ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
43806 2 days ago asyncio.StreamReader hangs when reading from pipe and other process exits unexpectedly open kormang     1
43805 2 days ago multiprocessing.Queue hangs when process on other side dies open kormang     3
43875 2 days ago glob.glob with ** does not always detect symlink loops open rrt     1
43864 2 days ago [Windows] test_importlib logs: DeprecationWarning: WindowsRegistryFinder.find_module() is deprecated and slated for removal in Python 3.12; use find_spec() instead open vstinner brett.cannon   2
42256 3 days ago BaseCookie.__parse_string() doesn't work with expires= between cookies open paulie4   behavior 3
43868 3 days ago Remove PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer from the stable ABI list has PR open petr.viktorin     2
15907 3 days ago move doctest test-data files into a subdirectory of Lib/test has patch open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 6
43862 3 days ago warnings: -W option and PYTHONWARNINGS now use the message as a regex has PR open vstinner     5
29799 3 days ago Add tests for header API of 'urllib.request.Request' class has PR pending jaysinh.shukla   enhancement 2
43817 3 days ago Add typing.get_annotations() open larry   enhancement 11
30898 3 days ago SSL cert failure running make test during Python 3.6 install pending Ben Johnston   behavior 2
43870 3 days ago C API Functions Bypass __import__ Override open Ian.H   behavior 1
43869 3 days ago Fix documentation of epoch/time.time open Ofekmeister docs@python enhancement 4
42238 3 days ago Deprecate has PR open mdk mdk   18
43843 3 days ago libregrtest: mark a test as failed if a thread logs an unexpected exception has PR open vstinner     4
43845 3 days ago test_concurrent_futures leaks many dangling threads on FreeBSD open vstinner     2
43863 3 days ago [Windows] test_distutils logs: DeprecationWarning: bdist_msi command is deprecated since Python 3.9, use bdist_wheel (wheel packages) instead open vstinner     1
28528 3 days ago Pdb.checkline() has patch has PR open takluyver   behavior 1
43861 3 days ago A potential double free in list_sort_impl open Yunlongs   security 1
43859 3 days ago Improve syntax error for indentation errors has PR open pablogsal     1
35056 3 days ago Test leaks of memory not managed by Python allocator has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 14
43793 3 days ago [C API] Py_NewInterpreter() cannot be called from a thread which has no Python thread state open vstinner     1
41282 3 days ago Deprecate and remove distutils has PR open jaraco     25
37596 3 days ago Reproducible pyc: frozenset is not serialized in a deterministic order open vstinner     7
43627 3 days ago What are the requirements for a test_sundry-testable script in Tools/scripts? open skip.montanaro     2
39376 3 days ago Avoid modifying the process global environment (not thread safe) open gregory.p.smith   crash 2
38671 3 days ago pathlib.Path.resolve(strict=False) returns relative path on Windows if the entry does not exist has PR open uranusjr   behavior 1
42037 3 days ago Documentation confusion in CookieJar functions has PR open markus docs@python enhancement 10
43854 4 days ago curses: returns incorrect chars after resuming a suspended process pending darrikonn   behavior 2
43846 4 days ago Control stack usage in large expressions has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance 3
43852 4 days ago [sqlite3] Improve tuple creation has patch has PR open erlendaasland   behavior 5
43858 4 days ago Provide method to get list of logging level names open andylowry     2
41100 4 days ago Support macOS 11 and Apple Silicon Macs has patch has PR open ronaldoussoren ronaldoussoren compile error 38
40222 4 days ago "Zero cost" exception handling open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance 6
34321 4 days ago mmap.mmap() should not necessarily clone the file descriptor has PR open manuels   enhancement 3
41682 4 days ago [Windows] test_asyncio: Proactor test_sendfile_close_peer_in_the_middle_of_receiving failure has PR open aeros   behavior 3
43855 4 days ago test_ssl: test_msg_callback_deadlock_bpo43577() failed on macOS of GitHub Action open vstinner     1
43853 4 days ago [sqlite3] Fix sqlite3_value_text() usage has patch has PR open erlendaasland   behavior 1
43252 4 days ago deepcopy of weakref proxies open   behavior 3
43498 4 days ago "dictionary changed size during iteration" error in _ExecutorManagerThread has PR open kulikjak   crash 3
43847 4 days ago [Windows] ntpath.realpath() of bytes root directory may raise TypeError in some cases open 9001   behavior 2
43851 4 days ago Optimise SQLite builds on macOS and Windows has PR open erlendaasland   enhancement 2
32935 4 days ago Documentation falsely leads to believe that MemoryHandler can be used to wrap SMTPHandler to send multiple messages per email open enrico     2
43848 5 days ago explain optional argument mtime has PR open jwuttke docs@python   1
43583 5 days ago make test failures, 2 tests failed: test_embed test_tabnanny open Pattesvador     2
40407 5 days ago Zipfile couldn`t recognized character set rightly. open 김지훈   behavior 1
28197 5 days ago Add start and stop parameters to the range.index() ABC method has PR open veky   enhancement 12
15795 5 days ago Zipfile.extractall does not preserve file permissions has patch has PR open uruz serhiy.storchaka enhancement 19
40137 5 days ago TODO list when PEP 573 "Module State Access from C Extension Methods" will be implemented has patch has PR open vstinner   enhancement 20
43733 5 days ago PEP 597: netrc uses locale encoding. open methane     2
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