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ID GH Activity Title Status Creator
45695 89858 7 months ago Out-of-tree builds are not tested. has PR open eric.snow
45692 89855 7 months ago IDLE: define word/id chars in one place. has PR open terry.reedy
45691 89854 7 months ago Partial moving of core objects to interpreter state is incorrect at best, unsafe at worse. has PR open Mark.Shannon
45677 89840 7 months ago [doc] improve sqlite3 docs has PR open erlendaasland
45669 89832 7 months ago An 'ascii_alphanumerics' variable is missing in the 'strings' lib has PR open pauloxnet
45653 89816 7 months ago Freeze the encodings module. has PR open eric.snow
45648 89811 7 months ago Better tp_version_tag overflow checks in specializer has PR open kj
45646 89809 7 months ago Star expression in comprehension wrongly indicates to use or_expression after the star has PR open Arthur-Milchior
45639 89802 7 months ago Support webp and avif image formats in mimetypes has PR open adamkonrad
45630 89793 7 months ago Dump CodeObject API for debugging has PR open penguin_wwy
45606 89769 7 months ago pathlib.Path.glob() does not list dangling symlink when pattern is the exact filename has PR open raek
45598 89761 7 months ago grep_headers_for() is broken by design has PR open christian.heimes
45593 89756 7 months ago SpooledTemporaryFile.truncate returns None has PR open rooter
45587 89750 7 months ago argparse add_argument_group: distinguish title and description from **kwargs has PR open SelfAdjointOperator
45575 89738 7 months ago Use a more principled approach to freelists has PR open Mark.Shannon
45573 89736 7 months ago Use pkg-config autoconf macros to detect flags for Modules/Setup has PR open christian.heimes
45572 89735 7 months ago urllib.request:AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'get_all' in http_error_auth_reqed function has patch has PR open sxt1001
45569 89732 7 months ago Drop support for 15-bit PyLong digits? has PR open mark.dickinson
45565 89728 7 months ago More LOAD_ATTR specializations has PR open kj
45563 89726 7 months ago inspect.getframeinfo() doesn't handle frames without lineno has PR open lemburg
45558 89721 7 months ago shutil.copytree: Give the option to disable copystat has PR open doronbehar
45545 89708 7 months ago chdir __exit__ is not safe has patch has PR open ucodery
45542 89705 7 months ago Using multiple comparison operators can cause performance issues has PR open akuvfx
45528 89691 7 months ago mmap: constants not listed in the documentation has PR open goodmami
45524 89687 7 months ago Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints has PR open aidan.b.clark
45522 89685 7 months ago Allow to build Python without freelists has PR open christian.heimes
45520 89683 7 months ago Frozen dataclass deep copy doesn't work with __slots__ has PR open jfuruness
45519 89682 7 months ago Minor docstring improvement in __contains__ has PR open Ivan.Savov
45509 89672 7 months ago Gzip header corruption not properly checked. has patch has PR open rhpvorderman
45490 89653 7 months ago [C API] PEP 670: Convert macros to functions in the Python C API has patch has PR open vstinner
45476 89639 7 months ago [C API] PEP 674: Disallow using macros (Py_TYPE and Py_SIZE) as l-value has patch has PR open vstinner
45472 89635 7 months ago Add public C API for partial "unicode-escape" and "raw-unicode-escape" decoding has PR open serhiy.storchaka
45468 89631 7 months ago Add support for preloading a Python script has PR open Gabriele Tornetta
45455 89618 7 months ago Fill func.__doc__ lazily has PR open methane
45452 89615 7 months ago Support crash tolerance feature for gdbm module has PR open corona10
45447 89610 7 months ago Make IDLE recognize .pyi stub files as source for open, save, and edit has PR open AlexWaygood
45446 89609 7 months ago Add a way to hide fields in dataclasses has PR open formigacomcaimbra
45445 89608 7 months ago Fail if an invalid -X option is provided has PR open pablogsal
45435 89598 7 months ago delete misleading faq entry about atomic operations has PR open graingert
45417 89580 7 months ago Enum creation non-linear in the number of values has patch has PR open olliemath
45409 89572 7 months ago Support non-standard executables in venv has PR open steve.dower
45396 89559 7 months ago Custom frozen modules get ignored. has PR open eric.snow
45393 89556 7 months ago help() on operator precedence has confusing entries "await" "x" and "not" "x" has PR open MFH
45391 89554 7 months ago 3.10 objects.inv classifies many types as data has PR open gaborjbernat
45382 89545 7 months ago platform() is not able to detect windows 11 has patch has PR open sahsariga111
45379 89542 7 months ago Improve errors related to frozen modules. has PR open eric.snow
45371 89534 7 months ago distutil's runtime_library_dir (rpath) option doesn't work with clang has PR open christian.heimes
45369 89532 7 months ago Remove LibreSSL workarounds has PR open ramikg
45363 89526 7 months ago Use instruction offsets in co_lnotab has PR open serhiy.storchaka
45358 89521 7 months ago Bogus cookie generated after invalid cookie attribute is input has PR open greob
45357 89520 7 months ago Idle does not check user config for extention configuration has PR open CoolCat467
45356 89519 7 months ago Calling `help` executes @classmethod @property decorated methods has patch has PR open randolf.scholz
45344 89507 7 months ago Have zipapp respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH has patch open bign8
45325 89488 7 months ago Allow "p" in Py_BuildValue has PR open pablogsal
45316 89479 7 months ago [C API] Functions not exported with PyAPI_FUNC() has PR open vstinner
45295 89458 7 months ago Speed up classmethod calls via LOAD_METHOD has PR open kj
45283 89446 7 months ago Top / function argument level ClassVar should not be allowed during `get_type_hints()` has PR open sobolevn
45276 89439 7 months ago avoid try 1000 in asyncio all_tasks by making weak collection .copy() atomic has PR open graingert
45273 89436 7 months ago OS-specific frozen modules are built, even on other OSes. has PR open eric.snow
45272 89435 7 months ago 'os.path' should not be a frozen module has PR open steve.dower
45262 89425 7 months ago crash if asyncio is used before and after re-initialization if using python embedded in an application has PR open benjamin-sch
45260 89423 7 months ago Implement superinstruction UNPACK_SEQUENCE_ST has PR open zhangchaospecial
45258 89421 7 months ago sysroot_paths in does not consider -isysroot for macOS has PR open isuruf
45251 89414 7 months ago signal.SIGCLD alias is not available on OSX has patch open tcaswell
45240 89403 7 months ago Add +REPORT_NDIFF option to pdb tests that use doctest has PR open andrei.avk
45235 89398 7 months ago argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults has PR open ALSchwalm
45229 89392 7 months ago Always use unittest for collecting tests in regrtests has PR open serhiy.storchaka
45223 89386 7 months ago test_spawn_doesnt_hang (test.test_pty.PtyTest) fails when stdin isn't readable has PR open Alexander Kanavin
45215 89378 7 months ago Add docs for Mock name and parent args and deprecation warning when wrong args are passed has PR open andrei.avk
45210 89373 7 months ago tp_dealloc docs should mention error indicator may be set has patch has PR open ezyang
45192 89355 7 months ago The tempfile._infer_return_type function cannot infer the type of os.PathLike objects. has PR open rekyungmin
45191 89354 7 months ago Error.__traceback__.tb_lineno is wrong has PR open nahco314
45171 89334 7 months ago stacklevel handling in logging module is inconsistent has PR open joukewitteveen
45150 89313 7 months ago Add a file_digest() function in hashlib has PR open tarek
45141 89304 7 months ago mailcap.getcaps() from given file(s) has PR open pacien
45126 89289 7 months ago [sqlite3] cleanup and harden Connection and Cursor __init__ has PR open erlendaasland
45120 89283 7 months ago Windows cp encodings "UNDEFINED" entries update has patch has PR open rafaelblsilva
45107 89270 7 months ago Improve LOAD_METHOD specialization has PR open kj
45101 89264 7 months ago Small inconsistency in usage message between the python and shell script versions of python-config has PR open kiendang
45100 89263 7 months ago Improve help() by making typing.overload() information accessible at runtime has PR open rhettinger
45096 89259 7 months ago Update Tools/freeze to make use of Tools/scripts/ open eric.snow
45046 89209 7 months ago Add support of context managers in unittest has PR open serhiy.storchaka
45034 89197 7 months ago Improve struct.pack out of range error messages has PR open steven.daprano
45026 89189 7 months ago More compact range iterator has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
45006 89169 7 months ago Add data_offset field to ZipInfo has PR open zhangxp1998
44995 89158 7 months ago "Hide the prompts and output" works abnormal has patch has PR open yangqing
44986 89149 7 months ago Date formats in help messages of argparse has patch has PR open
44975 89138 7 months ago [typing] Runtime protocols with ClassVar data members should support issubclass has PR open kj
44972 89135 7 months ago Add workflow_dispatch trigger for GitHub Actions jobs has PR open rmast
44958 89121 7 months ago [sqlite3] only reset statements when needed has PR open erlendaasland
44951 89114 7 months ago selector.EpollSelector: EPOLLEXCLUSIVE, round 2 has PR open David.Gilman
44938 89101 7 months ago Expose PyErr_ChainExceptions in the stable API has PR open pablogsal
44919 89082 7 months ago TypedDict subtypes ignore any other metaclasses in 3.9+ has PR open sobolevn
44899 89062 7 months ago tarfile: add support for creating an archive of potentially changing files has patch has PR open marko-tuononen
44897 89060 7 months ago Integrate trashcan mechanism into _Py_Dealloc has patch has PR open nascheme
44895 89058 7 months ago refleak test failure in test_exceptions has patch has PR open iritkatriel
44888 89051 7 months ago ssl.OP_LEGACY_SERVER_CONNECT missing has PR open xtkoba
44881 89044 7 months ago Consider integration of PyObject_GC_UnTrack() with the trashcan C API has PR open nascheme
44865 89028 7 months ago [argparse] Missing translations has PR open jdetrey
44864 89027 7 months ago [argparse] Do not translate user-provided strings in `ArgumentParser.add_subparsers()` has PR open jdetrey
44863 89026 7 months ago Allow TypedDict to inherit from Generics has PR open sransara
44859 89022 7 months ago Improve some sqlite3 errors has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44855 89018 7 months ago [doc] Complete the sqlite3 exception documentation has PR open erlendaasland
44850 89013 7 months ago Could operator.methodcaller be optimized using LOAD_METHOD? has PR open Antony.Lee
44844 89007 7 months ago The command line of launching Edge on Linux hangs has PR open rayluo
44817 88980 7 months ago os.path.realpath fails with WinError 161 has PR open Spacetown
44811 88974 7 months ago Change default signature algorithms for context in the ssl library has PR open anis.gandoura
44810 88973 7 months ago nturl2path: drive definition has PR open NickVeld
44807 88970 7 months ago typing.Protocol silently overrides __init__ method of delivered class has PR open uriyyo
44800 88963 7 months ago Code readability: rename InterpreterFrame to `_Py_framedata` has PR open ncoghlan
44796 88959 7 months ago Add __parameters__ and __getitem__ in TypeVar and ParamSpec has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44791 88954 7 months ago Substitution of ParamSpec in Concatenate has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44779 88942 7 months ago Checkouts stale following changes to .gitattributes has PR open jaraco
44775 88938 7 months ago Speed-up typing.cast by implementing it in C has PR open uriyyo
44766 88929 7 months ago [easy doc] Remove redundant info in README.valgrind has PR open shihai1991
44733 88896 7 months ago Feature request: maxtasksperchild for ProcessPoolExecutor has PR open cool-RR
44730 88893 7 months ago unittest.mock.patch does not work as a decorator on generator functions has patch has PR open garethmjwilliams
44726 88889 7 months ago Build macOS version with thin lto option has PR open corona10
44712 88878 7 months ago Replace `type(literal)` with corresponding builtin types has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44702 88868 7 months ago Fix weakref doc has PR open Prometheus3375
44697 88863 7 months ago Memory leak when asyncio.open_connection raise open seer
44689 88855 7 months ago ctypes.util.find_library() does not find macOS 11+ system libraries when built on older macOS systems has PR open bergkvist
44677 88843 7 months ago CSV sniffing falsely detects space as a delimiter has PR open pt12lol
44665 88831 7 months ago asyncio.create_task() documentation should mention user needs to keep reference to the task has PR open bernat
44660 88826 7 months ago email.feedparser: support RFC 6532 section 3.5 has PR open f18a14c09s
44637 88803 7 months ago Quoting issue on header Reply-To and other address headers has patch has PR open Abridbus
44618 88784 7 months ago inspect.signature does not work for datetime classes has PR open mauvilsa
44614 88780 7 months ago Broken Pipe in Server of Manager in multiprocessing when finalizing, sometimes has patch open mutax
44603 88769 7 months ago REPL: exit when the user types exit instead of asking them to explicitly type exit() has PR open theacodes
44588 88754 7 months ago Possible double Py_XDECREF in cpython typeobject.c has PR open Wesley-Jzy
44587 88753 7 months ago argparse BooleanOptionalAction displays default=SUPPRESS unlike other action types has PR open a.badger
44583 88749 7 months ago Failure to build on OSF1. has PR open jaykrell
44543 88709 7 months ago Remove depreciated logging.warn() method has PR open Harry-Lees
44532 88698 7 months ago multi subinterpreters use _PyStructSequence_InitType failed. has PR open JunyiXie
44525 88691 7 months ago Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations has PR open kj
44524 88690 7 months ago __name__ attribute in typing module has patch has PR open farcat
44512 88678 7 months ago csv.DictWriter: inconsistency in handling of extrasaction arg has PR open andrei.avk
44511 88677 7 months ago Improve the bytecode for mapping patterns has PR open brandtbucher
44482 88648 7 months ago Possible resource leeak in glob in non-refcount implementations has PR open serhiy.storchaka
44431 88597 7 months ago Add command-line functionality to uuid module has PR open ephenix
44412 88578 7 months ago Add os.path.fileuri() function has PR open barneygale
44408 88574 7 months ago imaplib fails when server sends extra blank line after literal value has PR open jrlevine
44405 88571 7 months ago add program passed as string to dis module. has patch has PR open CCLDArjun
44369 88535 7 months ago Improve syntax error for wrongly closed strings has PR open pablogsal
44368 88534 7 months ago Invalid mapping patterns give confusing SyntaxErrors has PR open brandtbucher
44362 88528 7 months ago improve documentation of SSL deprecations has PR open graingert
44347 88513 7 months ago Unclear documentation for shutil.copytree() has PR open tilman.vogel
44346 88512 7 months ago Fraction constructor may accept spaces around '/' has patch open Sergey.Kirpichev
44334 88500 7 months ago Use bytearray in urllib.unquote_to_bytes has PR open eng.mustafaelagamey
44324 88490 7 months ago add a "expected expression" syntax error has PR open CCLDArjun
44316 88482 7 months ago Support preserving path meaning in os.path.normpath() and abspath() has PR open barneygale
44309 88475 7 months ago Add support for yescrypt in crypt. has PR open besser82
44299 88465 7 months ago Enable control over daemon flag in ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor has PR open dkropachev
44289 88455 7 months ago tarfile.is_tarfile() and when used with file object may cause tarfile operations to fail has PR open mateja.and
44283 88449 7 months ago Add jump table for certain safe match-case statements has patch has PR open Dennis Sweeney
44269 88435 7 months ago smtplib AUTH command doesn't handle EAI arguments has PR open jrlevine
44254 88420 7 months ago Change turtledemo button colors has PR open terry.reedy
44239 88405 7 months ago Use platform defined data directories instead of ~/.python_history has PR open oxalica
44230 88396 7 months ago lookup extensions with the stable ABI under a platform specific name has patch open doko
44225 88391 7 months ago stop() on a stopped loop inhibits the next run_forever has PR open mandolaerik
44212 88378 7 months ago asyncio overrides signal handlers has PR open Francisco Demartino
44211 88377 7 months ago Duplicate '.bmp' key in, maps to both 'image/bmp' and 'image/x-ms-bmp' has PR open andreasjansson
44205 88371 7 months ago shutil.copystat can fail when copying to a file system with a smaller limit has PR open chrisburr
44188 88354 7 months ago ThreadPoolExecutor unbalanced semaphore count has patch has PR open bennieswart
44186 88352 7 months ago TimedRotatingFileHandler overwrite log has patch has PR open aeg
44185 88351 7 months ago mock_open file handle __exit__ does not call close has PR open williamsjoblom
44182 88348 7 months ago vs inconsistency has PR open millert
44180 88346 7 months ago SyntaxError misidentified in 3.10.0b1 when = used instead of : in dict literal has PR open aroberge
44175 88341 7 months ago What do "cased" and "uncased" mean? has PR open otakutyrant
44173 88339 7 months ago Stored (uncompressed) ZipExtFile in zipfile can be seekable at lower cost has PR open juniorjpdj
44172 88338 7 months ago curses module may call delwin() on original window before subwindows has PR open michaelforney
44170 88336 7 months ago ShareableList cannot safely handle multibyte utf-8 characters has patch has PR open huwcbjones
44167 88333 7 months ago ipaddress.IPv6Address.is_private makes redundant checks has PR open mjpieters
44164 88330 7 months ago Document what are resources in importlib.resources has PR open FFY00
44159 88325 7 months ago mimetypes - "strict" on Windows has PR open Norman Lorrain
44155 88321 7 months ago Race condition when using multiprocessing BaseManager and Pool in Python3 has PR open chenzhuowansui
44149 88315 7 months ago difflib.get_close_matches: Add `key` argument has PR open mustafaquraish
44142 88308 7 months ago ast.unparse: visually better code generation has PR open BTaskaya
44136 88302 7 months ago Remove pathlib flavours has PR open barneygale
44128 88294 7 months ago zipfile: Deduplicate ZipExtFile code for init and resetting when seeking has PR open dhillier
44121 88287 7 months ago Missing implementation for formatHeader and formatFooter methods of the BufferingFormatter class in the logging module. has PR open Harmouch101
44115 88281 7 months ago Improve conversions for fractions has PR open Martin.Teichmann
44101 88267 7 months ago Generation of an executable's library file when python is built is static has patch open lakor64
44093 88259 7 months ago compiler detection on macOS seems to be incorrect has PR open xrisk
44082 88248 7 months ago Add a method to check interpolation errors in configparser has PR open munircontractor
44075 88241 7 months ago Add a PEP578 audit hook for Asyncio loop stalls has PR open orf
44073 88239 7 months ago [sqlite3] drop statement in_use field in favour of sqlite3_stmt_busy() has PR open erlendaasland
44062 88228 7 months ago cross: wrong interpreter returned when no python available has PR open vfazio
44060 88226 7 months ago Define TARGET macro the same even when computed goto support is not enabled has PR open skip.montanaro
44045 88211 7 months ago canonicalize "upper-case" -> "uppercase"; "lower-case" -> "lowercase" has PR open jugmac00
44025 88191 7 months ago Match doc: Clarify '_' as a soft keyword has PR open terry.reedy
44012 88178 7 months ago IPv6Address.exploded does not support interface name (scope id) has PR open ohwgiles
43984 88150 7 months ago winreg.SetValueEx should check the returned value has patch has PR open r3pwnx
43980 88146 7 months ago netrc module looks for .netrc even on Windows where the convention is _netrc has PR open jheiselman
43962 88128 7 months ago test_interpreters: when TestInterpreterAttrs.test_id_type() is run alone, it fails with an assertion error has PR open vstinner
43952 88118 7 months ago Multiprocessing UNIX socket connection: client freeze if authkey is an empty byte string has PR open anon01
43950 88116 7 months ago Include column offsets for bytecode instructions has PR open pablogsal
43943 88109 7 months ago test_ssl fails in the macos CI has PR open pablogsal
43923 88089 7 months ago Can't create generic NamedTuple as of py3.9 has PR open FHTMitchell
43918 88084 7 months ago anext builtin docstring has no signature text or info about default argument has PR open eriknw
43910 88076 7 months ago cgi.parse_header does not handle escaping correctly has PR open msg555
43894 88060 7 months ago IDLE editor file minor refactoring has PR open epaine
43884 88050 7 months ago Cannot cleanly kill a subprocess using high-level asyncio APIs has patch has PR open rabraham
43881 88047 7 months ago [doc] add platform availabity information for os.sched_getaffinity has PR open guoci
43871 88037 7 months ago urllib.parse.urlparse doesn't check port has PR open palik
43857 88023 7 months ago Fix the AttributeError message for deletion of a missing attribute has PR open maggyero
43848 88014 7 months ago explain optional argument mtime has PR open jwuttke
43827 87993 7 months ago abc conflicts with __init_subclass__ has PR open vladhoi
43814 87980 7 months ago Fix the error message for disallowed __weakref__ slots has PR open maggyero
43813 87979 7 months ago Denial of service on http.server module with large request method. has PR open demonia
43804 87970 7 months ago "Building C and C++ Extensions on Windows" docs are very out-of-date has patch has PR open shreyanavigyan
43803 87969 7 months ago ctypes string_at/wstring_at - bad argument name used in docs and in docstring has PR open talhayon1
43795 87961 7 months ago Implement PEP 652 -- Maintaining the Stable ABI has PR open petr.viktorin
43791 87957 7 months ago OpenSSL 3.0.0: TLS 1.0 / 1.1 connections fail with TLSV1_ALERT_INTERNAL_ERROR has PR open christian.heimes
43789 87955 7 months ago OpenSSL 3.0.0: password callback called multiple times has PR open christian.heimes
43763 87929 7 months ago [sqlite3] Use SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION iso. sqlite3_enable_load_extension() has patch open erlendaasland
43750 87916 7 months ago Undefined constant PACKET_MULTIHOST referred to in package socket has PR open Tom Cook
43749 87915 7 months ago venv module does not copy the correct python exe has PR open Ian Norton
43742 87908 7 months ago tcp_echo_client in asyncio streams example does not work. Hangs for ever at has PR open jcolo
43725 87891 7 months ago Create a release branch ABI stability regression test has patch has PR open gregory.p.smith
43718 87884 7 months ago HTTP CONNECT response not subject to debug level has PR open michael-o
43698 87864 7 months ago Use syntactically correct examples on abc package page has PR open Vladimir Ryabtsev
43693 87859 7 months ago Logically merge cell and locals array. They are already contiguous in memory has PR open Mark.Shannon
43684 87850 7 months ago Add combined opcodes has PR open gvanrossum
43666 87832 7 months ago AIX: Lib/ may break in a WPAR environment has PR open Michael.Felt
43659 87825 7 months ago AIX: test_curses crashes buildbot has patch has PR open Michael.Felt
43656 87822 7 months ago TracebackException or StackSummary.extract with capture_locals=True fail to catch exceptions raised by repr() on value of frame local variable in FrameSummary.__init__. has PR open moi90
43654 87820 7 months ago IDLE: Fix tab completion after settings and some keys has PR open terry.reedy
43651 87817 7 months ago PEP 597: Fix EncodingWarning warnings in the Python stdlib has PR open methane
43640 87806 7 months ago Add warnings to ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1 and ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_1 docs has PR open illia-v
43633 87799 7 months ago Improve the textual representation of IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses has PR open maxmouchet
43614 87780 7 months ago Search is not beginner friendly has PR open anthony-flury
43605 87771 7 months ago Eval/exec and comprehension scopes unclear in documentation has PR open bruno.loff
43597 87763 7 months ago robotparser should support specifying SSL context has PR open Tchinmai7
43588 87754 7 months ago [Subinterpreters]: use static variable under building Python with --with-experimental-isolated-subinterpreters cause crash. has PR open JunyiXie
43574 87740 7 months ago Regression in overallocation for literal list initialization in v3.9+ has PR open Chad.Netzer
43570 87736 7 months ago > AuditEvent mess with translations has PR open mdk
43564 87730 7 months ago ftp tests in test_urllib2net should skip on unreachable network has PR open carljm
43563 87729 7 months ago Use dedicated opcodes to speed up calls/attribute lookups with super() as receiver has PR open v2m
43557 87723 7 months ago Deprecate getlocale() and normalize() functions has PR open vstinner
43547 87713 7 months ago support ZIP files with zeroed out fields (e.g. for reproducible builds) has PR open eighthave
43525 87691 7 months ago pathlib: Highlight pathlib operator behavior with anchored paths has PR open diegoe
43503 87669 7 months ago [subinterpreters] PyObject statics exposed in the limited API break isolation. has PR open eric.snow
43501 87667 7 months ago email._header_value_parse throws AttributeError on display name ending with dot has PR open elenril
43495 87661 7 months ago Missing frame block push in compiler_async_comprehension_generator() has PR open tomkpz
43478 87644 7 months ago Disallow Mock spec arguments from being Mocks has PR open msuozzo
43468 87634 7 months ago functools.cached_property incorrectly locks the entire descriptor on class instead of per-instance locking has PR open ztane
43459 87625 7 months ago Race conditions when the same source file used to build mutliple extensions has patch open mgorny
43455 87621 7 months ago pathlib mistakenly assumes os.getcwd() is a resolved path in Windows has PR open eryksun
43454 87620 7 months ago [sqlite3] Add support for R*Tree callbacks has patch open erlendaasland
43451 87617 7 months ago pydoc terminal suboptimal rendering of complex annotations has PR open dw
43432 87598 7 months ago Add function `clear` to the `os` module has PR open parsampsh
43429 87595 7 months ago mmap.size() raises OSError on Unix for anonymous memory has PR open ZackerySpytz
43425 87591 7 months ago test_peg_generator.test_c_parser emits DeprecationWarning due to distutils has PR open xtreak
43424 87590 7 months ago Document the `` field in `webbrowser` module has PR open ilyagr
43419 87585 7 months ago contextvars does not work properly in asyncio REPL. has PR open lanfon72
43400 87566 7 months ago Improve recipes and howtos for the unittest.mock has PR open eppeters
43377 87543 7 months ago _PyErr_Display should be available in the CPython-specific API has PR open Maxime Belanger
43361 87527 7 months ago Dead assignment in idna_converter function has PR open alex.henrie
43360 87526 7 months ago Dead initialization in parse_abbr function has PR open alex.henrie
43358 87524 7 months ago Bad free in assemble function has PR open alex.henrie
43340 87506 7 months ago json.load() can raise UnicodeDecodeError, but this is not documented has PR open mattheww
43331 87497 7 months ago [Doc][urllib.request] Explicit the fact that header keys are sent in Camel case has PR open axel3rd
43327 87493 7 months ago The docs falsely state that PyImport_ImportFrozenModuleObject() returns a new reference has PR open ZackerySpytz
43324 87490 7 months ago asyncio: add socket getfqdn and gethostbyaddr functions has PR open AliyevH
43323 87489 7 months ago UnicodeEncodeError: surrogates not allowed when parsing invalid charset has PR open andersk
43322 87488 7 months ago Inconsistent '#include' notation in extensions tutorial doc has PR open mhughes
43319 87485 7 months ago A possible misleading expression in the Virtual Environment Tutorial has PR open cmhzc
43313 87479 7 months ago feature: support pymalloc for subinterpreters. each subinterpreter has pymalloc_state has PR open JunyiXie
43308 87474 7 months ago subprocess.Popen leaks file descriptors opened for DEVNULL or PIPE stdin/stdout/stderr arguments has patch open cptpcrd
43307 87473 7 months ago Sync and with PyPy has PR open mattip
43299 87465 7 months ago pyclbr.readmodule_ex traversing "import __main__": dies with ValueError: __main__.__spec__ is None / is not set has PR open kxrob
43279 87445 7 months ago Update code taken from Keccak Code Package has PR open illia-v
43267 87433 7 months ago [sqlite3] Redundant type checks in pysqlite_statement_bind_parameter() has patch open erlendaasland
43242 87408 7 months ago Add Void type to typing library has PR open ocket8888
43239 87405 7 months ago PyCFunction_New is not exported with PyAPI_FUNC has PR open petr.viktorin
43225 87391 7 months ago Add missing value returned by methods on cookiejar has PR open eamanu
43224 87390 7 months ago Add support for PEP 646 has PR open mrahtz
43220 87386 7 months ago Argparse: Explicit default required arguments with add_mutually_exclusive_group are rejected has PR open keith
43179 87345 7 months ago Remove 31/32-bit s390 Linux support (s390-linux-gnu triplet) has patch has PR open christian.heimes
43165 87331 7 months ago Support the same files with new param in shutil.copyfile has PR open milanbalazs
43160 87326 7 months ago argparse: add extend_const action has PR open roganartu
43153 87319 7 months ago tempfile seems to treat a file as a directory when processing an exception in the onerror() has PR open mehwhatever0
43142 87308 7 months ago Do not add duplicate FDs to list in duplicate_for_child() has PR open sanchit
43132 87298 7 months ago Incorrect handling of PyObject_RichCompareBool() in the _zoneinfo module has PR open ZackerySpytz
43123 87289 7 months ago email MIME splitting has PR open martin.ortner
43120 87286 7 months ago Some OSX syslog facilities are missing from syslog module has PR open ronaldoussoren
43118 87284 7 months ago inspect.signature() raises RuntimeError on failed to resolve the default argument value has patch has PR open tkomiya
43112 87278 7 months ago SOABI on Linux does not distinguish between GNU libc and musl libc has PR open ncopa
43111 87277 7 months ago triggers unwanted XQuartz startup has PR open hans-meine
43094 87260 7 months ago sqlite3 signature discrepancies between documentation and implementation has PR open nchammas
43085 87251 7 months ago Loosening | and |= operator type checking restriction has PR open Siy_V
43079 87245 7 months ago wrong IP address range given for ipv4_mapped has PR open alwhaley
43047 87213 7 months ago logging.config formatters documentation is out of sync with code has PR open iwienand
43046 87212 7 months ago argparse: capturing actions has PR open monkeyman79
43013 87179 7 months ago IDLE: update code, mostly by cleanups of 2.x or 2to3 artifacts has PR open terry.reedy
43009 87175 7 months ago Port curses capi pointer array to a struct has PR open shihai1991
42995 87161 7 months ago Add PurePath.with_suffix_appended() has PR open bgerrity
42991 87157 7 months ago support for splitting multichannel audio fragments in audioop module has PR open Th4R4
42980 87146 7 months ago argparse: GNU-style help formatter has PR open will
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