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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
26422 4 months ago printing 1e23 and up is incorrect closed jftuga   behavior
26291 4 months ago Floating-point arithmetic closed goodbad    
26241 4 months ago repr() and str() are identical for floats in 3.5 closed docs@python  
26199 4 months ago fix broken link to hamcrest.library.integration.match_equality in unittest.mock "getting started" documentation has patch closed das-g docs@python  
25975 4 months ago Weird multiplication closed LCK   behavior
25910 4 months ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR closed SilentGhost docs@python  
25762 4 months ago Calculation Mistake 1.5 * 0.3 closed zeneregion   behavior
25480 4 months ago string format in large number closed tryme   behavior
25378 4 months ago Roundoff error on OS X closed Michał Jan Warecki   behavior
25333 4 months ago .1 + .2 == .3 should be True closed Rodrigo Souto   behavior
24976 4 months ago Arithmetic/precision bug when using floating-point numbers closed videogames4all   behavior
24827 4 months ago round(1.65, 1) return 1.6 with decimal closed umedoblock   behavior
24730 4 months ago Returning a float via a method yields in an approximate value received closed terminadoru   behavior
24662 4 months ago While condition not satisfied embarrassingly closed Agniva Roychowdhury   behavior
23413 4 months ago Incorrect division result closed   behavior
23044 4 months ago incorrect addition of floating point numbers closed bartgee   behavior
22917 4 months ago Calculating problem closed heme    
22325 4 months ago wrong subtraction result closed Constantino.Antunes    
22134 4 months ago string formatting float rounding errors closed Larry   behavior
21712 4 months ago fractions.gcd failure closed pacosta   behavior
20533 4 months ago bug in float arithmetic? closed Rihards   behavior
20095 4 months ago what is that result!? closed niacdoial    
19807 4 months ago calculation of standard math returns incorrect value closed chili    
19269 4 months ago subtraction of pennies incorrect rounding or truncation problem closed radiokinetics.pete   behavior
16912 4 months ago Wrong float sum w/ 10.14+10.1 and 10.24+10.2 closed fenrirsoul   behavior
16609 4 months ago float loses precision when passed to str() closed sleepycal docs@python behavior
15629 4 months ago Add to regrtest the ability to run Lib and Doc doctests has patch closed chris.jerdonek docs@python enhancement
14164 4 months ago Hyphenation suggestions - floating-point/floating point has patch closed joenapnap docs@python enhancement
12332 4 months ago Float division closed cancelliere   behavior
11482 4 months ago Float Plus Error closed    
10564 4 months ago maths float error closed ipcctv   behavior
10224 4 months ago Build 3.x documentation using python3.x has patch closed belopolsky   enhancement
10101 4 months ago a bug in built-in function round() ? closed Retro   behavior
9885 4 months ago Function Round does not work properly in some conditions closed paontis   behavior
9829 4 months ago Unexpected Fraction.from_float() Behavior closed bsidhom   behavior
8116 4 months ago Addition problem closed sailoral   behavior
8049 4 months ago Wrong calculation result closed dawton   behavior
7912 4 months ago Error in additon of decimal numbers closed James.Sparenberg   behavior
7704 4 months ago Math calculation problem (1.6-1.0)>0.6, python said TRUE closed DhaReaL   behavior
6354 4 months ago Old floating point representation in 3.1 tutorial closed delroth mark.dickinson  
6335 4 months ago Add support for mingw has patch closed smartmobili   enhancement
5589 4 months ago Wrong dump of floats closed stein   behavior
5118 4 months ago '%.2f' % 2.545 doesn't round correctly closed Ultrasick mark.dickinson behavior
4114 4 months ago struct returns incorrect 4 byte float closed TD22057   behavior
4061 4 months ago summing two numbers-strange answer closed mhmtyozcu001    
3871 4 months ago cross and native build of python for mingw* hosts has patch closed rpetrov tarek enhancement
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