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38552 2 days ago Colored Prompt broken in REPL in Windows in 3.8 open MinchinWeb   behavior 1
31202 2 days ago Windows pathlib.Path.glob(pattern) fixed part of the pattern changed to lowercase whereas it should be unchanged. has PR open brice.gros   behavior 5
38486 2 days ago Dead links in mailbox doc open inada.naoki docs@python   2
38549 2 days ago Compiler build paths and related environment variables are ignored for native builds open Alex Grund   compile error 3
38472 2 days ago GCC detection in is broken open Alex Grund   compile error 3
38500 2 days ago Provide a way to get/set PyInterpreterState.frame_eval without needing to access interpreter internals open fabioz   enhancement 1
38544 2 days ago test_venv: test_isolation() failed on AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.x: directory not empty: Scripts\ open vstinner     5
38510 2 days ago build python with --enable-shared with static linked python against libpython*.a has patch open Chiu Speq   behavior 1
17852 2 days ago Built-in module _io can lose data from buffered files in reference cycles has patch has PR open arigo nascheme behavior 67
36732 2 days ago Windows: test_asyncio: test_huge_content_recvinto() fails randomly with ProactorEventLoop open vstinner asvetlov   9
38502 2 days ago regrtest: use process groups has PR open vstinner     9
36990 2 days ago [AIX] test_asyncio.test_create_connection_ipv6_scope fails(in mock test?) open Michael.Felt     1
37897 2 days ago test_asyncio hangs on an IPv6-only host open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith   2
37516 2 days ago test_asyncio logs: Unknown child process open gburgess   compile error 4
36790 2 days ago [Windows] test_asyncio fails with application verifier! _cancel_overlapped() fails with "The handle is invalid" open Alexander Riccio     6
23819 2 days ago test_asyncio fails when run under -O open brett.cannon     3
38085 2 days ago Interrupting class creation in __init_subclass__ may lead to incorrect isinstance() and issubclass() results open xitop   behavior 2
38541 2 days ago Performance degradation of attribute accesses in Python 3.7.4 open ttrd   performance 1
26389 3 days ago Expand traceback module API to accept just an exception as an argument has PR open brett.cannon   enhancement 16
37759 3 days ago Polish whatsnew for 3.8 has PR open rhettinger rhettinger   14
34014 3 days ago loop.run_in_executor should propagate current contextvars has PR open hellysmile   enhancement 13
38522 3 days ago Py_USING_MEMORY_DEBUGGER is referenced in docs but not present in code open Sümer.Cip     2
38536 3 days ago Trailing space in formatted currency with international=True and symbol following value has PR open Jonas Aschenbrenner   behavior 3
38471 3 days ago _ProactorDatagramTransport: If close() is called when write buffer is not empty, the remaining data is not sent and connection_lost is not called has PR open primal   behavior 1
32397 3 days ago textwrap output may change if you wrap a paragraph twice has patch has PR open larry   behavior 3
30672 3 days ago PEP 538: Unexpected locale behaviour on *BSD (including Mac OS X) has PR open ncoghlan ncoghlan behavior 12
38535 3 days ago Incorrect col_offset for decorators with zero arguments (empty parentheses) has patch has PR open alexmojaki   behavior 2
38440 3 days ago Possible new issues with IDLE open rhettinger terry.reedy   6
38530 3 days ago Offer suggestions on AttributeError has PR open pablogsal   enhancement 18
38532 4 days ago Missing decrefs in the _ctypes module has PR open ZackerySpytz     1
38529 4 days ago Python 3.8 improperly warns about closing properly closed streams open Ron Frederick   behavior 1
12022 4 days ago AttributeError should report the same details when raised by lookup_special() as when raised in the REPL open dholth   behavior 6
38520 4 days ago There is no proper way to know if a process is the main one open Delgan   enhancement 1
38514 4 days ago pathlib's mkdir documentation improvement open jlaurens docs@python enhancement 1
38527 4 days ago configure script fails to detect "float word ordering" on Solaris has PR open wiggin15     1
38526 4 days ago zipfile.Path has the wrong method name open tritium docs@python behavior 2
38501 4 days ago multiprocessing.Pool hangs atexit (and garbage collection sometimes) open Eric Larson   behavior 2
36876 5 days ago Global C variables are a problem. has PR open eric.snow eric.snow behavior 8
38523 5 days ago ignore_dangling_symlinks in shutil.copytree does not apply recursively open veaviticus     1
38519 5 days ago Internal include files missing on Windows open steve.dower steve.dower compile error 2
38410 5 days ago Possible fatal errors due to _PyEval_SetAsyncGen{Finalizer,Firstiter}() has PR open ZackerySpytz   crash 7
28937 5 days ago str.split(): allow removing empty strings (when sep is not None) has patch open barry   enhancement 28
22891 5 days ago code removal from urllib.parse.urlsplit() has patch has PR open Alexander.Todorov   enhancement 9
27657 5 days ago urlparse fails if the path is numeric has PR open Björn.Lindqvist   behavior 11
38307 5 days ago Provide Class' end line in pyclbr module has PR open aviral   enhancement 2
38516 5 days ago PEP 3132 -- Extended Iterable Unpacking inconsistent assignment of * variable open mjaquier     2
38515 5 days ago regrtest main process timed out after 5 min on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Shared 3.8 open vstinner     3
38511 5 days ago Multiprocessing does not work properly when using the trace module. open rls1004   behavior 2
24260 5 days ago TabError behavior doesn't match documentation open abacabadabacaba   behavior 14
38512 5 days ago bug of the v3.7 API document demo case code open zr22122     2
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