ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
45209 2 days ago multiprocessing tests log: UserWarning: resource_tracker: There appear to be 1 leaked shared_memory objects to clean up at shutdown has PR open vstinner     3
45214 2 days ago implement LOAD_NONE opcode has PR open iritkatriel iritkatriel performance 0
39355 2 days ago The Python library will not compile with a C++2020 compiler because the code uses the reserved “module” keyword has PR open aCuria   enhancement 9
45213 2 days ago Frozen modules are looked up using a linear search. pending eric.snow   performance 2
40746 2 days ago test_gdb failing on 32-bit armv7l when built with GCC -Og: <class 'gdb.MemoryError'> Cannot access memory at address 0xfffffedc open gregory.p.smith     11
44724 2 days ago multiprocessing: the Resource Tracker process is never reaped open viktor.ivanov   resource usage 1
45021 2 days ago concurrent.futures race condition has PR open 0x0L   behavior 9
45206 2 days ago test_contextlib_async logs "Task was destroyed but it is pending" messages open vstinner     1
43425 2 days ago test_peg_generator.test_c_parser emits DeprecationWarning due to distutils has PR open xtreak   behavior 13
21302 2 days ago time.sleep (floatsleep()) should use clock_nanosleep() on Linux has PR open shankarunni   behavior 11
45189 3 days ago Drop the "list_frozen" command from _test_embed. open eric.snow     4
45201 3 days ago API function PySignal_SetWakeupFd is not exported and unusable open cy   behavior 1
45197 3 days ago IDLE should suppress ValueError for list.remove() open rhettinger terry.reedy behavior 2
45199 3 days ago IDLE: document search (find) and replace better open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement 1
45191 4 days ago Error.__traceback__.tb_lineno is wrong has PR open nahco314   behavior 1
45192 4 days ago The tempfile._infer_return_type function cannot infer the type of os.PathLike objects. has PR open rekyungmin   behavior 2
45184 4 days ago Add `pop` function to remove context manager from (Async)ExitStack open andreash   enhancement 3
45173 4 days ago Remove configparser deprecations has PR open hugovk     3
45119 4 days ago test_signal.test_itimer_virtual() failed on AMD64 Fedora Rawhide: Linux kernel 5.15 regression open vstinner     7
41710 4 days ago acquire(timeout) of threading.Lock and threading.Condition is affected by jumps in system time: Python should use sem_clockwait(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) open wocket   behavior 4
20524 4 days ago format error messages should provide context information has PR open r.david.murray   behavior 5
45113 5 days ago [subinterpreters][C API] Add a new function to create PyStructSequence from Heap. open shihai1991     3
45126 5 days ago [sqlite3] cleanup and harden Connection and Cursor __init__ has PR open erlendaasland     15
45105 6 days ago Incorrect handling of unicode character \U00010900 open maxbachmann   behavior 12
45174 6 days ago DragonflyBSD fix nis module build has PR open devnexen   compile error 1
45125 6 days ago Improve tests and docs of how `pickle` works with `SharedMemory` obejcts has PR open sobolevn docs@python behavior 2
45170 6 days ago tarfile missing cross-directory checking open xiongpanju   security 2
45160 6 days ago ttk.OptionMenu radiobuttons change variable value twice has PR open fhdrsdg   behavior 3
45172 6 days ago netbsd CAN protocol flags addition has PR open devnexen   enhancement 0
45171 6 days ago stacklevel handling in logging module is inconsistent has PR open joukewitteveen     1
37844 7 days ago PyRun_SimpleFile should provide a version that does not need a FILE* open cbiesinger   enhancement 1
45110 7 days ago argparse repeats itself when formatting help metavars open forest   behavior 13
41255 7 days ago Argparse.parse_args exits on unrecognized option with exit_on_error=False has patch has PR open mhughes   behavior 10
45109 7 days ago pipes seems designed for bytes but is str-only open rtollert     3
17763 7 days ago test_pydoc fails with the installed testsuite open doko     6
18376 7 days ago show the effective count of process when running the testsuite open flox   enhancement 2
22147 7 days ago PosixPath() constructor should not accept strings with embedded NUL bytes has patch open ischwabacher   behavior 5
44359 7 days ago test_ftplib fails as "env changes" if a socket operation times out in a thread: TimeoutError is not catched has patch has PR open vstinner     4
45101 7 days ago Small inconsistency in usage message between the python and shell script versions of python-config has PR open kiendang   behavior 2
45166 7 days ago get_type_hints + Final + future annotations = TypeError has PR open pawamoy   behavior 3
23041 7 days ago csv needs more quoting rules has patch open samwyse skip.montanaro enhancement 20
22886 7 days ago TestProgram leaves defaultTestLoader.errors dirty open rbcollins   behavior 1
20028 7 days ago csv: Confusing error message when giving invalid quotechar in initializing dialect open vajrasky   behavior 4
18712 7 days ago Pure Python operator.index doesn't match the C version. has patch open mark.dickinson   behavior 21
45165 7 days ago alighment format for nullable values open Anthony Sottile   enhancement 3
33347 7 days ago zlibmodule undefined reference pending Lucian Cristian   compile error 4
27491 7 days ago Errors when building with UNICODE character set has patch pending Minmin.Gong   compile error 2
43592 1 week ago test_importlib: test_multiprocessing_pool_circular_import() fails with "Too many open files" error on os.pipe() open vstinner     9
45161 1 week ago _Py_DecodeUTF8_surrogateescape not exported from 3.10 framework build open ronaldoussoren     2
43853 1 week ago [sqlite3] Improve sqlite3_value_text() error handling has patch has PR open erlendaasland   behavior 14
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