ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
42482 2 days ago TracebackException should not hold reference to the exception traceback has PR open iritkatriel   behavior 7
42328 2 days ago ttk function incorrectly handles the default state for element options. has PR open patthoyts   behavior 10
39732 2 days ago plistlib should export UIDs in XML like Apple does has PR open Artoria2e5   enhancement 1
42483 2 days ago Way working directory is added to sys.path differs between using -c or -m open plammens docs@python behavior 3
42485 3 days ago Full grammar specification should link to PEP 617 has PR open snoopjedi docs@python   1
42481 3 days ago Add to pathlib function to check permission similar to os.access open copalco   enhancement 4
38768 3 days ago [feature request] Add lldb equivalent to Tools/gdb open Manjusaka     1
30053 3 days ago Problems building with --enable-profiling on macOS using homebrew GCC open brechtm   compile error 2
24893 3 days ago Tk occasionally mispositions Text() insert cursor on mouse click. open rhettinger   behavior 9
39961 3 days ago warning: this use of "defined" may not be portable (Mac OS) open   compile error 4
30388 3 days ago ndbm can't iterate through values on OS X open Forest Gregg   behavior 11
25479 3 days ago Increase unit test coverage for open szymon   enhancement 2
25538 3 days ago Traceback from __exit__ method is misleading open r.david.murray     9
42470 3 days ago DeprecationWarning triggers for sequences which happen to be sets as well open xmorel     3
34451 3 days ago docs: tutorial/introduction doesn't mention toggle of prompts open jfine2358 docs@python enhancement 3
17852 3 days ago Built-in module _io can lose data from buffered files in reference cycles has patch has PR open arigo nascheme behavior 70
31189 3 days ago README.rst: installing multiple versions: typo open dilyan.palauzov docs@python   1
31248 3 days ago method wrapper type has invalid __name__/__qualname__ 'method-wrapper' pending bup   behavior 2
27259 3 days ago [array doc] Possible missing deprecation warnings? open mark docs@python enhancement 1
26454 3 days ago add support string that are not inherited from PyStringObject pending yuriy_levchenko   behavior 2
42476 3 days ago Allow cross compiling python for macos-arm64 from macos-x86_64 has PR open isuruf   enhancement 2
41625 4 days ago Add splice() to the os module has patch has PR open pablogsal pablogsal   24
42413 4 days ago Replace custom exceptions for timeouts with TimeoutError has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 17
41200 4 days ago Add pickle.loads fuzz test has PR open Bruce Day gregory.p.smith security 2
42461 4 days ago os.statvfs_result doesn't show f_fsid has PR open Rethan   behavior 3
42376 4 days ago Add helpers to populate modules in C has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 1
29980 4 days ago OSError: multiple exceptions should preserve the exception type if it is common open r.david.murray     5
28468 5 days ago Add platform.freedesktop_os_release() has PR open christian.heimes   enhancement 55
42465 5 days ago Reference to subclass method resolve() in PurePath docs open john.engelke docs@python   1
42417 5 days ago Empty body {} in POST requests leads to 405 Method not allowed error open bhushan.shelke   behavior 9
8264 5 days ago [doc] hasattr doesn't show private (double underscore) attributes exist has patch has PR open ncw docs@python behavior 3
31861 5 days ago add aiter() and anext() functions to operator module has patch has PR open davide.rizzo     15
17545 5 days ago [doc] os.listdir and os.path.join inconsistent on empty path open babou docs@python behavior 12
12800 5 days ago 'tarfile.StreamError: seeking backwards is not allowed' when extract symlink has patch has PR open adunand lars.gustaebel behavior 13
42238 5 days ago Deprecate has PR open mdk mdk   5
42457 5 days ago ArgumentParser nested subparsers resolve paths in improper order open carsonwilber   behavior 1
42101 5 days ago Allow inheritance of Venvs has PR open mbussonn   enhancement 1
42260 5 days ago [C API] Add PyInterpreterState_SetConfig(): reconfigure an interpreter has PR open vstinner     19
26451 5 days ago CSV documentation doesn't open with an example has patch pending Alex.LordThorsen docs@python   2
42115 5 days ago Caching infrastructure for the evaluation loop: specialised opcodes has PR open pablogsal     11
40170 5 days ago [C API] Make PyTypeObject structure an opaque structure in the public C API has PR open vstinner     33
42088 5 days ago types.SimpleNamespace.__repr__ documentation inconsistency has PR open avrahami.ben     1
42370 6 days ago test_ttk_guionly: test_to() fails on the GitHub Ubuntu job has PR open vstinner     5
42443 6 days ago Provide Thread creation hook support has PR open stanczyk gregory.p.smith enhancement 3
36159 6 days ago Modify Formatter Class to handle arbitrary objects open Ross Biro   enhancement 4
42246 6 days ago Implement PEP 626 has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon enhancement 8
42418 6 days ago PyType_GetModule() should warn/fail when type has Py_TPFLAGS_BASETYPE open christian.heimes   behavior 4
42006 6 days ago Stop using PyDict_GetItem, PyDict_GetItemString and _PyDict_GetItemId has PR open serhiy.storchaka     6
42422 6 days ago Py_Decref on value crash the interpreter in Python/ceval.c:1104 has patch has PR open sbz   crash 7
42429 6 days ago Behavior of general (%g, :g) formatting inconsistent for decimal.Decimal open Kwpolska docs@python behavior 6
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