ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
34411 3 days ago ProactorEventLoop should use implement GetAddrInfo, GetNameInfo open ysangkok+launchpad   enhancement 6
34372 3 days ago Parenthesized expression has incorrect line numbers open Arusekk serhiy.storchaka behavior 3
12458 3 days ago Tracebacks should contain the first line of continuation lines has PR open psss   enhancement 15
2122 3 days ago mmap.flush does not check for errors on windows has patch has PR open schmir brian.curtin behavior 9
34398 3 days ago Docs search does not index glossary items has PR open jfine2358 docs@python behavior 8
33255 3 days ago json.dumps has different behaviour if encoding='utf-8' or encoding='utf8' has PR open nhatcher   behavior 5
34406 3 days ago Typo in documentation open Alisue Lambda docs@python   5
34384 3 days ago os.readlink does not accept pathlib.Path on Windows has PR open girtsf   behavior 7
34370 3 days ago Tkinter scroll issues on macOS open vtudorache   behavior 5
33570 3 days ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLS 1.3 cipher suite changes has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 4
34392 4 days ago Add sys.isinterned() has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 4
34409 4 days ago Add a way to customize iteration over fields in asdict() for the nested dataclasses open mkurnikov eric.smith enhancement 3
32485 4 days ago Multiprocessing dict sharing between forked processes open André Neto   crash 4
33930 4 days ago Segfault with deep recursion into object().__dir__ open a-j-buxton   crash 8
34397 4 days ago remove redundant overflow checks in tuple and list implementations has PR open sir-sigurd   enhancement 3
11192 4 days ago test_socket error on AIX open sable     8
32947 4 days ago Support OpenSSL 1.1.1 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 7
34404 4 days ago test_time incorrectly defined open michael-o   behavior 2
30400 5 days ago Race condition in shutil.copyfile(): source file replaced file during copy has PR open Preston Moore   security 12
34396 5 days ago Certain methods that heap allocated subtypes inherit suffer a 50-80% performance penalty open bup   performance 2
34117 5 days ago Rename "generator expressions" to "generator comprehensions" open brett.cannon docs@python   5
34394 5 days ago Descriptors HowTo doesn't mention __set_name__ open MarSoft rhettinger   2
33262 5 days ago Deprecate shlex.split(None) to read from stdin. has PR open christian.heimes   behavior 3
15100 5 days ago Race conditions in shutil.copy, shutil.copy2 and shutil.copyfile open radoslaw.zarzynski   security 6
30563 5 days ago [Cygwin] multiprocessing module with pool object issue open Julien Verger   behavior 5
18597 6 days ago On Windows sys.stdin.readline() doesn't handle Ctrl-C properly has patch open Drekin tim.golden behavior 14
34213 6 days ago Frozen dataclass __init__ fails for "object" property" has patch has PR open Omenien eric.smith behavior 4
4508 6 days ago distutils compiler not handling spaces in path to output/src files has patch open Thorney eric.araujo behavior 20
33073 6 days ago Add as_integer_ratio() to int() objects has PR open rhettinger lisroach enhancement 22
34389 6 days ago CPython may fail to build in the presence of a ~/.pydistutils.cfg open Antony.Lee     1
34388 6 days ago collect_gdb fails for test.pythoninfo in several AMD64 FreeBSD buildbots open pablogsal   crash 2
24076 6 days ago sum() several times slower on Python 3 64-bit has patch open lukasz.langa   performance 15
34369 6 days ago kqueue.control() documentation and implementation mismatch open a.badger docs@python behavior 7
30411 6 days ago git doesn't support "-C" args under 1.8.5 occurs in has PR open Yuan Liu     3
21314 6 days ago Document '/' in signatures open veky larry enhancement 8
34323 7 days ago False timeout log message on proactor close open johnboy2   behavior 4
31710 7 days ago _ctypes won't get built when system ffi is only in $PREFIX open pmpp   compile error 9
33300 7 days ago Bad usage example in id() DocString pending gneff docs@python   2
34383 7 days ago asyncio passes SSL certificate error to loop.call_exception_handler() open dandrei   behavior 1
31874 7 days ago [feature] runpy.run_module should mimic script launch behavior for sys.path open jason.coombs   enhancement 3
30271 7 days ago Make sqlite3 statement cache optional has PR open palaviv   enhancement 3
31908 1 week ago trace module cli does not write cover files has PR open Michael Selik   behavior 13
34363 1 week ago dataclasses.asdict() mishandles dataclass instance attributes that are instances of subclassed typing.NamedTuple has PR open alexdelorenzo eric.smith behavior 13
18307 1 week ago Relative path in co_filename for zipped modules has patch has PR open vmurashev   behavior 11
33125 1 week ago Windows 10 ARM64 platform support open Steven Noonan   enhancement 8
34374 1 week ago Shouldn't shutil.copyfile replace link in dst with follow_symlinks set? open theger   behavior 2
34373 1 week ago test_time errors on AIX has PR open Michael.Felt     1
34371 1 week ago File reading gets stuck if you read at eof on macos pending sverrirab   behavior 3
34097 1 week ago ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980 has PR open petr.viktorin     14
34360 1 week ago urllib.parse doesn't fully comply to RFC 3986 open The Compiler   behavior 2
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