ID Activity Title Status Creator
38335 2 months ago simplify overlaps function in has patch has PR open Sanjay
22240 2 months ago argparse support for "python -m module" in help has patch open tebeka
38249 2 months ago Optimize out Py_UNREACHABLE in the release mode has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38337 2 months ago inspect: getmembers calls properties has PR open jnsdrtlf
38350 2 months ago ./configure --with-pydebug should use -O0 rather than -Og has PR open vstinner
37700 2 months ago shutil.copyfile does not raise SpecialFileError for socket files has PR open chrahunt
37631 2 months ago EXTRA_CFLAGS get overrided by CFLAGS_NODIST has PR open Dormouse759
1375011 2 months ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open valankar
9004 2 months ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch has PR open belopolsky
19683 2 months ago test_minidom has many empty tests has patch open zach.ware
38356 2 months ago test_asyncio: SubprocessThreadedWatcherTests leaks threads has PR open vstinner
38318 2 months ago Issues linking with ncurses and tinfo (cannot resolve symbols) has patch open veremitz
22214 2 months ago Tkinter: Don't stringify callback arguments has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
38338 2 months ago [2.7] test_ssl fails on RHEL8 has PR open vstinner
18309 2 months ago Make python slightly more relocatable has patch open mathias
38330 2 months ago httplib specifies content-length when transfer-encoding present has PR open apmatthews
38302 2 months ago __rpow__ not reached when __ipow__ returns NotImplemented has PR open DeepSpace
37408 2 months ago [DOC] Precise that Tarfile "format" argument only concerns writing. has PR open pakal
34226 2 months ago cgi.parse_multipart() requires undocumented CONTENT-LENGTH in Python 3.7 has PR open yan12125
38161 2 months ago AsyncMock add `.awaited` like `.called` has PR open lisroach
23284 2 months ago Improve termcap detection in has patch open pooryorick
37970 2 months ago urllib.parse docstrings incomplete has PR open zach.ware
38293 2 months ago Deepcopying property objects results in unexpected TypeError has PR open GudniNatan
32820 2 months ago Add and document __format__ method for IPv[46]Address has PR open ewosborne
35886 2 months ago Move PyInterpreterState into Include/internal/pycore_pystate.h has PR open eric.snow
38275 2 months ago test_ssl: skip tests for disabled TLS/SSL versions has PR open christian.heimes
32592 2 months ago Drop support of Windows Vista and 7 in Python 3.9 has PR open vstinner
26539 2 months ago frozen executables should have an empty path has patch open Daniel Shaulov
38267 2 months ago Add thread timeout for loop.shutdown_default_executor has PR open aeros
35540 2 months ago dataclasses.asdict breaks with defaultdict fields has PR open wrmsr
13743 2 months ago xml.dom.minidom.Document class is not documented has PR open sandro.tosi
9334 2 months ago argparse does not accept options taking arguments beginning with dash (regression from optparse) has patch open andersk
36560 2 months ago test_functools leaks randomly 1 memory block has patch has PR open vstinner
30256 2 months ago Adding a SyncManager Queue proxy to a SyncManager dict or Namespace proxy raises an exception has PR open jjdmon
38252 2 months ago Use 8-byte step to detect ASCII sequence in 64bit Windows builds has PR open Ma Lin
38238 2 months ago reporting user site info even if ENABLE_USER_SITE=False has PR open bjmuld
38209 2 months ago Simplify dataclasses.InitVar by using __class_getitem__() has PR open serhiy.storchaka
37812 2 months ago Make implicit returns explicit in longobject.c (in CHECK_SMALL_INT) has PR open Greg Price
37857 2 months ago Setting logger.level directly has no effect due to caching in 3.7+ has PR open zaneb
38225 2 months ago iscoroutinefunction broken with cython - allow tagging of functions as async? has PR open dhiltonp
35696 2 months ago remove unnecessary operation in long_compare() has PR open Ma Lin
37921 2 months ago Improve zipfile: add support for symlinks has PR open zaphodef
25733 2 months ago Code and IDLE should catch all compile errors. has patch open ppperry
3559 2 months ago IDLE: Pasted newline doesn't trigger execution when typed newline would has patch open terry.reedy
23218 2 months ago Modernize the IDLE Find/Replace/Find in Files dialogs has patch open Al.Sweigart
21973 2 months ago IDLE: catch user cfg file error, better error message, continue has patch open Tomk
34398 2 months ago Docs search should prominently show definitions and glossary items has PR open jfine2358
30129 2 months ago functools.partialmethod should look more like what it's impersonating. has patch open skip.montanaro
16684 2 months ago Unicode property value abbreviated names and long names has patch open PanderMusubi
15363 2 months ago Idle/tkinter 'save as' fails. closes idle has patch open terry.reedy
21937 2 months ago IDLE interactive window doesn't display unsaved-indicator has PR open rhettinger
29926 2 months ago IDLE: in shell, time.sleep ignores _thread.interrupt_main() has patch has PR open Mark
11820 2 months ago idle3 shell os.system swallows shell command output has patch open Thekent
22083 2 months ago IDLE: Refactor breakpoint related methods has patch open Saimadhav.Heblikar
15347 2 months ago IDLE - remove debugger 'interacting' has patch open roger.serwy
25130 2 months ago Make tests more PyPy compatible has patch open serhiy.storchaka
38221 2 months ago Enhancement to pydoc for Python 3.6 to allow full backgrounding as a server has patch open fmouse
17258 2 months ago multiprocessing.connection challenge implicitly uses MD5 has patch has PR open dmalcolm
38211 2 months ago clean up type_init() has PR open sir-sigurd
18236 2 months ago str.isspace should use the Unicode White_Space property has patch has PR open belopolsky
33936 2 months ago OPENSSL_VERSION_1_1 never defined in _hashopenssl.c has PR open laomaiweng
33095 2 months ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations has patch has PR open ncoghlan
38153 2 months ago Normalize hashing algorithm names has PR open christian.heimes
24363 2 months ago httplib fails to handle semivalid HTTP headers has patch has PR open mgdelmonte
35638 2 months ago Introduce fixed point locale aware format type for floating point numbers has PR open steelman
31956 2 months ago Add start and stop parameters to the array.index() has patch has PR open niki.spahiev
38080 2 months ago 2to3 urllib fixer: missing fix for urllib.getproxies has PR open shiyuchong
27218 2 months ago improve tracing performance with f_trace set to Py_None has PR open xdegaye
19692 2 months ago Rename Py_SAFE_DOWNCAST has PR open pitrou
29353 2 months ago Incorrect handling of HTTP response with "Content-Type: message/rfc822" header has patch has PR open brokenenglish
38169 2 months ago Increase Code Coverage for SharedMemory and ShareableListe has PR open vinay0410
35479 2 months ago multiprocessing.Pool.join() always takes at least 100 ms has PR open vstinner
34706 2 months ago Signature.from_callable sometimes drops subclassing has PR open bukzor
37609 2 months ago support "UNC" device paths in ntpath.splitdrive has patch has PR open eryksun
37555 2 months ago _CallList.__contains__ doesn't always respect ANY. has PR open ElizabethU
26468 2 months ago shutil.copy2 raises OSError if filesystem doesn't support chmod has PR open Vojtěch Pachol
35498 2 months ago Parents objects in pathlib.Path don't support slices as __getitem__ arguments has PR open thejcannon
22393 2 months ago multiprocessing.Pool shouldn't hang forever if a worker process dies unexpectedly has patch has PR open dan.oreilly
21041 2 months ago pathlib.PurePath.parents rejects negative indexes has patch open akira
18710 2 months ago Add PyState_GetModuleAttr has patch open pitrou
29986 2 months ago Documentation recommends raising TypeError from tp_richcompare has PR open Devin Jeanpierre
38145 2 months ago Fix short option 'd' in 'distutils' command 'bdist_dumb' has PR open sinoroc
38157 2 months ago Add a recipe in unittest.mock examples about mock_open per file has PR open xtreak
5430 2 months ago imaplib: must not replace LF or CR by CRLF in literals has patch has PR open memeplex
9216 2 months ago FIPS support for hashlib has patch has PR open dmalcolm
38144 2 months ago Add the root_dir and dir_fd parameters in glob.glob() has PR open serhiy.storchaka
37935 2 months ago Improve performance of pathlib.scandir() has PR open Shai
38137 2 months ago hashopenssl fails to compile on MacOS has PR open pablogsal
36991 2 months ago zipfile: AttributeError on extract has patch has PR open alter-bug-tracer
38135 2 months ago Depth first search in compile.c creates wrong BB order for certain CFG. has PR open Mark.Shannon
38132 2 months ago Simplify hashlib implementation has PR open christian.heimes
37630 2 months ago Investigate replacing SHA3 code with OpenSSL has PR open christian.heimes
37363 2 months ago Additional PEP578 hooks has PR open steve.dower
37207 2 months ago Use PEP 590 vectorcall to speed up calls to range(), list() and dict() has PR open Mark.Shannon
36675 2 months ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
37669 2 months ago Make mock_open return per-file content has PR open Anvil
38110 2 months ago Use fdwalk() within os.closerange() impl if available has PR open gregory.p.smith
32847 2 months ago Add DirectoryNotEmptyError subclass of OSError has PR open barry
30491 2 months ago Add a lightweight mechanism for detecting un-awaited coroutine objects has patch has PR open njs
38119 2 months ago resource tracker destroys shared memory segments when other processes should still have valid access has PR open davin
30076 2 months ago Opcode names BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL and BUILD_TUPLE_UNPACK_WITH_CALL are too long has PR open serhiy.storchaka
34001 2 months ago LibreSSL does not tolerate setting minimum_version greater than maximum_version has PR open Alan.Huang
33983 2 months ago unify types for lib2to3.pytree.Base.children has PR open jreese
28724 2 months ago Add method send_io, recv_io to the socket module. has patch has PR open tokibito
35282 2 months ago Add a return value to lib2to3.refactor.refactor_file and refactor_dir has PR open martindemello
37754 2 months ago Consistency of Unix's shared_memory implementation with windows has PR open vinay0410
36998 2 months ago distutils sdist command fails to create MANIFEST if any filenames are undecodable has patch has PR open a.badger
33944 2 months ago Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry
18697 2 months ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35267 2 months ago reproducible deadlock with multiprocessing.Pool has patch has PR open dzhu
28494 2 months ago is_zipfile false positives has patch has PR open Thomas.Waldmann
25810 2 months ago Python 3 documentation for eval is incorrect has PR open aroberge
37769 2 months ago Windows Store installer should warn user about MAX_PATH has PR open Jonas Binding
35784 2 months ago document that takes kwargs has PR open joernheissler
37969 2 months ago Correct urllib.parse functions dropping the delimiters of empty URI components has PR open maggyero
5714 2 months ago http.server._url_collapse_path should live elsewhere has patch open gregory.p.smith
38043 2 months ago small cleanups in Unicode normalization code has PR open Greg Price
38094 2 months ago unneeded assignment to wb.len in PyBytes_Concat using buffer protocol has PR open gregory.p.smith
38073 2 months ago Make pwd module PEP-384 compatible has PR open dino.viehland
38068 2 months ago clean up configure logic for gettimeofday has PR open benjamin.peterson
36511 2 months ago Add Windows ARM32 buildbot has PR open Paul Monson
38018 2 months ago Increase Code Coverage for multiprocessing.shared_memory has PR open vinay0410
1615158 3 months ago POSIX capabilities support has patch has PR open gj0aqzda
37840 3 months ago bytearray_getitem() handles negative index incorrectly has PR open sir-sigurd
37794 3 months ago Replace /Ox with /O2 has PR open Kojoley
26185 3 months ago zipfile.ZipInfo slots can raise unexpected AttributeError has patch has PR open Matthew Zipay
15733 3 months ago PEP 3121, 384 Refactoring applied to winapi module has patch has PR open Robin.Schreiber
38063 3 months ago Modify to use unittest test discovery has PR open vstinner
34410 3 months ago itertools.tee not thread-safe; can segfault interpreter when wrapped iterator releases GIL has patch has PR open carlorosati
13788 3 months ago os.closerange optimization has patch open ferringb
25457 3 months ago json dump fails for mixed-type keys when sort_keys is specified has PR open
37461 3 months ago email.parser.Parser hang has patch has PR open Guido
38041 3 months ago IDLE Shell: Refine restart line has PR open terry.reedy
38031 3 months ago FileIO.__init__ aborts when opener returns bad fd has PR open tekknolagi
37858 3 months ago CookieLib: uses case-sensitive regex to validate cookies file has PR open ashleyharvey
36226 3 months ago multipart/related header causes false positive StartBoundaryNotFoundDefect and MultipartInvariantViolationDefect has PR open cschmidbauer
33376 3 months ago [pysqlite] Duplicate rows can be returned after rolling back a transaction has PR open cary
32280 3 months ago Expose `_PyRuntime` through a section name has PR open Maxime Belanger
23670 3 months ago Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742
6731 3 months ago Add option of non-zero exit status of when building of extensions has failed has patch open Arfrever
7247 3 months ago test_fcntl_64_bit from fails in Python 2.6.4 has patch open Chainsaw
7946 3 months ago Convoy effect with I/O bound threads and New GIL has patch open dabeaz
37768 3 months ago IDLE: Show help(object) output in a text viewer has PR open taleinat
36267 3 months ago User input to argparse raises Index_Error: "-a=" on a 'store_true' action has patch has PR open paul.j3
36853 3 months ago inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2) has PR open jaraco
36309 3 months ago Remove tempfile.mktemp() has PR open John Hagen
37999 3 months ago No longer use implicit convertion to int with loss has PR open serhiy.storchaka
15999 3 months ago Using new 'bool' format character has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
18943 3 months ago argparse: default args in mutually exclusive groups has patch open arigo
9849 3 months ago Argparse needs better error handling for nargs has patch open Jason.Baker
13966 3 months ago Add disable_interspersed_args() to argparse.ArgumentParser has patch open Laszlo.Attila.Toth
15125 3 months ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open nstiurca
37971 3 months ago Wrong trace with multiple decorators (linenumber wrong in frame) has patch open control-k
35889 3 months ago sqlite3.Row doesn't have useful repr has PR open vlad
13824 3 months ago argparse.FileType opens a file and never closes it has patch open David.Layton
37837 3 months ago add internal _PyLong_FromUnsignedChar() function has PR open sir-sigurd
6331 3 months ago Add unicode script info to the unicode database has patch open doerwalter
35964 3 months ago shutil.make_archive (xxx, tar, root_dir) is adding './' entry to archive which is wrong has patch has PR open HFM
24505 3 months ago shutil.which wrong result on Windows has patch open bobjalex
9351 3 months ago argparse set_defaults on subcommands should override top level set_defaults has patch open bethard
37157 3 months ago shutil: add reflink=False to file copy functions to control clone/CoW copies (use copy_file_range) has patch open vstinner
34276 3 months ago urllib.parse doesn't round-trip file URI's with multiple leading slashes has PR open chris.jerdonek
2506 3 months ago Add mechanism to disable optimizations has patch has PR open nedbat
37955 3 months ago mock.patch incorrect reference to Mock has PR open phsilva
37824 3 months ago IDLE: Handle Shell input warnings properly. has PR open serhiy.storchaka
1152248 3 months ago Add support for reading records with arbitrary separators to the standard IO stack has patch open ncoghlan
37938 3 months ago refactor PyLong_As*() functions has PR open sir-sigurd
31706 3 months ago urlencode should accept generator as values for mappings when doseq=True has PR open francois.freitag
37797 3 months ago Add name attribute to NameError has PR open skreft
26680 3 months ago Incorporating float.is_integer into the numeric tower and Decimal has patch has PR open robert_smallshire
37907 3 months ago speed-up PyLong_As*() for large longs has PR open sir-sigurd
34690 3 months ago Store startup modules as C structures for 20%+ startup speed improvement has PR open larry
32949 3 months ago Simplify "with"-related opcodes has PR open serhiy.storchaka
30413 3 months ago Add fnmatch.filterfalse function has patch open steven.daprano
37860 3 months ago Add netlify deploy preview for docs has PR open epicfaace
35518 3 months ago test_timeout uses domain which doesn't exist anymore has PR open vstinner
32793 3 months ago smtplib: duplicated debug message has patch has PR open qingyunha
37836 3 months ago Support .as_integer_ratio() in fractions.Fraction has PR open jdemeyer
9350 3 months ago add remove_argument_group to argparse has patch open bethard
37703 3 months ago Inconsistent gather with child exception has patch has PR open Dmitrii Ivaniushin
37864 3 months ago Correct and deduplicate docs on "printable" characters has PR open Greg Price
11671 3 months ago Security hole in wsgiref.headers.Headers has patch has PR open Felix.Gröbert
28778 3 months ago wsgiref HTTP Response Header Injection: CRLF Injection has PR open RAUSHAN RAJ
35214 3 months ago Get the test suite passing with clang Memory Sanitizer enabled has PR open gregory.p.smith
37849 3 months ago IDLE: Completion window misplaced when shown above current line has patch has PR open taleinat
37774 3 months ago Micro-optimize vectorcall using PY_LIKELY has PR open jdemeyer
33731 3 months ago string formatting that produces floats with preset precision while respecting locale has PR open Jakub Szewczyk
34311 3 months ago locale.format() and locale.format_string() cast Decimals to float has PR open jemerton
5664 3 months ago 2to3 wont convert Cookie.Cookie properly has PR open orsenthil
33661 3 months ago urllib may leak sensitive HTTP headers to a third-party web site has PR open artem.smotrakov
37821 3 months ago IDLE shell uses wrong namespace for completions has PR open taleinat
37842 3 months ago Initialize Py_buffer variables more efficiently has PR open sir-sigurd
17576 3 months ago PyNumber_Index() is not int-subclass friendly (or operator.index() docos lie) has patch has PR open barry
35707 3 months ago time.sleep() should support objects with __float__ has PR open jdemeyer
15010 3 months ago unittest: _top_level_dir is incorrectly persisted between calls to different load_test methods has patch has PR open r.david.murray
12611 3 months ago 2to3 crashes when converting doctest using reduce() has patch has PR open VPeric
32912 3 months ago Raise non-silent warning for invalid escape sequences has PR open abarry
18766 3 months ago IDLE: Autocomplete in editor doesn't work for un-imported modules has patch open philwebster
37808 3 months ago Deprecate unbound super methods has PR open steven.daprano
26543 3 months ago [EASY] imaplib noop Debug: bytes vs Unicode bug in debug mode has patch has PR open Stephen.Evans
37765 4 months ago IDLE: Include keywords in __main__ autocomplete list has PR open xtreak
35712 4 months ago Make NotImplemented unusable in boolean context has PR open josh.r
35181 4 months ago Doc: Namespace Packages: Inconsistent documentation of __loader__ being None has PR open mdk
17301 4 months ago An in-place version of many bytearray methods is needed has patch open gregory.p.smith
23560 4 months ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
21861 4 months ago io class name are hardcoded in reprs has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32810 4 months ago Expose ags_gen and agt_gen in asynchronous generators has patch has PR open dabeaz
16535 4 months ago json encoder unable to handle decimal has patch open eric.araujo
37779 4 months ago configparser: add documentation about several read() behaviour has PR open sblondon
21261 4 months ago Teach IDLE to Autocomplete dictionary keys has patch has PR open rhettinger
37685 4 months ago Fix equality checks for some types has PR open serhiy.storchaka
15987 4 months ago Provide a way to compare AST nodes for equality recursively has PR open Julian
37438 4 months ago ConfigParser.set() docs should mention allow_no_value has PR open ncoghlan
14019 4 months ago Unify tests for str.format and string.Formatter has patch open ncoghlan
37741 4 months ago importlib.metadata docs not showing up in the module index has PR open brett.cannon
2920 4 months ago Patch to print symbolic value of errno in OSError.__str__() has patch has PR open ygingras
27379 4 months ago SocketType changed in Python 3 has PR open martin.panter
35982 4 months ago Create unit-tests for os.renames() has PR open nanjekyejoannah
2889 4 months ago curses for windows (alternative patch) has patch open techtonik
37763 4 months ago Need to pick up -isystem flags from CPPFLAGS has PR open jherland
35545 4 months ago asyncio.base_events.create_connection doesn't handle scoped IPv6 addresses has PR open maxifree
33997 4 months ago multiprocessing Pool hangs in terminate() has patch has PR open 3mb3dw0rk5
28716 4 months ago Fractions instantiation revisited has patch open wolma
37755 4 months ago pydoc topics, keywords and symbols always use pager instead of output has PR open eht16
9968 4 months ago Let cgi.FieldStorage have named uploaded file has patch open phep
1047397 4 months ago cgitb failures has patch has PR open rgbecker
34697 4 months ago ctypes: Crash if manually-created CField instance is used has PR open izbyshev
37749 4 months ago ipaddress - is_global method all multicast addresses and networks return true has PR open bjames
33408 4 months ago Enable AF_UNIX support in Windows has PR open filips123
30974 4 months ago Update os.samefile docstring to match documentation has PR open eMPee584
21983 4 months ago segfault in ctypes.cast has PR open Anthony.LaTorre
34788 4 months ago ipaddress module fails on rfc4007 scoped IPv6 addresses has PR open Jeremy McMillan
16970 4 months ago argparse: bad nargs value raises misleading message has patch has PR open chris.jerdonek
11218 4 months ago pattern=None when following documentation for load_tests and unittest.main() has patch open gagern
37744 4 months ago thread native id support for GNU/Hurd has patch open samuel-thibault
33668 4 months ago Wrong behavior of help function on module has PR open Oleg.Oleinik
29750 4 months ago smtplib doesn't handle unicode passwords has PR open david__
37695 4 months ago Incorrect error message for `unget_wch(bytes_object)` has PR open Anthony Sottile
28053 4 months ago parameterize what serialization is used in multiprocessing has patch has PR open davin
33821 4 months ago IDLE subsection of What's New 3.7 has PR open terry.reedy
33822 4 months ago IDLE subsection of What's New 3.8 has PR open terry.reedy
15459 4 months ago ctypes Structures with subclassed types in the _fields_ list has patch open theller
37246 4 months ago http.cookiejar.DefaultCookiePolicy should use current timestamp instead of last updated timestamp value for checking expiry has PR open xtreak
14817 4 months ago pkgutil.extend_path has no tests has PR open eric.smith
30755 4 months ago locale.normalize() and getdefaultlocale() convert C.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 has PR open mattheww
5256 4 months ago rlcompleter adds builtins when custom dict is used has patch open armandas
12436 4 months ago Missing items in installation/setup instructions has patch open ncoghlan
15454 4 months ago Allow output stream to be customized has patch open chris.jerdonek
968430 4 months ago error flattening complex smime signed message has patch open ludo
8898 4 months ago The email package should defer to the codecs module for all aliases has patch open r.david.murray
5758 4 months ago fileinput.hook_compressed returning bytes from gz file has patch open mnewman
23883 4 months ago __all__ lists are incomplete has patch open serhiy.storchaka
24790 4 months ago Idle: improve stack viewer has patch open terry.reedy
17233 4 months ago http.client header debug output format has patch open Kim.Gräsman
25386 4 months ago msvcrt_putch/msvcrt_putwch don't check the return value of _putch/_putwch has patch open Alexander Riccio
17369 4 months ago Message.get_filename produces exception if the RFC2231 encoding is ill-formed has patch open r.david.murray
13317 4 months ago building with 2to3 generates wrong import paths because build_ext is run after build_py has patch open simohe
17908 4 months ago Unittest runner needs an option to call gc.collect() after each test has patch open gvanrossum
13559 4 months ago Use sendfile where possible in httplib has patch open benjamin.peterson
17311 4 months ago use distutils terminology in "PyPI package display" section has patch open chris.jerdonek
15403 4 months ago Refactor package creation support code into a common location has patch open chris.jerdonek
21574 4 months ago Port image types detections from PIL to the imghdr module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
17840 4 months ago base64_codec uses assert for runtime validity checks has patch open ncoghlan
9647 4 months ago os.confstr() does not handle value changing length between calls has patch open baikie
13378 4 months ago ET: add custom namespaces to serialization methods has patch open Nekmo
4733 4 months ago Add a "decode to declared encoding" version of urlopen to urllib has patch open ajaksu2
12933 4 months ago Update or remove claims that distutils requires external programs has patch open eric.araujo
22024 4 months ago Add to shutil the ability to wait until files are definitely deleted has patch open zach.ware
1011113 4 months ago Make “install” find the build_base directory has patch open daishiharada
21987 4 months ago TarFile.getmember on directory requires trailing slash iff over 100 chars has patch open moloney
7976 4 months ago warnings should provide a public API for accessing its option parsing code has patch open xmorel
6114 4 months ago distutils build_ext path comparison only based on strings has patch open sleipnir
4256 4 months ago argparse: provide a simple way to get a programmatically useful list of options has patch open andybuckley
1170 4 months ago shlex have problems with parsing unicode has patch open dexen
9322 4 months ago Don’t fail silently if ext_modules use absolute paths has patch open indiedan
10932 4 months ago distutils.core.setup - data_files misbehaviour ? has patch open Thorsten.Simons
1185124 4 months ago pydoc doesn't find all module doc strings has patch open kjohnson
36674 4 months ago "unittest.TestCase.debug" should honour "skip" (and other test controls) has patch has PR open dmaurer
1760357 4 months ago ZipFile.write fails with bad modification time has patch open gradha
30193 4 months ago Support the buffer protocol in json.loads() has PR open fafhrd91
37130 4 months ago pathlib.Path.with_name() handles '.' and '..' inconsistently has PR open Nophke
37538 4 months ago Refactor zipfile to ease subclassing and enhancement has PR open dhillier
24935 4 months ago LDSHARED is not set according when CC is set. has PR open yunlian
36053 4 months ago pkgutil.walk_packages jumps out from given path if there is package with the same name in sys.path has PR open karkucik
33610 4 months ago IDLE: Make multiple improvements to CodeContext has PR open terry.reedy
37534 4 months ago In minidom module ability to add Standalone Document Declaraion is missing while generating XML documents has PR open hharutyunyan
37650 4 months ago TemporaryDirectory objects should LOCK_SH to avoid being deleted by systemd-tmpfiles has PR open refi64
1346874 4 months ago httplib simply ignores CONTINUE has patch has PR open cdwave
37640 4 months ago telnetlib crash in Python3 while receiving un-printable characters from server has patch has PR open hoang nguyen
37616 4 months ago [3.10 prep] zip path incorrect has PR open Anthony Sottile
34624 4 months ago -W option and PYTHONWARNINGS env variable does not accept module regexes has PR open coldfix
34396 4 months ago Certain methods that heap allocated subtypes inherit suffer a 50-80% performance penalty has PR open bup
16512 4 months ago imghdr doesn't recognize variant jpeg formats has patch has PR open joril
37588 4 months ago Py_DEPRECATED and unavoidable warnings has patch open philthompson10
34443 4 months ago enum repr should use __qualname__ has PR open doerwalter
37612 4 months ago, follow_symlinks=True) broken on Linux has PR open jo-he
37621 4 months ago Line continuation of blank line emits NEWLINE has patch has PR open miedzinski
13272 4 months ago 2to3 fix_renames doesn't rename string.lowercase/uppercase/letters has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
33976 4 months ago Enums don't support nested classes has PR open edwardw
37560 4 months ago with cgi.FieldStorage(...) fails on cleanup with AttributeError, missing try/except in __exit__ has PR open Stefanik Gábor
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