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47184 4 months ago multiprocessing.set_start_method force argument is not documented has PR open John Hagen docs@python enhancement 2
47182 4 months ago _PyUnicode_Fini should invalidate ucnhash_capi capsule pointer has patch has PR open christian.heimes   crash 3
47181 4 months ago error: impossible constraint in ‘asm’ open glynnis.honk   compile error 2
47179 4 months ago pymalloc should align to max_align_t open petr.viktorin     5
47175 4 months ago Allow applications to tune the condition that triggers a GIL release and implementation choice in hashlib open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 1
47174 4 months ago Define behavior of descriptor-typed fields on dataclasses open debonte   enhancement 1
47169 4 months ago Stable ABI: Some optional (#ifdef'd) functions aren't handled correctly has PR open petr.viktorin     2
47168 4 months ago Improvements for stable ABI definition files has PR open petr.viktorin     4
47167 4 months ago Allow overriding future-task compliance check in asyncio has PR open asvetlov     3
47166 4 months ago Dataclass transform should ignore TypeAlias variables open thomkeh   behavior 5
47165 4 months ago [C API] Test that the Python C API is compatible with C++ open vstinner   enhancement 2
47164 4 months ago [C API] Add private "CAST" macros to clean up casts in C code has PR open vstinner     14
47161 4 months ago pathlib method relative_to doesnt work with // in paths has PR open John15321   behavior 8
47159 4 months ago multiprocessing.pool.Pool.apply block infinitely when stressed while using maxtasksperchild open harsh8398   behavior 1
47158 4 months ago logging.handlers.SysLogHandler doesn't get cleaned up properly on exit if it throws an exception open ngie   behavior 8
47156 4 months ago IDLE: make use of extended SyntaxError info. open terry.reedy terry.reedy   2
47154 4 months ago -arch <arch> detection in _osx_support generates false positives has PR open isuruf ned.deily   2
47153 4 months ago __doc__ should generally be writable open pitrou   enhancement 1
47152 4 months ago Reorganize the re module sources has PR open serhiy.storchaka     26
47150 4 months ago HTTPRedirectHandler fails on POST for 307 and 308 open Jairo Llopis   behavior 1
47149 4 months ago DatagramHandler doing DNS lookup on every log message open bmerry   performance 9
47145 4 months ago Improve graphlib.TopologicalSort by removing the prepare step open larry larry enhancement 12
47144 4 months ago Allow setting __classcell__ open douglas-raillard-arm     4
47143 4 months ago Add types.copy_class() which updates closures open vstinner     20
47142 4 months ago Document open petr.viktorin jaraco   4
47141 4 months ago EmailMessage may lack Mime-Version open Vlastimil.Zíma   behavior 1
47140 4 months ago configure --enable-optimizations with clang *12* fails to detect llvm-profdata open ofekshilon     1
47139 4 months ago pthread_sigmask needs SIG_BLOCK behaviour explaination open rpurdie   behavior 4
47138 4 months ago Pin Jinja2 to fix docs build has PR open hugovk docs@python   14
47136 4 months ago The variable __module__ in the class body getting an undesirable value from __prepare__ of the metaclass open Takuo Matsuoka   behavior 10
47135 4 months ago Allow decimal.localcontext to accept keyword arguments to set context attributes has patch has PR open steven.daprano     6
47134 4 months ago Document the meaning of the number in OverflowError open steven.daprano docs@python enhancement 2
47133 4 months ago enhance unittest to show test name and docstring on one line open ethan.furman ethan.furman enhancement 9
47132 4 months ago Move tests from setobject.c to _testcapimodule has PR open arhadthedev   enhancement 1
47125 4 months ago Explore hashlib use of the Windows Crypto API NG open gregory.p.smith   performance 2
47124 4 months ago explore hashlib use of the Apple CryptoKit macOS open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 4
47123 4 months ago ZipFile.writestr should respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH has patch open ghost43   enhancement 1
47122 4 months ago Fix the table of methods in the documentation has PR open maggyero rhettinger enhancement 1
47121 4 months ago math.isfinite() can raise exception when called on a number open tfish2 docs@python enhancement 8
47120 4 months ago Make all jump opcodes relative has PR open iritkatriel iritkatriel performance 4
47119 4 months ago test_freeze_simple_script in test_tools fails open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
47115 4 months ago Documentation inconsistency with the stable ABI has PR open Crowthebird docs@python   4
47111 4 months ago ENUM TypeError using mixing open benyamin621   crash 1
47110 4 months ago Refactor bytearray strip methods has PR open pieter.eendebak     1
47109 4 months ago Old ctypes.macholib tests are ignored by python -m test has PR open arhadthedev   behavior 1
47108 4 months ago asyncio-stream does not document exceptions open christian.bodt docs@python   1
47106 4 months ago test_asyncio: test_shutdown_cleanly() failed with timeout (10 seconds) on slow x86 Gentoo Non-Debug with X 3.x open vstinner     1
47104 4 months ago Rewrite asyncio.to_thread tests to use IsolatedAsyncioTestCase has PR open asvetlov     4
47102 4 months ago explore hashlib use of the Linux Kernel CryptoAPI has PR open gregory.p.smith   enhancement 6
47101 4 months ago hashlib.algorithms_available lists algorithms that are not available in OpenSSL 3.0 default provider has PR open christian.heimes   behavior 6
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