ID Activity Title Status Creator
35459 3 weeks ago Use PyDict_GetItemWithError() instead of PyDict_GetItem() has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36041 3 weeks ago email: folding of quoted string in display_name violates RFC has patch has PR open aaryn.startmail
34624 3 weeks ago -W option and PYTHONWARNINGS env variable does not accept module regexes has PR open coldfix
32986 3 weeks ago multiprocessing, default assumption of Pool size unhelpful has PR open M J Harvey
34791 3 weeks ago xml package does not obey sys.flags.ignore_environment has PR open christian.heimes
20177 3 weeks ago Derby #8: Convert 28 sites to Argument Clinic across 2 files has patch has PR open larry
35810 3 weeks ago Object Initialization does not incref Heap-allocated Types has PR open eelizondo
35551 3 weeks ago Encoding and alias issues has PR open blkserene
11776 3 weeks ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open techtonik
13456 3 weeks ago Providing a custom HTTPResponse class to HTTPConnection has patch open r.david.murray
36095 3 weeks ago Better NaN sorting. has PR open brandtbucher
14534 3 weeks ago Add means to mark unittest.TestCases as "do not load". has patch open r.david.murray
16296 3 weeks ago Patch to fix building on Win32/64 under VS 2010 has patch open silverbacknet
16473 3 weeks ago quopri module differences in quoted-printable text with whitespace has patch open aleperalta
1471934 3 weeks ago Python libcrypt build problem on Solaris 8, 9, 10 and OpenSolaris has patch open eggert
5714 3 weeks ago http.server._url_collapse_path should live elsewhere has patch open gregory.p.smith
18769 3 weeks ago argparse remove subparser has patch open biko
23677 3 weeks ago Mention dict and set comps in library reference has patch open FrankMillman
15347 3 weeks ago IDLE - does not close if the debugger was active has patch open roger.serwy
9917 3 weeks ago resource max value represented as signed when should be unsigned has patch open r.david.murray
17055 3 weeks ago ftplib.ftpcp test has patch open inc0
13248 3 weeks ago deprecated in 3.2/3.3, should be removed in 3.5 or ??? has patch open flox
20265 3 weeks ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch open zach.ware
1553375 3 weeks ago Add traceback.print_full_exception() has patch open hoffman
33529 3 weeks ago [security] Infinite loop on folding email (_fold_as_ew()) if an header has no spaces has PR open rad164
1442493 4 weeks ago IDLE shell window gets very slow when displaying long lines has patch open drhok
36045 4 weeks ago function is not much help with async functions has PR open Dan Rose
33043 4 weeks ago Add a 'Contributing to Docs' link at the bottom of has PR open willingc
21150 4 weeks ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has patch has PR open rhettinger
36094 4 weeks ago When using an SMTP SSL connection,, get ValueError. has patch has PR open tyrone-zhao
4502 4 weeks ago Allowing get_pre_input_hook from Readline has patch open Conrad.Irwin
36084 1 month ago Threading: add builtin TID attribute to Thread objects has PR open jaketesler
33927 1 month ago Allow json.tool to have identical infile and outfile has PR open kuhlmann
28453 1 month ago SSLObject.selected_alpn_protocol() not documented has PR open alex.gronholm
36064 1 month ago docs: urllib.request.Request not accepting iterables data type has PR open sylye
36035 1 month ago pathlib.Path().rglob() breaks with broken symlinks has PR open Jörg Stucke
36073 1 month ago sqlite crashes with converters mutating cursor has PR open sir-sigurd
20582 1 month ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags has PR open roysmith
22865 1 month ago Document how to make pty.spawn not copy data has patch has PR open RadicalZephyr
22629 1 month ago Idle: update and htests has patch open terry.reedy
22705 1 month ago Idle extension configuration: add option-help option has patch open terry.reedy
22706 1 month ago Idle extension configuration and key bindings has patch open terry.reedy
3991 1 month ago urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open a.badger
36053 1 month ago pkgutil.walk_packages jumps out from given path if there is package with the same name in sys.path has PR open karkucik
35933 1 month ago python doc does not say that the state kwarg in Pickler.save_reduce can be a tuple (and not only a dict) has patch has PR open pierreglaser
34423 1 month ago Overflow when casting from double to time_t, and_PyTime_t. has PR open enedil
17576 1 month ago PyNumber_Index() is not int-subclass friendly (or operator.index() docos lie) has patch open barry
35224 1 month ago PEP 572: Assignment Expressions has PR open emilyemorehouse
36036 1 month ago Add method to get user defined command line arguments in unittest.main has patch open remi.lapeyre
36026 1 month ago Different error message when sys.settrace is used has patch has PR open SylvainDe
35954 1 month ago Incoherent type conversion in configparser has PR open Adeokkuw
31829 1 month ago Portability issues with pickle has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35537 1 month ago use os.posix_spawn in subprocess has patch has PR open nanjekyejoannah
20215 1 month ago socketserver.TCPServer can not listen IPv6 address has patch open dazhaoyu
17561 1 month ago Add socket.bind_socket() convenience function has patch has PR open giampaolo.rodola
5038 1 month ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open matejcik
34148 1 month ago Fatal read error on socket transport has PR open yjqiang
35951 1 month ago os.renames() creates directories if original name doesn't exist has PR open chris.jerdonek
35848 1 month ago readinto is not a method on io.TextIOBase has PR open steverpalmer
34971 1 month ago add support for tls/ssl sessions in asyncio has PR open RemiCardona
24658 1 month ago open().write() and .read() fails on 2 GB+ data (OS X) has patch has PR open lebigot
34235 1 month ago PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords: support required keyword arguments has PR open serhiy.storchaka
21018 1 month ago [patch] added missing documentation about escaping characters for configparser has patch has PR open Arun.Persaud
35928 1 month ago socket makefile read-write discards received data has PR open pravn
36003 1 month ago set better defaults for TCPServer options has PR open giampaolo.rodola
28009 1 month ago core logic of uuid.getnode() is broken for netstat has PR open Michael.Felt
35078 1 month ago Allow customization of CSS class name of a month in calendar module has PR open thatiparthy
12317 1 month ago inspect.getabsfile() is not documented has PR open giampaolo.rodola
20523 1 month ago global .pdbrc on windows 7 not reachable out of the box has patch has PR open mbyt
35983 1 month ago tp_dealloc trashcan shouldn't be called for subclasses has PR open jdemeyer
35920 1 month ago Windows 10 ARM32 platform support has PR open steve.dower
35907 1 month ago Unnecessary URL scheme exists to allow file:// reading file in urllib has PR open push0ebp
33524 1 month ago non-ascii characters in headers causes TypeError on email.policy.Policy.fold has PR open rad164
25461 1 month ago Unclear language (the word ineffective) in the documentation for os.walk has patch has PR open Bernt.Røskar.Brenna
35969 1 month ago Interpreter crashes with "can't initialize init_sys_streams" when abc fails to import has patch open p-ganssle
32810 1 month ago Expose ags_gen and agt_gen in asynchronous generators has patch has PR open dabeaz
26415 1 month ago Excessive peak memory consumption by the Python parser has patch has PR open A. Skrobov
21360 1 month ago mailbox.Maildir should ignore files named with a leading dot has PR open liw
35936 1 month ago Give modulefinder some much-needed updates. has PR open brandtbucher
14465 1 month ago xml.etree.ElementTree: add feature to prettify XML output has patch has PR open tshepang
21914 1 month ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch open Lita.Cho
35959 1 month ago caues segfault has PR open xtreak
21622 1 month ago ctypes.util incorrectly fails for libraries without DT_SONAME has PR open Jeremy.Huntwork
35278 1 month ago [security] directory traversal in tempfile prefix has patch has PR open Yusuke Endoh
34424 1 month ago Unicode names break email header has PR open _savage
16353 1 month ago add function to os module for getting path to default shell has patch open chris.jerdonek
22347 1 month ago mimetypes.guess_type("//") misinterprets host name as file name has patch open martin.panter
35947 1 month ago Update libffi_msvc to current version of libffi has PR open Paul Monson
35946 1 month ago Ambiguous documentation for assert_called_with() has PR open chimaerase
17164 1 month ago MozillaCookieJar does not handle session cookies has patch has PR open piotr.dobrogost
35922 1 month ago robotparser crawl_delay and request_rate do not work with no matching entry has PR open joseph_myers
22228 1 month ago Adapt bash readline operate-and-get-next function has patch open lelit
35921 1 month ago Use ccache by default has PR open pitrou
35533 1 month ago argparse standard error usage for exit / error has PR open philiprowlands
25160 1 month ago Stop using deprecated imp module; imp should now emit a real DeprecationWarning has patch has PR open vstinner
35376 1 month ago modulefinder skips nested modules with same name as top-level bad module has patch has PR open rdb
17396 1 month ago modulefinder fails if module contains syntax error has patch has PR open jgosmann
14094 1 month ago ntpath.realpath() should use GetFinalPathNameByHandle() has PR open vstinner
28411 1 month ago Eliminate PyInterpreterState.modules. has patch has PR open eric.snow
32972 1 month ago unittest.TestCase coroutine support has PR open pdxjohnny
35913 1 month ago asyncore: allow handling of half closed connections has PR open Isaac Boukris
35906 1 month ago Header Injection in urllib has PR open push0ebp
35926 1 month ago Need openssl 1.1.1 support on Windows for ARM and ARM64 has PR open Paul Monson
35705 1 month ago libffi support is not there for windows on ARM64 has PR open ossdev07
34398 1 month ago Docs search does not index glossary items has PR open jfine2358
27777 1 month ago cgi.FieldStorage can't parse simple body with Content-Length and no Content-Disposition has patch has PR open rr-
1294959 1 month ago Problems with /usr/lib64 builds. has patch has PR open jafo
35845 1 month ago Can't read a F-contiguous memoryview in physical order has PR open pitrou
24177 1 month ago Add https?_proxy support to http.client has PR open demian.brecht
17972 1 month ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
34886 1 month ago throws exception when input and stdin are passed as kwargs has patch has PR open aecant
35134 1 month ago Add a new Include/cpython/ subdirectory for the "CPython API" with implementation details has PR open vstinner
35876 1 month ago test_start_new_session for posix_spawnp fails has PR open pablogsal
27015 1 month ago subprocess.CalledProcessError's repr changes based on kwargs, and doesn't unpickle has PR open Taywee
28494 1 month ago is_zipfile false positives has patch has PR open Thomas.Waldmann
29999 1 month ago repr() of ImportError misses keyword arguments name and path has PR open serhiy.storchaka
34222 1 month ago Email message serialization enters an infinite loop when folding non-ASCII headers with long words has PR open altvod
30951 1 month ago Documentation error in inspect module has PR open jalexvig
35517 1 month ago selector.EpollSelector: add new parameter to support EPOLLEXCLUSIVE has PR open Manjusaka
35823 1 month ago Use vfork() in subprocess on Linux has PR open izbyshev
35847 1 month ago RISC-V needs CTYPES_PASS_BY_REF_HACK has PR open schwab
35849 1 month ago Added thousands separators to Lib/ final report has PR open addons_zz
35707 1 month ago time.sleep() should support objects with __float__ has PR open jdemeyer
10915 1 month ago Make the PyGILState API compatible with multiple interpreters has patch open pitrou
11315 1 month ago unicode support in Cookie module has patch open Alexander.Tsepkov
31299 1 month ago Add "ignore_modules" option to TracebackException.format() open ncoghlan
5028 1 month ago tokenize.generate_tokens doesn't always return logical line has PR open duncf
35824 1 month ago http.cookies._CookiePattern modifying regular expressions has PR open MeiK
23930 1 month ago http.cookies.SimpleCookie doesn't parse comma-only separated cookies correctly has PR open riklaunim
35101 1 month ago inspect.findsource breaks on class frame objects has PR open orlnub123
34766 1 month ago BaseProxy cache should be cleaned when Manager client is reconnected has PR open wynfred
35800 1 month ago remove smtpd.MailmanProxy has PR open samuelcolvin
31171 1 month ago multiprocessing.BoundedSemaphore of 32-bit python could not work while cross compiling on linux platform has PR open hongxu
34397 1 month ago remove redundant overflow checks in tuple and list implementations has PR open sir-sigurd
17251 1 month ago LWPCookieJar load() set domain_specifed wrong open B. Kyven
35767 1 month ago unittest loader doesn't work with partial test functions has PR open fried
35520 1 month ago Python won't build with dtrace enabled on some systems. has PR open kulikjak
33416 1 month ago Add endline and endcolumn to every AST node has PR open levkivskyi
18078 1 month ago threading.Condition to allow notify on a specific waiter has patch open JBernardo
33397 1 month ago IDLE help viewer: let users control font size has PR open terry.reedy
18610 1 month ago wsgiref.validate expects wsgi.input read to give exactly one arg has patch has PR open rschoon
23903 1 month ago Generate PC/python3.def by scraping headers has patch open zach.ware
35711 1 month ago Print information about an unexpectedly pending error before crashing has PR open sfreilich
10112 1 month ago Use -Wl,--dynamic-list=x.list, not -Xlinker -export-dynamic has patch open jankratochvil
35726 1 month ago QueueHandler formatting affects other handlers has patch has PR open David Ruggles
35683 2 months ago Enable manylinux1 builds on Pipelines for CI testing has PR open steve.dower
24925 2 months ago Allow doctest to find line number of __test__ strings if formatted as a triple quoted string. has patch open r.david.murray
15045 2 months ago Make textwrap.dedent() and textwrap.indent() handle whitespace consistently has patch has PR open ncoghlan
32146 2 months ago multiprocessing freeze_support needed outside win32 has PR open dancol
35803 2 months ago Test and document that `dir=...` in tempfile may be PathLike has PR open Anthony Sottile
19660 2 months ago decorator syntax: allow testlist instead of just dotted_name has patch open james
34814 2 months ago makesetup: must link C extensions to libpython when compiled in shared mode has patch has PR open vstinner
35168 2 months ago shlex punctuation_chars inconsistency has PR open tphh
12707 2 months ago Deprecate addinfourl getters has PR open ezio.melotti
35292 2 months ago Make SimpleHTTPRequestHandler load mimetypes lazily has PR open steve.dower
28607 2 months ago C implementation of parts of copy.deepcopy has patch open villemoes
35790 2 months ago Correct a statement about sys.exc_info() values restoration has PR open maggyero
24928 2 months ago mock.patch.dict spoils order of items in collections.OrderedDict has patch has PR open Alexander Oblovatniy
35775 2 months ago Add a general selection function to statistics has PR open remi.lapeyre
13322 2 months ago buffered read() and write() does not raise BlockingIOError has patch open sbt
35739 2 months ago Enable verbose of tests during PGO build on amd64 platforms has PR open neyuru
23078 2 months ago unittest.mock patch autospec doesn't work on staticmethods has patch has PR open kevinbenton
34782 2 months ago Pdb crashes when code is executed in a mapping that does not define `__contains__` has PR open ppperry
21257 2 months ago Document parse_headers function of http.client has PR open orsenthil
34834 2 months ago test_ssl.test_options does not correctly account for built-in ctx defaults with openssl 1.1.1 has PR open xnox
35755 2 months ago Remove current directory from posixpath.defpath to enhance security has patch has PR open vstinner
35525 2 months ago Incorrect keyword name in NNTP.starttls() documentation has PR open cmcp22
22393 2 months ago multiprocessing.Pool shouldn't hang forever if a worker process dies unexpectedly has patch has PR open dan.oreilly
30802 2 months ago datetime.datetime.strptime('200722', '%Y%U') has PR open winton
35759 2 months ago inspect module does not implement introspection API for asynchronous generators has patch has PR open tkren
35749 2 months ago Rewrite asyncio signal handler has PR open asvetlov
35306 2 months ago OSError [WinError 123] when testing if pathlib.Path('*') (asterisks) exists has PR open jimbo1qaz_
29707 2 months ago os.path.ismount() always returns false for mount --bind on same filesystem has PR open Oliver Smith
28657 2 months ago cmd.Cmd.get_help() implementation can't see do_*() methods added dynamically by setattr() has PR open Błażej Michalik
31658 2 months ago xml.sax.parse won't accept path objects has PR open craigh
24780 2 months ago unittest assertEqual difference output foiled by newlines has patch has PR open chris.jerdonek
35721 2 months ago _UnixSubprocessTransport leaks socket pair if Popen fails has patch has PR open niklasf
35723 2 months ago Add "time zone index" cache to datetime objects has PR open p-ganssle
32689 2 months ago shutil.move raises AttributeError if first argument is a pathlib.Path object and destination is a directory has PR open craigh
35727 2 months ago sys.exit() in a multiprocessing.Process does not align with Python behavior has patch has PR open chrahunt
33337 2 months ago Provide a supported Concrete Syntax Tree implementation in the standard library has PR open lukasz.langa
16806 2 months ago col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions has patch has PR open
35697 2 months ago _decimal: Implement the previously rejected changes from #7442. has patch has PR open vstinner
35718 2 months ago Cannot initialize the distutils "force" command-option has PR open Opher Shachar
31855 2 months ago mock_open is not compatible with read(n) (and pickle.load) has PR open ron.rothman
26669 2 months ago time.localtime(float("NaN")) does not raise a ValueError on all platforms has PR open gregory.p.smith
27682 2 months ago wsgiref BaseHandler / SimpleHandler can raise additional errors when handling an error has PR open SG
18378 2 months ago locale.getdefaultlocale() fails on Mac OS X with default language set to English has patch open Dmitry.Jemerov
35593 2 months ago Register standard browser: Chrome has PR open eamanu
35404 2 months ago Document how to import _structure in email.message has PR open charlax
35397 2 months ago Undeprecate and document urllib.parse.unwrap has PR open steven.daprano
8538 2 months ago Add FlagAction to argparse has patch has PR open eric.smith
35638 2 months ago Introduce fixed point locale aware format type for floating point numbers has PR open steelman
35696 2 months ago remove unnecessary operation in long_compare() has PR open Ma Lin
35677 2 months ago Do not automount in stat() by default has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35668 2 months ago Improve test coverage for idlelib has PR open anthony shaw
35690 2 months ago IDLE: Fix and test debugger. has PR open terry.reedy
6143 2 months ago IDLE - an extension to clear the shell window has patch open roger.serwy
35685 2 months ago Add samples on patch.dict of the use of decorator and in class has PR open eamanu
26467 2 months ago Add async magic method support to unittest.mock.Mock has PR open brett.cannon
32592 2 months ago Drop support of Windows Vista in Python 3.7 has PR open vstinner
34522 2 months ago PyTypeObject's tp_base initialization bug has PR open eelizondo
35381 2 months ago posixmodule: convert statically allocated types (DirEntryType & ScandirIteratorType) to heap-allocated types has PR open eelizondo
35488 2 months ago pathlib Path.match does not behave as described has patch has PR open anthony shaw
19974 2 months ago tarfile doesn't overwrite symlink by directory has patch has PR open antonymayi
34831 2 months ago Asyncio Tutorial has PR open cjrh
35649 2 months ago http.client doesn't close. Infinite loop has PR open skorpeo
33393 2 months ago update config.guess and config.sub has PR open doko
35603 2 months ago table header in output of difflib.HtmlDiff.make_table is not escaped and can be rendered as code in the browser has PR open xtreak
9305 2 months ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch open belopolsky
35328 2 months ago Set a environment variable for venv prompt has PR open batisteo
35325 2 months ago imp.find_module() return value documentation discrepancy has PR open StefanBauerTT
35105 2 months ago Document that CPython accepts "invalid" identifiers has PR open vstinner
13927 2 months ago Document time.ctime format has patch has PR open Roger.Caldwell
15457 2 months ago consistent treatment of generator terminology has patch open chris.jerdonek
35617 2 months ago unittest discover does not work with implicit namespaces has PR open Simon Fagerholm
35545 2 months ago asyncio.base_events.create_connection doesn't handle scoped IPv6 addresses has PR open maxifree
35312 2 months ago lib2to3.pgen2.parse.ParseError is not roundtrip pickleable has PR open Anthony Sottile
35589 2 months ago BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_sendall() performance regression: extra copy of data has PR open Huazuo Gao
33678 2 months ago selector_events.BaseSelectorEventLoop.sock_connect should preserve socket type has patch has PR open sebastien.bourdeauducq
35214 2 months ago Get the test suite passing with clang Memory Sanitizer enabled has PR open gregory.p.smith
35232 2 months ago Add `module`/`qualname` arguments to make_dataclass for picklability has PR open Antony.Lee
35540 2 months ago dataclasses.asdict breaks with defaultdict fields has PR open wrmsr
20171 2 months ago Derby #2: Convert 115 sites to Argument Clinic in Modules/_cursesmodule.c has patch has PR open larry
35578 2 months ago Add test for Argument Clinic converters has PR open serhiy.storchaka
33661 2 months ago urllib may leak sensitive HTTP headers to a third-party web site has PR open artem.smotrakov
28134 2 months ago socket.socket(fileno=fd) does not work as documented has patch has PR open christian.heimes
35610 2 months ago IDLE: replace use of EditorWindow.context_use_ps1 has PR open terry.reedy
28097 2 months ago IDLE: document all key bindings, add menu items for more. has PR open terry.reedy
26537 2 months ago ConfigParser has optionxform, but not sectionxform has patch open Anaphory
34836 2 months ago test_ssl.test_default_ecdh_curve needs no tls1.3 flag in 2.7, for now has PR open xnox
24053 2 months ago Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE constants in sys has patch open belopolsky
35581 2 months ago Document @typing.type_check_only has PR open srittau
33830 2 months ago Error in the output of one example in the httplib docs has PR open Aifu LIU
35557 3 months ago Allow lowercase hexadecimal characters in base64.b16decode() has patch has PR open djhoulihan
35514 3 months ago Docs on reference count detail. enhancement. has PR open bombs-kim
35563 3 months ago Doc: warnings.rst - add links to references has PR open cheryl.sabella
32409 3 months ago venv activate.bat is UTF-8 encoded but uses current console codepage has PR open Jac0
32326 3 months ago Update Build projects to version 10.0.16299.0 of the Windows 10 SDK. has PR open Decorater
27772 3 months ago Refer to actual format string when creating “zero padding” error message has PR open bignose
35302 3 months ago create_connection with local_addr misses valid socket bindings has PR open kyuupichan
25184 3 months ago "python -m pydoc -w" fails in nondecodable directory has patch open serhiy.storchaka
34271 3 months ago Please support logging of SSL master secret by env variable SSLKEYLOGFILE has patch has PR open jmfrank63
5438 3 months ago test_bigmem.test_from_2G_generator uses more memory than expected has patch has PR open pitrou
35148 3 months ago cannot activate a venv environment on a Swiss German windows has PR open Martin Bijl-Schwab
35502 3 months ago Memory leak in xml.etree.ElementTree.iterparse has patch has PR open jess.j
17679 3 months ago sysconfig generation uses some env variables multiple times has patch open bkabrda
35498 3 months ago Parents objects in pathlib.Path don't support slices as __getitem__ arguments has PR open thejcannon
34032 3 months ago Add platlibdir to allow distinction between /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 for Linux has patch has PR open mcepl
21041 3 months ago pathlib.PurePath.parents rejects negative indexes has patch open akira
23451 3 months ago Deprecation warnings building 3.5 Visual Studio Windows 8.1 64 bit has patch has PR open BreamoreBoy
25430 3 months ago speed up ipaddress __contain__ method has patch has PR open gescheit
23228 3 months ago The tarfile module crashes when tarfile contains a symlink and unpack directory contain it too has patch open mvo
35479 3 months ago multiprocessing.Pool.join() always takes at least 100 ms has PR open vstinner
35267 3 months ago reproducible deadlock with multiprocessing.Pool has patch has PR open dzhu
9334 3 months ago argparse does not accept options taking arguments beginning with dash (regression from optparse) has patch open andersk
8314 3 months ago test_ctypes fails in test_ulonglong on sparc buildbots has patch open r.david.murray
27477 3 months ago IDLE: Switch search dialogs to ttk widgets, and other refinement has patch open terry.reedy
21880 3 months ago IDLE: Ability to run 3rd party code checkers has patch has PR open Saimadhav.Heblikar
17535 3 months ago IDLE: Add an option to show line numbers along the left side of the editor window, and have it enabled by default. has patch open Todd.Rovito
34976 3 months ago IDLE: Replace the search dialog with a search bar has PR open taleinat
35263 3 months ago Add None handling for get_saved() in IDLE has PR open rhettinger
35455 3 months ago Solaris thread_time doesn't work with current implementation has patch has PR open kulikjak
28054 3 months ago Diff for visually comparing actual with expected in mock.assert_called_with. has patch open Eli Rose
9633 3 months ago pdb go stack up/down has patch has PR open Markus.Pröller
32299 3 months ago unittest.mock.patch.dict.__enter__ should return the dict has PR open Allen Li
22577 3 months ago local variable changes lost after pdb jump command has PR open xdegaye
34079 3 months ago Multiprocessing module fails to build on Solaris 11.3 has patch open clallen
17088 3 months ago ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch has PR open silverbacknet
20602 3 months ago sys.flags and sys.float_info disappear at shutdown has patch has PR open pitrou
35436 3 months ago Add missing PyErr_NoMemory() calls has PR open ZackerySpytz
33023 3 months ago Unable to copy ssl.SSLContext has PR open vitaly.krug
31572 3 months ago Avoid suppressing all exceptions in PyObject_HasAttr() has PR open serhiy.storchaka
35416 3 months ago Fix potential resource warnings in distutils has PR open Tiger-222
35414 3 months ago A reference counting bug in PyState_RemoveModule() has PR open ZackerySpytz
35398 3 months ago SQLite incorrect row count for UPDATE has PR open Montana Low
16482 3 months ago pdb.set_trace() clobbering traceback on error has PR open akaptur
5430 3 months ago imaplib: must not replace LF or CR by CRLF in literals has patch has PR open memeplex
35409 3 months ago Async generator might re-throw GeneratorExit on aclose() has patch open vxgmichel
35335 3 months ago msgfmt should be able to merge more than one po file has patch has PR open s-ball
9741 3 months ago generates invalid mo because msgfmt.make() does not clear dictionary has patch has PR open timothy.ty.lee
25567 3 months ago shlex.quote doesn't work on bytestrings has patch has PR open Jonas Thiem
9004 3 months ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch has PR open belopolsky
35227 3 months ago [RFE] tarfile: support adding file objects without prior known size has PR open mgorny
31046 3 months ago ensurepip does not honour the value of $(prefix) has patch open xdegaye
33930 3 months ago Segfault with deep recursion into object().__dir__ has patch open a-j-buxton
31956 3 months ago Add start and stop parameters to the array.index() has patch has PR open niki.spahiev
24412 3 months ago setUpClass equivalent for addCleanup has patch has PR open r.david.murray
34521 3 months ago Multiple tests (test_socket, test_multiprocessing_*) fail due to incorrect recvmsg(2) buffer lengths, causing failures on FreeBSD CURRENT has patch has PR open pablogsal
30681 3 months ago email.utils.parsedate_to_datetime() should return None when date cannot be parsed has PR open timb07
29708 3 months ago support reproducible Python builds has PR open bmwiedemann
31512 3 months ago Add non-elevated symlink support for dev mode Windows 10 has patch has PR open vidartf
35181 4 months ago Doc: Namespace Packages: Inconsistent documentation of __loader__ being None has PR open mdk
17490 4 months ago Improve ast.literal_eval test suite coverage has patch open ncoghlan
20504 4 months ago cgi.FieldStorage, multipart, missing Content-Length has patch has PR open srittau
25439 4 months ago Add type checks to urllib.request.Request has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
34995 4 months ago functools.cached_property does not maintain the wrapped method's __isabstractmethod__ has PR open mwilbz
35282 4 months ago Add a return value to lib2to3.refactor.refactor_file and refactor_dir has PR open martindemello
29298 4 months ago argparse fails with required subparsers, un-named dest, and empty argv has PR open zachrahan
31292 4 months ago `python check --restructuredtext` fails when a include directive is present. has patch has PR open flying sheep
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