ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
28842 yesterday PyInstanceMethod_Type isn't hashable open wolever   enhancement 2
24725 yesterday test_socket testFDPassEmpty fails on OS X 10.11+ with "Cannot allocate memory" has patch has PR open ned.deily ned.deily   10
45816 yesterday Python does not support standalone MSVC v143 (VS 2022) Build Tools has PR open February291948     9
45938 yesterday EmailMessage as_bytes open marc.villain   crash 1
45732 yesterday Make Windows and macOS installers use Tk 8.6.12 has PR open ned.deily     8
44674 yesterday dataclasses should allow frozendict default value has PR open gianni eric.smith behavior 7
37658 yesterday In some cases asyncio.wait_for can lead to socket leak. has patch has PR open Nikita Ilyasov   resource usage 16
41270 yesterday NamedTemporaryFile is not its own iterator. has PR open xzy3   enhancement 2
44884 yesterday logging Formatter behavior when using msecs and braces : '{' open fxcallewaert   behavior 1
26791 yesterday shutil.move fails to move symlink (Invalid cross-device link) has PR open Unode   behavior 6
45916 yesterday documentation link error open cookiez6 docs@python security 3
29964 yesterday [doc] %z directive has no effect on the output of time.strptime open Paul Pinterits docs@python enhancement 9
20281 yesterday [doc] time.strftime %z format specifier is the same as %Z open Mike.Owens docs@python enhancement 13
13236 yesterday unittest needs more flush calls has patch has PR open petere   behavior 8
28953 yesterday Use `raise from` when raising new IncompleteRead has patch has PR open cool-RR   behavior 1
23819 yesterday test_asyncio fails when run under -O open brett.cannon     6
45929 yesterday extend json.tool --json-lines to ignore empty rows has PR open ZeD   enhancement 1
45937 yesterday Pdb can't use the commands through -c or .pdbrc files open Zrincet     1
45813 2 days ago Importing asyncio after deleting a coroutine object and before cleaning it up leads to crashing on Python3.11 has PR open xxm Mark.Shannon crash 11
45524 2 days ago Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints has PR open aidan.b.clark eric.smith behavior 13
45451 2 days ago IDLE - modify text frame and widget borders open primexx terry.reedy enhancement 5
23217 2 days ago help() function incorrectly captures comment preceding a nested function open rhettinger   behavior 7
23717 2 days ago strptime() with year-weekday pair can produce invalid data open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 6
23056 2 days ago tarfile raises an exception when reading an empty tar in streaming mode has patch open gregory.p.smith   behavior 4
22859 2 days ago unittest.TestProgram.usageExit no longer invoked open rbcollins   behavior 1
9682 2 days ago socket.create_connection error message for domain subpart with invalid length is very confusing has patch open r.david.murray   behavior 15
45935 2 days ago Add test for Issue11109: socketserver.ForkingMixIn leaves zombies, also fails to reap all zombies in one pass. open iritkatriel   enhancement 1
45934 2 days ago python curses newterm implementation open draganic1   enhancement 0
45582 2 days ago Rewrite getpath.c in Python has PR open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 15
45675 2 days ago pkgutil.get_data() doesn't add subpackages to parent packages when importing open godlygeek   behavior 4
45653 2 days ago Freeze the encodings module. has PR open eric.snow   behavior 7
26552 2 days ago Failing ensure_future still creates a Task open gordon   behavior 3
18531 2 days ago Undocumented different between METH_KEYWORDS and **kws has patch pending barry docs@python behavior 16
45921 2 days ago codecs module doesn't support iso-8859-6-i, iso-8859-6-e, iso-8859-8-i or iso-8859-8-i open msapiro   behavior 3
45905 2 days ago Provide a C API for introspectable frames for Cython and similar tools open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon enhancement 1
19022 2 days ago Improve handling of type.__abstractmethods__ descriptor open ncoghlan   behavior 2
23764 2 days ago [doc] Reference inspect.Signature.bind from functools.wraps documentation open productivememberofsociety666 docs@python enhancement 16
21915 2 days ago [doc] telnetlib.Telnet constructor does not match telnetlib.Telnet.__init__ docstring open ngie docs@python enhancement 2
3354 2 days ago Improve error reporting for the argument parsing C API open cito   enhancement 9
45881 2 days ago Cross compiling on Linux is untested, undocumented, and broken has PR open christian.heimes docs@python   7
23017 2 days ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open planet36 docs@python behavior 5
45847 2 days ago Port module setup to PY_STDLIB_MOD() macro and addext() has PR open christian.heimes   enhancement 36
24301 2 days ago gzip module failing to decompress valid compressed file has PR open Ericg   behavior 8
45828 2 days ago [sqlite3] use unraisable exceptions in callbacks has PR open erlendaasland     2
45723 2 days ago Improve and simplify checks has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement 14
44675 2 days ago Cross-platform issues with private methods and multiprocessing open ymerej   behavior 4
45926 2 days ago singledispatchmethod doesn't handle named arguments open alisson276   behavior 2
45927 2 days ago timeit accepts -c/--clock and -t/--time without any functionality open lemburg     1
45114 2 days ago bad example for os.stat has PR open harridu docs@python   1
35821 2 days ago Clarify when logging events are propagated when propagate is true has PR open chris.jerdonek docs@python enhancement 7
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