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30317 yesterday test_timeout() of test_multiprocessing_spawn.WithManagerTestBarrier fails randomly on x86 Windows7 3.x buildbot has PR open vstinner     9
25094 yesterday [EASY][Windows] test_tools fails on Windows when passing open terry.reedy   behavior 3
33719 yesterday Test failures on Python 3.7 beta 5 and Windows 10 open vstinner     4
33720 yesterday test_marshal: crash in Python 3.7b5 on Windows 10 has PR open vstinner steve.dower crash 19
33783 yesterday Use proper class markup for random.Random docs has PR open ncoghlan rhettinger enhancement 2
30411 yesterday git doesn't support "-C" args under 1.8.5 occurs in has PR open Yuan Liu     2
33839 yesterday IDLE refactor and add docstrings and tests has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 14
30462 yesterday urllib does not support NO_PROXY environment variable containing domain with asterisk has PR open Jiri Hnidek   enhancement 6
33301 yesterday Add __contains__ to pathlib open Alok Singh   enhancement 5
31680 2 days ago Expose curses library name and version on Python level has PR open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement 9
27777 2 days ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch has PR open rr-   behavior 16
33717 2 days ago Enhance test.pythoninfo: meta-ticket for multiple changes has PR open vstinner   enhancement 7
33895 2 days ago LoadLibraryExW called with GIL held can cause deadlock has PR open Tony Roberts   behavior 8
33865 2 days ago [EASY] Missing code page aliases: "unknown encoding: 874" has patch has PR open winvinc   crash 22
33896 2 days ago Document what components make up the filecmp.cmp os.stat signature. open Dean Morin   behavior 5
6280 2 days ago calendar.timegm() belongs in time module, next to time.gmtime() open zooko belopolsky enhancement 22
32388 2 days ago Remove cross-version binary compatibility has PR open pitrou   behavior 8
33898 2 days ago pathlib issues with Windows device paths open eryksun   behavior 1
33899 2 days ago Tokenize module does not mirror "end-of-input" is newline behavior open ammar2 ammar2 behavior 1
20180 2 days ago Derby #11: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 9 files has patch has PR open larry   enhancement 54
32962 2 days ago test_gdb fails in debug build with `-mcet -fcf-protection -O0` has PR open ishcherb     22
23660 3 days ago Turtle left/right inverted when using different coordinates orientation open aroberge   behavior 4
33830 3 days ago Error in the output of one example in the httplib docs has PR open Aifu LIU docs@python   3
29750 3 days ago smtplib doesn't handle unicode passwords open david__   enhancement 18
23395 3 days ago _thread.interrupt_main() errors if SIGINT handler in SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN has patch has PR open takluyver   behavior 14
15474 3 days ago Differentiate decorator and decorator factory in docs open eric.araujo docs@python enhancement 6
33661 3 days ago urllib may leak sensitive HTTP headers to a third-party web site open artem.smotrakov   security 5
33871 3 days ago Possible integer overflow in iov_setup() open serhiy.storchaka   crash 5
33832 3 days ago doc Add "magic method" entry to Glossary has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 11
6143 3 days ago IDLE - an extension to clear the shell window has patch open roger.serwy terry.reedy behavior 25
31817 3 days ago Compilation Error with Python 3.6.1/3.6.3 with Tkinter open jpc2350   compile error 11
33887 4 days ago doc Add TOC in Design and History FAQ has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 3
33869 4 days ago doc Add set, frozen set, and tuple entries to Glossary has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 5
33880 4 days ago namedtuple should use NFKD to find duplicate members open John Cooke   behavior 5
32498 4 days ago urllib.parse.unquote raises incorrect errormessage when string parameter is bytes has patch has PR open stein-k   behavior 10
33884 4 days ago [multiprocessing] Multiprocessing in spawn mode doesn't work when the target is a method in a unittest.TestCase subclass, when run either with unittest or with pytest pending Yoni Rozenshein   behavior 2
33888 4 days ago Use CPython instead of Python when talking about implementation details has PR open adelfino docs@python   1
33886 4 days ago SSL on aiomysql hangs on reconnection open andr04   behavior 1
33885 4 days ago doc Replace "hook function" with "callable" in urllib.request.urlretrieve has PR open adelfino docs@python enhancement 1
33529 4 days ago Infinite loop on folding email if headers has no spaces open rad164   behavior 2
28657 4 days ago cmd.Cmd.get_help() implementation can't see do_*() methods added dynamically by setattr() open Błażej Michalik   behavior 3
33220 4 days ago Antivirus hits on python-2.7.14.amd64.msi file open   behavior 2
33309 4 days ago Unittest Mock objects do not freeze arguments they are called with open slacknate   behavior 2
33095 4 days ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations has patch has PR open ncoghlan docs@python enhancement 3
33878 4 days ago Doc: Assignment statement to tuple or list: case missing. has PR open mdk docs@python enhancement 4
21145 4 days ago Add the @cached_property decorator has patch has PR open Omer.Katz   enhancement 41
33780 4 days ago [subprocess] Better Unicode support for shell=True on Windows open Yoni Rozenshein   enhancement 4
33576 4 days ago Make exception wrapping less intrusive for __set_name__ calls has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 6
33586 4 days ago 2.7.15 missing release notes on download page open ericvw     2
14117 4 days ago Turtledemo: exception and minor glitches. has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 9
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