ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
32424 2 days ago Synchronize copy methods between Python and C implementations of xml.etree.ElementTree.Element has PR open gphemsley   behavior 21
31687 2 days ago test_semaphore_tracker() of test_multiprocessing_spawn fails randomly (race condition?) open vstinner     5
29833 2 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError if possible open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 5
24334 2 days ago SSLSocket extra level of indirection has patch has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 4
32476 2 days ago Add concat functionality to ElementTree xpath find has patch has PR open jjolly   enhancement 1
32550 2 days ago STORE_ANNOTATION bytecode is unnecessary and can be removed. has PR open Mark.Shannon   enhancement 11
29302 2 days ago add contextlib.AsyncExitStack has PR open thehesiod   enhancement 19
31429 2 days ago TLS cipher suite compile time option for downstream has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes security 2
25910 2 days ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR open SilentGhost docs@python   46
32295 2 days ago User friendly message when invoking bdist_wheel sans wheel package. has PR open EWDurbin   enhancement 5
30693 2 days ago tarfile add uses random order has PR open bmwiedemann   behavior 13
32226 2 days ago Implement PEP 560: Core support for typing module and generic types has PR open levkivskyi levkivskyi enhancement 22
30491 2 days ago Add a lightweight mechanism for detecting un-awaited coroutine objects open njs     11
29708 2 days ago support reproducible Python builds has PR open bmwiedemann brett.cannon   15
32582 2 days ago chr raises OverflowError has patch has PR open ukl     4
32585 2 days ago Add ttk::spinbox to tkinter.ttk has PR open Alan Moore   enhancement 3
32605 2 days ago Should we really hide unawaited coroutine warnings when an exception is pending? open njs     1
32551 2 days ago Zipfile & directory execution in 3.5.4 also adds the parent directory to sys.path has PR open nedbat   behavior 11
30439 2 days ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in the stdlib. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow enhancement 4
32429 3 days ago Outdated Modules/Setup warning is invisible has PR open mdk mdk enhancement 11
32573 3 days ago All sys attributes (.argv, ...) should exist in embedded environments open pgacv2 docs@python enhancement 8
32592 3 days ago Drop support of Windows Vista in Python 3.7 has PR open vstinner     7
32248 3 days ago Port importlib_resources (module and ABC) to Python 3.7 has PR open barry barry   17
32599 3 days ago Add dtrace hook for PyCFunction_Call open fche   enhancement 1
26175 3 days ago Fully implement IOBase abstract on SpooledTemporaryFile has patch has PR open Gary Fernie   behavior 3
32572 3 days ago Add the ftplib option, overrides the IP address. has PR open studioes   enhancement 1
32566 3 days ago Not able to run Python 3.6 on Windows open Kiran   crash 3
32557 3 days ago allow shutil.disk_usage to take a file path on Windows also open eryksun   enhancement 2
32553 3 days ago venv says to use python3 which does not exist in 3.6.4 open Paul Watson docs@python enhancement 11
32545 3 days ago Unable to install Python 3.7.0a4 on Windows 10 - Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package. open mwr256   behavior 2
32601 3 days ago PosixPathTest.test_expanduser fails in NixOS build sandbox has PR open andersk   behavior 1
32517 3 days ago test_read_pty_output() of test_asyncio hangs on macOS 10.13.2 (darwin 17.3.0) open vstinner     6
31848 3 days ago "aifc" module does not always initialize "Aifc_read._ssnd_chunk" has PR open Zero   crash 1
32534 4 days ago Speed-up list.insert: use memmove() has PR open jeethu   performance 26
29564 4 days ago ResourceWarning: suggest to enable tracemalloc in the message open David Ford (FirefighterBlu3)   resource usage 11
32587 4 days ago Make REG_MULTI_SZ support PendingFileRenameOperations open nanonyme   behavior 5
32218 4 days ago add __iter__ to enum.Flag members open Guy Gangemi ethan.furman enhancement 1
31399 4 days ago Let OpenSSL verify hostname and IP address has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 3
29871 4 days ago Enable optimized locks on Windows has PR open josh.r   performance 6
30811 4 days ago A venv created and activated from within a virtualenv uses the outer virtualenv's site-packages rather than its own. open Antony.Lee     12
9566 4 days ago Compilation warnings under x64 Windows has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 61
31087 4 days ago asyncio.create_subprocess_* do not honor `encoding` open toriningen     3
29406 5 days ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod asvetlov performance 32
3177 5 days ago Add has patch open ganadist   enhancement 60
9033 5 days ago cmd module tab misbehavior has patch open slcott ronaldoussoren behavior 13
32580 5 days ago Fallback to dev_urandom doesn't work when py_getrandom returns -1 has patch open jernejs     5
32571 5 days ago Speed up and clean up getting optional attributes in C code has PR open serhiy.storchaka   performance 5
32584 5 days ago Uninitialized free_extra in code_dealloc open jeethu   crash 1
32581 5 days ago A bug of the write funtion of open jiangjinhu666   behavior 6
11192 5 days ago test_socket error on AIX open sable     7
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