ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
33282 4 days ago Subprocess Popen communicate hung if stdin not given to Popen, even though script not expecting any input open JatinGoel     1
33281 4 days ago ctypes.util.find_library not working on macOS open Ian Burgwin   behavior 2
26439 4 days ago ctypes.util.find_library fails when ldconfig/glibc not available (e.g., AIX) has patch has PR open Michael.Felt   behavior 88
32616 4 days ago Significant performance problems with Python 2.7 built with clang 3.x or 4.x has PR open zmwangx   performance 18
33148 4 days ago RuntimeError('Event loop is closed') after cancelling getaddrinfo and closing loop has PR open vitaly.krug     3
14573 4 days ago json iterencode can not handle general iterators open Aaron.Staley serhiy.storchaka enhancement 10
33278 4 days ago libexpat uses HAVE_SYSCALL_GETRANDOM instead of HAVE_GETRANDOM_SYSCALL open lemburg     1
27544 4 days ago Document the ABCs for instance/subclass checks of dict view types has patch open story645 docs@python enhancement 3
33277 5 days ago Deprecate __loader__, __package__, __file__, and __cached__ on modules open brett.cannon     2
13041 5 days ago argparse: terminal width is not detected properly has patch open zbysz   enhancement 11
33275 5 days ago glob.glob should explicitly note that results aren't sorted open Ben FrantzDale docs@python enhancement 4
33254 5 days ago importlib.resources.contents() incorrectly yields an empty list has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon behavior 3
12029 5 days ago Allow catching virtual subclasses in except clauses has patch has PR open acooke   enhancement 44
27129 5 days ago Wordcode, part 2 has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 22
33240 5 days ago shutil.rmtree fails if inner folder is open in Windows Explorer open yuliu   behavior 8
33276 5 days ago Clarify that __path__ can't be set to just anything open brett.cannon brett.cannon   1
33274 5 days ago minidom removeAttributeNode returns None has PR open iter   behavior 1
32771 5 days ago merge the underlying data stores of unicodedata and the str type open benjamin.peterson   enhancement 2
12735 5 days ago request full Unicode collation support in std python library open tchrist   enhancement 8
10685 5 days ago trace does not ignore --ignore-module has patch open RusiMody   behavior 8
19173 5 days ago Expose Queue maxsize parameter to multiprocessing.Pool class has patch open noxdafox   enhancement 3
31226 5 days ago shutil.rmtree fails when target has an internal directory junction (Windows) has patch has PR open vidartf   behavior 3
33272 6 days ago Which are reasonable reason for recursion limit in function _vformat of class Formatter lib string? open mv.gavrilov   behavior 1
33211 6 days ago lineno and col_offset are wrong on function definitions with decorators has PR open gforcada   behavior 6
33267 6 days ago ctypes array types create reference cycles open Eric.Wieser     3
19993 6 days ago Pool.imap doesn't work as advertised open jneb   behavior 5
33217 6 days ago x in enum.Flag member is True when x is not a Flag has PR open Dutcho ethan.furman behavior 8
32696 6 days ago Fix pickling exceptions with multiple arguments open slallum   behavior 3
33065 6 days ago IDLE debugger: problem importing user created module open jcdlr terry.reedy behavior 5
29456 7 days ago bugs in unicodedata.normalize: u1176, u11a7 and u11c3 has patch has PR open pusnow   behavior 14
33082 7 days ago multiprocessing docs bury very important 'callback=' args has PR open chadmiller-amzn docs@python enhancement 5
32270 7 days ago subprocess closes redirected fds even if they are in pass_fds has patch has PR open izbyshev gregory.p.smith behavior 7
11122 7 days ago bdist_rpm should use rpmbuild, not rpm has patch open purpleidea eric.araujo   22
1634034 7 days ago Show "expected" token on syntax error has patch has PR open oliver_gramberg   enhancement 14
33263 7 days ago Asyncio server enters an invalid state after a request with SO_LINGER has PR open drtyrsa   behavior 1
25433 7 days ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() open Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos docs@python enhancement 6
33252 7 days ago Clarify ResourceWarning documentation open edmorley docs@python enhancement 2
33258 1 week ago Unable to install 3.6.5 on Windows Server 2008 open hpo0016     4
33259 1 week ago Encoding issue in the name of the local DST timezone open maggyero   behavior 1
33256 1 week ago module is not displayed by cgitb.html has patch has PR open sblondon   behavior 1
33237 1 week ago Improve AttributeError message for partially initialized module has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 6
32823 1 week ago Regression in test -j behavior and time in 3.7.0b1 open terry.reedy   performance 7
16974 1 week ago when "python -c command" does a traceback, it open the file "<string>" open ericlammerts   behavior 7
33099 1 week ago test_poplib hangs with the changes done in PR has PR open jayyin11043     7
32706 1 week ago test_check_hostname() of test_ftplib started to fail randomly has PR open vstinner christian.heimes behavior 8
4963 1 week ago mimetypes.guess_extension result changes after mimetypes.init() has patch has PR open siona   behavior 26
33222 1 week ago Various test failures if PYTHONUSERBASE is not canonicalized has PR open jdemeyer   behavior 3
33233 1 week ago Suggest third-party cmd2 module as alternative to cmd open ned.deily docs@python   16
33249 1 week ago Unpickling objects with recursive references and partials fail due to incomplete state passed to __setstate__ open aleneum   behavior 2
33250 1 week ago Move VERSION attribute output up in pydoc (via help() builtin) open handle   enhancement 1
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