ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
35953 2 days ago crosscompilation fails with clang on android open muhzi   compile error 2
35997 2 days ago ImportError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "PyBool_Type" open muhzi   behavior 8
36141 2 days ago configure: error: could not find pthreads on your system during cross compilation open muhzi   compile error 6
36145 2 days ago android arm cross compilation fails, config issue open muhzi   compile error 4
27640 2 days ago add the '--disable-test-suite' option to configure has patch open xdegaye   enhancement 7
36125 2 days ago Cannot cross-compile to more featureful but same tune open rossburton   compile error 8
36351 2 days ago the ipv6type variable in may be set incorrectly when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye   behavior 1
36361 2 days ago generate correct pyconfig.h when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye   enhancement 1
28190 2 days ago Cross-build _curses failed if host ncurses headers and target ncurses headers have different layouts has patch open yan12125   compile error 23
28833 2 days ago cross compilation of third-party extension modules has patch has PR open xdegaye   behavior 12
25172 2 days ago Unix-only crypt should not be present on Windows. has PR open terry.reedy   behavior 36
38850 2 days ago test_largefile fails on android open xdegaye   behavior 3
38851 2 days ago UDPLITE tests fail on android open xdegaye   behavior 3
38848 2 days ago compileall fails when the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye   behavior 3
38840 2 days ago incorrect __all__ list in multiprocessing.managers module has PR open xdegaye   behavior 2
35813 2 days ago shared memory construct to avoid need for serialization between processes has PR open davin davin enhancement 57
36758 2 days ago configured libdir not correctly passed to Python executable open michael-o     2
36414 2 days ago Multiple test failures in GCC and Clang optional builds on Travis CI open xtreak   behavior 10
38852 2 days ago test_recursion_limit in test_threading crashes with SIGSEGV on android has PR open xdegaye   crash 4
37465 2 days ago Incorrect documentation for `s#` arguments in C API argument parsing open enrico docs@python enhancement 4
27609 2 days ago IDLE completions: format, factor, and fix open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 10
38630 2 days ago subprocess.Popen.send_signal() should poll the process has PR open vstinner     20
38975 2 days ago Add direct anchors to regex syntax documentation has PR open bmispelon docs@python enhancement 3
38699 2 days ago socket: change listen() default backlog from 128 to 4096? open vstinner     8
37193 2 days ago Memory leak while running TCP/UDPServer with socketserver.ThreadingMixIn has patch has PR open maru-n   resource usage 7
38989 2 days ago pip install selects 32 bit wheels for 64 bit python if vcvarsall.bat amd64_x86 in environment open Ryan Thornton   behavior 4
20443 2 days ago __code__. co_filename should always be an absolute path has PR open yselivanov   behavior 29
38981 2 days ago better name for re.error Exception class. has PR open mbussonn   enhancement 11
36982 3 days ago Add support for extended color functions in ncurses 6.1 has PR open Jeffrey.Kintscher   enhancement 3
30155 3 days ago Add ability to get/set tzinfo on datetime instances in C API open atuining   enhancement 2
33592 3 days ago Document contextvars C API has PR open Elvis.Pranskevichus docs@python enhancement 3
34272 3 days ago Reorganize C API tests has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 8
18697 3 days ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement 9
36346 3 days ago Prepare for removing the legacy Unicode C API has PR open serhiy.storchaka     13
38829 3 days ago Make the function flush_io accessible in the C-API open Jean-Didier   enhancement 2
32312 3 days ago Create Py_AtExitRegister C API open nascheme   enhancement 8
38956 3 days ago argparse.BooleanOptionalAction should not add the default value to the help string by default has PR open Antony.Lee     3
34793 3 days ago Remove support for "with (await asyncio.lock):" has PR open yselivanov     5
38856 3 days ago wait_closed() can raise ConnectionResetError open yselivanov asvetlov   3
30064 3 days ago BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_{recv,sendall}() don't remove their callbacks when canceled has PR open abacabadabacaba asvetlov behavior 9
38410 3 days ago Possible fatal errors due to _PyEval_SetAsyncGen{Finalizer,Firstiter}() has PR open ZackerySpytz   crash 8
38913 3 days ago Py_BuildValue("(s#O)", ...) segfaults if entered with exception raised open danielen     6
37404 3 days ago asyncio sock_recv blocks on ssl sockets. has patch has PR open AkshayTakkar christian.heimes behavior 10
15751 3 days ago Support subinterpreters in the GIL state API open ncoghlan   enhancement 43
39005 3 days ago test_faulthandler: test_dump_traceback_later_file() fails randomly on AMD64 RHEL8 Refleaks 3.x open vstinner     1
38091 3 days ago Import deadlock detection causes deadlock has PR open Ronan.Lamy   behavior 1
24554 3 days ago GC should happen when a subinterpreter is destroyed open eric.snow   behavior 13
37916 3 days ago distutils: allow overriding of the RANLIB command on macOS (darwin) has PR open Jakub Piotr Cłapa   compile error 4
38993 3 days ago cProfile behaviour issue with decorator and math.factorial() lib. open AVicennA   behavior 4
13501 3 days ago Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch has PR open ngie gregory.p.smith enhancement 29
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