ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
28450 3 days ago Misleading/inaccurate documentation about unknown escape sequences in regular expressions open lelit docs@python enhancement 12
28951 3 days ago re.flags not documented in Module Contents as promised. open 4Dummies docs@python enhancement 7
32047 3 days ago asyncio: enable debug mode when -X dev is used has patch has PR open vstinner     2
32049 3 days ago 2.7.14 does not uninstall cleanly if installation was run as SYSTEM account (SCCM) open niemalsnever   behavior 1
9134 3 days ago sre bug: lastmark_save/restore open arigo serhiy.storchaka behavior 4
23691 3 days ago re.finditer iterator is not reentrant, but doesn't protect against nested calls to __next__ open abacabadabacaba serhiy.storchaka crash 1
23689 3 days ago Memory leak in Modules/sre_lib.h has patch open abacabadabacaba serhiy.storchaka resource usage 7
32043 3 days ago Add a new -X dev option: "developer mode" has PR open vstinner   enhancement 4
31672 3 days ago string.Template should use re.ASCII flag has PR open inada.naoki   behavior 18
32026 4 days ago Memory leaks in Python on Windows open pjna   resource usage 6
32030 4 days ago PEP 432: Rewrite Py_Main() has PR open vstinner     8
32039 4 days ago timeit documentation should describe caveats open barry barry   5
32041 4 days ago Cannot cast '\0' to c_void_p open Ilya.Kulakov   behavior 3
26579 4 days ago Support pickling slots in subclasses of common classes has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 3
32021 4 days ago Brotli encoding is not recognized by mimetypes open Andrey   enhancement 11
32033 4 days ago The pwd module implementation incorrectly sets some attributes to None open xdegaye   behavior 5
31983 4 days ago Officially add Py_SETREF and Py_XSETREF open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 4
31807 4 days ago unitest.mock: Using autospec=True conflicts with 'wraps' has patch open John Villalovos   behavior 2
31817 4 days ago Compilation Error with Python 3.6.1/3.6.3 with Tkinter open jpc2350   compile error 7
32035 4 days ago Documentation of zipfile.ZipFile().writestr() fails to mention that 'data' may also be bytes open Daniel5148 docs@python enhancement 1
27494 4 days ago 2to3 parser failure caused by a comma after a generator expression has PR open jstasiak   crash 7
29406 4 days ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod asvetlov resource usage 31
32024 4 days ago Nominal decorator function call syntax is inconsistent with regular function calls open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 3
31801 4 days ago vars() manipulation encounters problems with Enum open ethan.furman ethan.furman behavior 2
32028 4 days ago Syntactically wrong suggestions by the new custom print statement error message open mdraw   behavior 3
27777 5 days ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch open rr-   behavior 9
31997 5 days ago SSL lib does not handle trailing dot (period) in hostname or certificate has patch open samiam christian.heimes behavior 7
31963 5 days ago AMD64 Debian PGO 3.x buildbot: compilation failed with an internal compiler error in create_edge open vstinner   compile error 8
27923 5 days ago PEP 467 -- Minor API improvements for binary sequences has patch has PR open elias   enhancement 24
31388 5 days ago Provide a way to defer SIGINT handling in the current thread open ncoghlan   enhancement 11
16055 5 days ago incorrect error text for int(base=1000, x='1') has patch has PR open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 21
24294 6 days ago DeprecationWarnings should be visible by default in the interactive REPL has patch open njs   enhancement 38
1539925 6 days ago warnings in interactive sessions open lemburg   enhancement 5
32019 6 days ago Interactive shell doesn't work with readline bracketed paste open Aaron.Meurer     1
31908 6 days ago trace module cli does not write cover files has PR open Michael Selik   behavior 7
32017 6 days ago profile.Profile() has no method enable() open pitrou docs@python behavior 1
29587 6 days ago Generator/coroutine 'throw' discards exc_info state, which is bad open njs   behavior 4
30855 6 days ago [2.7] test_tk: test_use() of test_tkinter.test_widgets randomly fails with "integer value too large to represent" on with AMD64 Windows8 3.5 has PR open vstinner serhiy.storchaka   21
32014 6 days ago multiprocessing Server's shutdown method useless send message to manager open stevezh   behavior 1
32007 6 days ago nis module fails to build against glibc-2.26 open floppymaster   compile error 2
31975 7 days ago Add a default filter for DeprecationWarning in __main__ open ncoghlan   enhancement 32
28789 7 days ago valgrind shows "invalid file descriptor" when calling platform.system() on my machine. open Mathieu_Du   behavior 3
31993 7 days ago pickle.dump allocates unnecessary temporary bytes / str has PR open Olivier.Grisel   performance 28
28180 7 days ago Implementation of the PEP 538: coerce C locale to C.utf-8 has patch has PR open Jan Niklas Hasse ncoghlan behavior 82
28197 7 days ago Add start and stop parameters to the range.index() ABC method has PR open veky   enhancement 11
31829 7 days ago Portability issues with pickle has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 4
32008 1 week ago Example suggest to use a TLSv1 socket open kroeckx docs@python enhancement 1
30576 1 week ago http.server should support HTTP compression (gzip) has PR open quentel   enhancement 27
31572 1 week ago Avoid suppressing all exceptions in PyObject_HasAttr() has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 9
32002 1 week ago test_c_locale_coercion fails when the default LC_CTYPE != "C" has PR open erik.bray ncoghlan behavior 8
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