation in curses module documentation to initialize LC_ALL and encode strings has PR open mjacob
30951 4 months ago Documentation error in inspect module has PR open jalexvig
29086 4 months ago Document C API that is not part of the limited API has patch open serhiy.storchaka
8939 4 months ago Use C type names (PyUnicode etc;) in the C API docs has patch open pitrou
39498 4 months ago Signpost security considerations in library has PR open anthonypjshaw
15849 4 months ago PEP 3121, 384 Refactoring applied to xx module has patch open Robin.Schreiber
1944 4 months ago Document PyUnicode_* API has patch has PR open alexandre.vassalotti
19670 4 months ago SimpleCookie Generates Non-RFC6265-Compliant Cookies has PR open pdbogen
41028 4 months ago Move language and version switcher out of cpython has PR open mdk
40283 4 months ago Documentation of has PR open guchao
39229 4 months ago library/functions.rst causes translated builds to fail has PR open rffontenelle
40975 4 months ago contextlib.AsyncExitStack enter_async_context and aclose should be labeled as coroutine methods has PR open naglis
40896 4 months ago Missing links to Source Code in Documentation pages has PR open edison.abahurire
40869 4 months ago errno missing descriptions has PR open YoSTEALTH
22021 4 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open DemoHT
17583 4 months ago IDLE HOWTO has patch open Amit.Saha
25377 4 months ago Mention octal format of mode argument of os.chmod has PR open krichter
40846 4 months ago Misleading line in documentation has PR open J Arun Mani
24921 5 months ago Operator precedence table in 5.15 should be highest to lowest precedence has PR open Joseph Schachner
34249 5 months ago Full set of format codes applies to strftime only has PR open v kats
16954 5 months ago Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
23897 5 months ago Update Python 3 extension module porting guide has PR open ncoghlan
27779 5 months ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module has patch open rhettinger
35714 5 months ago Document that the null character '\0' terminates a struct format spec has PR open bup
39301 5 months ago Specification of bitshift on integers should clearly state floor division used has PR open ncoghlan
40745 5 months ago Typo in library/typing has PR open hectorcanto
40344 5 months ago Programming FAQ about "What is the most efficient way to concatenate many strings together?" -- Improving the example open Dominik V.
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