ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
31772 2 days ago SourceLoader uses stale bytecode in case of equal mtime seconds has PR open akvadrako   behavior 18
39947 2 days ago [C API] Make the PyThreadState structure opaque (move it to the internal C API) has PR open vstinner     21
44246 2 days ago 3.10 beta 1: breaking change in importlib.metadata entry points has PR open Anthony Sottile   security 44
31743 2 days ago Proportional Width Font on Generated Python Docs PDFs and in mobile browser open synthmeat docs@python enhancement 2
26608 2 days ago RLock undocumented behavior in case of multiple acquire open smbrd docs@python   4
40928 2 days ago OS X: malloc(): set default diagnostics to DEBUG_WRITE_ON_CRASH has PR open remi.lapeyre     25
26236 2 days ago urllib2 initiate irregular call to gethostbyaddr open juliadolgova   performance 1
44453 2 days ago Documented return type of sysconfig.get_path() is wrong has PR open Jelle Zijlstra Jelle Zijlstra   1
19402 2 days ago AbstractBasicAuthHandler open Perry.Lorier   behavior 2
44452 2 days ago Allow paths to be joined without worrying about a leading slash open zbysz   behavior 1
44449 2 days ago Segfault in _PyTrash_begin when faulthandler tries to dump thread stacks open dgrisby   crash 1
32696 2 days ago Fix pickling exceptions with multiple arguments open slallum   behavior 5
17246 2 days ago inspect.getargvalues fails if arg name is not bound to a value has patch open Andrew.Lutomirski   behavior 3
15066 2 days ago make install error: ImportError: No module named _struct pending suzhengchun   compile error 5
20803 2 days ago doc: clarify that struct.pack_into writes 0x00 for pad bytes open bsder docs@python behavior 2
32465 2 days ago [urllib] proxy_bypass_registry - extra error handling required for ProxyOverride, Windows under proxy environment open chansol kim   behavior 2
44318 2 days ago Asyncio classes missing __slots__ open Bluenix2     10
14995 2 days ago PyLong_FromString documentation should state that the string must be null-terminated has patch has PR open rfk docs@python enhancement 3
44365 2 days ago Bad dataclass post-init example open MicaelJarniac eric.smith behavior 9
31538 3 days ago mailbox does not treat external factories the same has patch has PR open bpoaugust   behavior 2
38193 3 days ago http.client should be "runnable" like http.server has PR open Will Boyce   enhancement 1
43693 3 days ago Logically merge cell and locals array. They are already contiguous in memory has PR open Mark.Shannon eric.snow performance 29
44445 3 days ago Add `site-include` install scheme path in sysconfig open FFY00     2
44384 3 days ago test_ttk_guionly: 2 tests fail once each on Pipelines Ubuntu open terry.reedy   behavior 1
31299 3 days ago Add "ignore_modules" option to TracebackException.format() has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 9
23316 3 days ago Incorrect evaluation order of function arguments with *args open Joshua.Landau   behavior 24
44443 3 days ago dataclass looks up field default value on the class, not the class's __dict__ open eric.smith eric.smith behavior 1
44441 3 days ago Malformed PyImport_Inittab after re-initialization has patch has PR open kryheb     1
38146 3 days ago QVariant NULL returns anomalous values in equality statements pending John Midgett   behavior 2
44324 3 days ago add a "expected expression" syntax error has PR open CCLDArjun   enhancement 7
44440 3 days ago logging does not work as documented (setLevel) open alex4200 docs@python behavior 4
14322 3 days ago More test coverage for hmac has patch has PR open packetslave   enhancement 9
44405 3 days ago add program passed as string to dis module. has patch has PR open CCLDArjun   enhancement 7
12600 3 days ago Add example of using load_tests to parameterise Test Cases open abingham docs@python enhancement 23
20115 3 days ago NUL bytes in commented lines open arigo   behavior 15
16376 3 days ago wrong type for wintypes.BYTE has patch open techtonik   behavior 2
43908 3 days ago array.array should remain immutable: add Py_TPFLAGS_IMMUTABLETYPE flag has patch has PR open gvanrossum vstinner behavior 110
16437 3 days ago issubclass doc improvement open fossilet docs@python enhancement 5
44439 3 days ago PickleBuffer doesn't have __len__ method has PR open malin     3
44431 4 days ago Add command-line functionality to uuid module has PR open ephenix   enhancement 2
43259 4 days ago argparse: allow add_mutually_exclusive_group on add_argument_group open calestyo   enhancement 7
44434 4 days ago _thread module: Remove redundant PyThread_exit_thread() call to avoid glibc fatal error: must be installed for pthread_cancel to work has patch has PR open vstinner     6
44435 4 days ago There is no description of PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN in docs open jack__d docs@python   1
44429 4 days ago Tkinter Flow Geometry Manager open Gary73   enhancement 5
28937 4 days ago str.split(): allow removing empty strings (when sep is not None) has patch has PR open barry ZackerySpytz enhancement 48
14879 4 days ago invalid docs for subprocess exceptions with shell=True has PR open techtonik docs@python   6
43795 4 days ago Implement PEP 652 -- Maintaining the Stable ABI has PR open petr.viktorin     24
39679 4 days ago functools: singledispatchmethod doesn't work with classmethod open Viktor Roytman   behavior 9
44432 4 days ago SourceFileLoader.load_module() is mixing content of previosly loaded files open blackandred     1
44425 5 days ago 'dirty' added to sys.version on Linux and Mac source builds depending on git version open   enhancement 1
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