ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
9253 2 days ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie   enhancement 35
31415 2 days ago Add -X option to show import time has PR open inada.naoki   enhancement 5
31537 2 days ago Bug in readline module documentation example open bazwal docs@python behavior 1
1230540 2 days ago sys.excepthook doesn't work in threads open ellisj   behavior 14
31516 2 days ago current_thread() becomes "dummy" thread during shutdown has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 4
31535 2 days ago configparser unable to write comment with a upper cas letter open   enhancement 1
31530 2 days ago Python 2.7 readahead feature of file objects is not thread safe has patch has PR open haypo     14
18875 2 days ago Idle: Auto insertion of the closing parens, brackets, and braces has patch has PR open irdb terry.reedy enhancement 12
25849 2 days ago files, opened in unicode (text): write() returns symbols count, but seek() expect offset in bytes pending socketpair     15
31531 2 days ago crash and SystemError in case of a bad zipimport._zip_directory_cache open Oren Milman   crash 1
31509 2 days ago test_subprocess hangs randomly on AMD64 Windows10 3.x open haypo     2
31517 2 days ago MainThread association logic is fragile open pitrou docs@python enhancement 8
31528 2 days ago Let ConfigParser parse systemd units open johnlinp   enhancement 1
31508 2 days ago Running test_ttk_guionly logs " UserWarning: Deprecated API of Treeview.selection() should be removed" warnings has PR open haypo     7
31506 2 days ago Improve the error message logic for object_new & object_init has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 12
31527 2 days ago Report details of excess arguments in object_new & object_init open ncoghlan   enhancement 3
31526 2 days ago Allow setting timestamp in gzip-compressed tarfiles open randombit   enhancement 1
31524 2 days ago mailbox._mboxMMDF.get_message throws away From envelope open bpoaugust   behavior 5
31522 3 days ago _mboxMMDF.get_string() fails to pass param to get_bytes() open bpoaugust   behavior 3
31523 3 days ago Windows build file fixes open steve.dower steve.dower compile error 2
31518 3 days ago ftplib, urllib2, poplib, httplib, urllib2_localnet use ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1 unconditionally has PR open doko christian.heimes   6
31453 3 days ago Debian Sid/Buster: Cannot enable TLS 1.0/1.1 with PROTOCOL_TLS has patch has PR open adrianv   behavior 14
31507 3 days ago email.utils.parseaddr has no docstring has PR open mark.dickinson   behavior 5
31521 3 days ago segfault in PyBytes_AsString open Tim Smith   crash 2
31355 3 days ago Remove Travis CI macOS job: rely on buildbots has PR open haypo     9
31520 3 days ago ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket [closed] fd=3, ...> warning open haypo     1
2504 3 days ago Add gettext.pgettext() and variants support has patch open genepi loewis enhancement 22
31492 3 days ago assertion failures in case a module has a bad __name__ attribute has PR open Oren Milman   crash 2
31496 3 days ago IDLE: test_configdialog failed open serhiy.storchaka terry.reedy   7
30744 3 days ago Local variable assignment is broken when combined with threads + tracing + closures has patch has PR open njs ncoghlan   23
23666 3 days ago Add shell session logging option to IDLE open rhettinger   enhancement 5
31447 4 days ago proc communicate not exiting on python subprocess timeout using PIPES open Leonardo Francalanci   behavior 15
31370 4 days ago Remove support for threads-less builds has PR open pitrou   enhancement 21
24243 4 days ago behavior for finding an empty string is inconsistent with documentation open swanson docs@python behavior 12
31485 4 days ago Tkinter widget.unbind(sequence, funcid) unbind all bindings open j-4321-i   enhancement 6
21622 4 days ago ctypes.util incorrectly fails for libraries without DT_SONAME open Jeremy.Huntwork   behavior 5
31170 4 days ago Update to expat 2.2.4 (expat: utf8_toUtf8 cannot properly handle exhausting buffer) has patch has PR open tianlynn   behavior 15
31151 4 days ago socketserver.ForkingMixIn.server_close() leaks zombie processes has patch has PR open haypo   resource usage 7
31233 4 days ago socketserver.ThreadingMixIn leaks running threads after server_close() has PR open haypo   resource usage 10
31484 4 days ago Cache single-character strings outside of the Latin1 range has PR open serhiy.storchaka   performance 13
31440 4 days ago wrong default module search path in help message has PR open xiang.zhang   behavior 5
31511 4 days ago test_normalization: doesn't handle urllib.error.URLError timeout open haypo     1
30356 4 days ago test_mymanager_context() of test_multiprocessing_spawn: manager._process.exitcode=-15 on x86 Windows7 3.x open haypo     3
31504 4 days ago Documentation for return value for string.rindex is missing when search string is empty has PR open kgashok docs@python enhancement 14
10496 4 days ago Python startup should not require passwd entry has patch has PR open bbi5291 merwok behavior 31
31021 4 days ago Clarify programming faq. has PR open terry.reedy docs@python enhancement 7
31503 4 days ago Enhance dir(module) to be informed by __all__ by updating module.__dir__ has PR open codypiersall   enhancement 7
31505 4 days ago assertion failure in json, in case _json.make_encoder() received a bad encoder() argument has PR open Oren Milman   crash 1
17960 4 days ago Clarify the required behaviour of locals() has PR open ncoghlan ncoghlan behavior 8
31465 4 days ago Allow _PyType_Lookup() to raise exceptions has PR open scoder   behavior 4
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