ID Activity Title Status Creator
36738 3 weeks ago Add 'array_hook' for json module has PR open matomatical
8138 3 weeks ago wsgiref.simple_server.SimpleServer claims to be multithreaded has patch has PR open sgala
32642 3 weeks ago add support for path-like objects in sys.path has PR open chris.jerdonek
11871 3 weeks ago test_default_timeout() of test_threading.BarrierTests failure: BrokenBarrierError has patch open vstinner
9912 3 weeks ago Fail when vsvarsall.bat produces stderr has patch open flub
13272 3 weeks ago 2to3 fix_renames doesn't rename string.lowercase/uppercase/letters has patch open ezio.melotti
900092 3 weeks ago hotshot.stats.load fails with AssertionError has patch open sdahlbac
10312 3 weeks ago intcatcher() can deadlock has patch open hfuru
6029 3 weeks ago FAIL: test_longdouble (ctypes.test.test_callbacks.Callbacks) [SPARC/64-bit] has patch open illumino
18979 3 weeks ago Use argparse in the uu module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
15907 3 weeks ago move doctest test-data files into a subdirectory of Lib/test has patch open chris.jerdonek
18977 3 weeks ago The -t option has no effect in for uu command-line has patch open serhiy.storchaka
9665 3 weeks ago Buid issues on Cygwin - _curses, _curses_panel, and _io has patch open brian.curtin
17148 3 weeks ago mingw: nt thread model detection has patch open rpetrov
9529 3 weeks ago Make re match object iterable has patch open MizardX
22029 3 weeks ago argparse - CSS white-space: like control for individual text blocks has patch open paul.j3
18651 3 weeks ago test failures on KFreeBSD has patch open doko
18477 3 weeks ago fix_import (2to3 fixer) is not case-sensitive has patch open Valentin.Lorentz
13123 3 weeks ago bdist_wininst uninstaller does not remove pycache directories has patch open paul.moore
4722 3 weeks ago _winreg.QueryValue fault while reading mangled registry values open malicious.wizard
11212 3 weeks ago Python memory limit on AIX has patch open sable
4264 3 weeks ago Patch: optimize code to use LIST_APPEND instead of calling list.append has patch open novalis_dt
1047397 3 weeks ago cgitb failures has patch open rgbecker
9399 3 weeks ago Provide a 'print' action for argparse has patch open travistouchdown
17362 3 weeks ago enable-new-dtags only for GNU ELF linker has patch open rpetrov
15485 3 weeks ago CROSS: append gcc library search paths has patch open rpetrov
15411 3 weeks ago os.chmod() does not follow symlinks on Windows has patch open ishimoto
15629 3 weeks ago Add to regrtest the ability to run Lib and Doc doctests has patch open chris.jerdonek
7247 3 weeks ago test_fcntl_64_bit from fails in Python 2.6.4 has patch open Chainsaw
14689 3 weeks ago make PYTHONWARNINGS variable work in libpython has patch open petere
16807 3 weeks ago argparse group nesting lost on inheritance has patch open dougalsutherland
17783 3 weeks ago run the testsuite in batched mode has patch open doko
14730 3 weeks ago Implementation of the PEP 419: Protecting cleanup statements from interruptions has patch open tailhook
15552 3 weeks ago gettext: if looking for .mo in default locations, also look in locale-bundle location has patch open Dominique.Leuenberger
16376 3 weeks ago wrong type for wintypes.BYTE has patch open techtonik
15600 3 weeks ago expose the finder details used by the FileFinder path hook has patch open eric.snow
11455 3 weeks ago issue a warning when populating a CPython type dict with non-string keys has patch open michael.foord
14750 3 weeks ago Tkinter application doesn't run from source build on Windows has patch open vinay.sajip
1252236 3 weeks ago Simplying Tkinter's event loop has patch open mdehoon
9937 3 weeks ago _winreg.EnumValue causes MemoryError has patch open kzmi
20513 3 weeks ago Python 2.7. Script interruption on logoff from 0 session under Win2003 and earlier has patch open vScherba
17652 3 weeks ago Add skip_on_windows decorator to has patch open berker.peksag
11598 3 weeks ago missing afxres.h error when building bdist_wininst in Visual Studio 2008 Express has patch open carljm
19460 3 weeks ago Add test for MIMENonMultipart has patch open vajrasky
19960 3 weeks ago MacOSX: Building 2.7 without the xcode command line tools installed has patch open ronaldoussoren
18119 3 weeks ago urllib.FancyURLopener does not treat URL fragments correctly has patch open takahashi.shuhei
1669539 3 weeks ago Add os.path.isrelative() and improve ntpath.isabs() has patch open jongfoster
11176 3 weeks ago give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch open bethard
8350 3 weeks ago Document lack of support for keyword arguments in C functions has patch open twhitema
1610654 3 weeks ago multipart/form-data has patch open teyc
7833 3 weeks ago bdist_wininst installers fail to load extensions built with Issue4120 patch has patch open cgohlke
8502 3 weeks ago support plurals in pygettext has patch open jhg
1708316 3 weeks ago doctest work with Windows PyReadline has patch open manuelg_
14014 3 weeks ago codecs.StreamWriter.reset contract not fulfilled has patch open Jim.Jewett
14953 3 weeks ago Reimplement subset of multiprocessing.sharedctypes using memoryview has patch open sbt
14568 3 weeks ago HP-UX local libraries not included has patch has PR open adiroiban
7951 3 weeks ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? has patch open eric.smith
36724 3 weeks ago Clear _PyRuntime at exit has PR open vstinner
18099 3 weeks ago wsgiref sets Content-Length: 0 on 304 Not Modified has patch has PR open flox
36461 3 weeks ago timeit: Additional changes for autorange has PR open cheryl.sabella
35920 3 weeks ago Windows 10 ARM32 platform support has PR open steve.dower
33348 3 weeks ago lib2to3 doesn't parse f(*[] or []) has PR open zsol
36541 3 weeks ago Make lib2to3 grammar more closely match Python has PR open thatch
16079 3 weeks ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open xdegaye
36683 3 weeks ago duplicate method definition in Lib/test/ has PR open xdegaye
36681 3 weeks ago duplicate method definition in Lib/test/ has PR open xdegaye
36680 4 weeks ago duplicate method definition in Lib/test/test_importlib/ has PR open xdegaye
19119 4 weeks ago duplicate test name in Lib/test/ has patch open xdegaye
36678 4 weeks ago duplicate method definitions in Lib/test/ has PR open xdegaye
35537 4 weeks ago use os.posix_spawn in subprocess has patch has PR open nanjekyejoannah
12144 4 weeks ago cookielib.CookieJar.make_cookies fails for cookies with 'expires' set has patch open Scott.Wimer
36305 4 weeks ago Inconsistent behavior of pathlib.WindowsPath with drive paths has PR open kmaork
36624 4 weeks ago cleanup the stdlib and tests with regard to sys.platform usage has PR open Michael.Felt
22269 4 weeks ago Resolve distutils option conflicts with priorities has patch open minrk
36688 4 weeks ago _dummy_thread lacks an RLock implementaiton has PR open xtreak
9633 1 month ago pdb go stack up/down has patch has PR open Markus.Pröller
22107 1 month ago tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open rupole
18564 1 month ago Integer overflow in the socket function parsing a Bluetooth address has patch has PR open maker
29940 1 month ago Add follow_wrapped=True option to help() has PR open samwyse
11588 1 month ago Add "necessarily inclusive" groups to argparse has patch open John.Didion
36672 1 month ago A compiler warning in winreg.SetValue() has PR open ZackerySpytz
28113 1 month ago Remove Py_CreateSymbolicLinkW has patch has PR open eryksun
35586 1 month ago Open pyexpat compilation, Make shows error(missing separator) has PR open kbengine
36518 1 month ago Avoid conflicts when pass arbitrary keyword arguments to Python function has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36685 1 month ago C implementation of xml.etree.ElementTree does not make a copy of attrib argument when creating new Element has PR open gphemsley
32780 1 month ago ctypes: memoryview gives incorrect PEP3118 format strings for both packed and unpacked structs has PR open Eric.Wieser
22246 1 month ago add strptime(s, '%s') has patch open akira
28724 1 month ago Add method send_io, recv_io to the socket module. has patch has PR open tokibito
26219 1 month ago implement per-opcode cache in ceval has patch has PR open yselivanov
36667 1 month ago pdb: restore SIGINT handler in sigint_handler already has PR open blueyed
14788 1 month ago Pdb debugs itself after ^C and a breakpoint is set anywhere has patch open xdegaye
25878 1 month ago CPython on Windows builds with /W3, not /W4 has patch open Alexander Riccio
35100 1 month ago urllib.parse.unquote_to_bytes: needs "escape plus" option has PR open Henry Zhu
36277 1 month ago pdb's recursive debug command is not listed in the docs has PR open Antony.Lee
14817 1 month ago pkgutil.extend_path has no tests has PR open eric.smith
10417 1 month ago [2.7] unittest triggers UnicodeEncodeError with non-ASCII character in the docstring of the test function has PR open jammon
23382 1 month ago Maybe can not shutdown ThreadPoolExecutor when call the method of shutdown has patch open miles
22454 1 month ago Adding the opposite function of shlex.split() has PR open Sworddragon
36560 1 month ago test_functools leaks randomly 1 memory block has patch has PR open vstinner
36634 1 month ago venv: activate.bat fails for venv with parentheses in PATH has patch open BWenzel
29930 1 month ago Waiting for asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() twice in parallel raises an AssertionError when the transport stopped writing has patch open metathink
27860 1 month ago Improvements to ipaddress module has patch has PR open moritzs
31954 1 month ago Don't prevent dict optimization by coupling with OrderedDict has PR open serhiy.storchaka
30202 1 month ago Update test.test_importlib.test_abc to test find_spec() has PR open brett.cannon
36389 1 month ago Add gc.enable_object_debugger(): detect corrupted Python objects in the GC has PR open vstinner
33632 1 month ago undefined behaviour: signed integer overflow in threadmodule.c has PR open pitrou
36610 1 month ago os.sendfile can return EINVAL on Solaris has patch open kulikjak
32782 1 month ago memoryview & ctypes: incorrect itemsize for empty array has PR open Eric.Wieser
36608 1 month ago Replace bundled pip and setuptools with a downloader in the ensurepip module has PR open webknjaz
35967 1 month ago Better platform.processor support has PR open jaraco
13927 1 month ago Document time.ctime format has patch has PR open Roger.Caldwell
35278 1 month ago [security] directory traversal in tempfile prefix has patch has PR open Yusuke Endoh
36231 1 month ago no "proper" header files on macOS 10.14 Mojave has patch has PR open dimpase
17013 1 month ago Allow waiting on a mock has PR open pitrou
17267 1 month ago datetime.time support for '+' and '-' has patch open ronaldoussoren
32299 1 month ago unittest.mock.patch.dict.__enter__ should return the dict has PR open Allen Li
36488 1 month ago os.sendfile() on BSD, macOS don't return bytes sent on EINTR has PR open giampaolo.rodola
36612 1 month ago Unittest document is not clear on SetUpClass calls has PR open vrpolakatcisco
35520 1 month ago Python won't build with dtrace enabled on some systems. has PR open kulikjak
20582 1 month ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags has PR open roysmith
34249 1 month ago Full set of format codes applies to strftime only has PR open v kats
22377 1 month ago %Z in strptime doesn't match EST and others has patch open cool-RR
18697 1 month ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32949 1 month ago Simplify "with"-related opcodes has PR open serhiy.storchaka
28009 1 month ago core logic of uuid.getnode() is broken for netstat has PR open Michael.Felt
1222585 1 month ago C++ compilation support for distutils has patch open ahonkela
36590 1 month ago Add Bluetooth RFCOMM Support for Windows has PR open topnotcher
36589 1 month ago Incorrect error handling in curses.update_lines_cols() has PR open ZackerySpytz
36346 1 month ago Prepare for removing the legacy Unicode C API has PR open serhiy.storchaka
31226 1 month ago shutil.rmtree fails when target has an internal directory junction (Windows) has patch has PR open vidartf
36583 1 month ago Do not swallow exceptions in the _ssl module has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32008 1 month ago Example suggest to use a TLSv1 socket has PR open kroeckx
14826 1 month ago urlopen URL with unescaped space has patch has PR open wichert
36417 1 month ago unicode.isdecimal bug in online Python 2 documentation has PR open pewscorner
36581 1 month ago __dir__ on unittest.mock not safe for all spec types has PR open Dylan Semler
33387 1 month ago Simplify bytecodes for try-finally, try-except and with blocks. has PR open Mark.Shannon
36576 1 month ago Some test_ssl and test_asyncio tests fail with OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Python 3.4 and 3.5 has PR open vstinner
34110 1 month ago cPickle may raise AttributeError when loading concurrently in threads has PR open sangongs
35381 1 month ago posixmodule: convert statically allocated types (DirEntryType & ScandirIteratorType) to heap-allocated types has PR open eelizondo
32409 1 month ago venv activate.bat is UTF-8 encoded but uses current console codepage has PR open Jac0
36478 1 month ago backport of pickle fixes to Python 3.5.7 uses C99 for loops has PR open Anthony Sottile
24565 1 month ago the f_lineno getter is broken has patch has PR open xdegaye
36563 1 month ago pdbrc is read twice if current directory is the home directory has PR open blueyed
15903 1 month ago Make rawiobase_read() read directly to bytes object has patch open sbt
15994 1 month ago memoryview to freed memory can cause segfault has patch open sbt
35210 1 month ago Use bytes + memoryview + resize instead of bytesarray + array in has PR open tzickel
36556 1 month ago Trashcan causing duplicated __del__ calls has PR open jdemeyer
13475 1 month ago Add '--mainpath'/'--nomainpath' command line options to override sys.path[0] initialisation has patch open ncoghlan
36053 1 month ago pkgutil.walk_packages jumps out from given path if there is package with the same name in sys.path has PR open karkucik
34488 1 month ago improve performance of BytesIO.writelines() by avoiding creation of unused PyLongs has PR open sir-sigurd
26730 1 month ago SpooledTemporaryFile doesn't correctly preserve data for text (non-binary) SpooledTemporaryFile objects when Unicode characters are written has patch open James Hennessy
28190 1 month ago Cross-build _curses failed if host ncurses headers and target ncurses headers have different layouts has patch open yan12125
9883 1 month ago minidom: AttributeError: DocumentFragment instance has no attribute 'writexml' has PR open Aubrey.Barnard
36550 1 month ago Avoid creating AttributeError exceptions in the debugger has PR open blueyed
27992 1 month ago Clarify %(prog)s in argparse help formatter returns basename of sys.argv[0] by default has patch has PR open py.user
36548 1 month ago Make the repr of re flags more readable has PR open serhiy.storchaka
25160 1 month ago Stop using deprecated imp module; imp should now emit a real DeprecationWarning has patch has PR open vstinner
16786 1 month ago argparse doesn't offer localization interface for "version" action has patch has PR open thorsten
33775 1 month ago argparse: the word 'default' (in help) is not marked as translatable has PR open woutgg
36543 1 month ago Remove old-deprecated ElementTree features (part 2) has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32280 1 month ago Expose `_PyRuntime` through a section name has PR open Maxime Belanger
36487 1 month ago Make C-API docs clear about what the "main" interpreter is has PR open nanjekyejoannah
6721 1 month ago Locks in the standard library should be sanitized on fork has patch has PR open gregory.p.smith
33533 1 month ago Provide an async-generator version of as_completed has PR open hniksic
35551 1 month ago Encoding and alias issues has PR open blkserene
14841 1 month ago os.get_terminal_size() should check stdin as a fallback has PR open Arfrever
36531 1 month ago PyType_FromSpec wrong behavior with multiple Py_tp_members has PR open eelizondo
36528 1 month ago Remove duplicate tests in Lib/tests/ has PR open xtreak
26415 1 month ago Excessive peak memory consumption by the Python parser has patch has PR open A. Skrobov
36347 1 month ago Renaming the constants for the .flags of PyMemberDef has PR open matrixise
16954 1 month ago Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka
21879 1 month ago str.format() gives poor diagnostic on placeholder mismatch has patch has PR open roysmith
36516 1 month ago Python Launcher can not recognize pyw file as Python GUI Script file type correctly. has PR open gjj2828
36481 1 month ago telnetlib process_rawq() callback has PR open Quanthir
32941 1 month ago mmap should expose madvise() has PR open pitrou
36485 1 month ago Establish a uniform way to clear all caches in a given module has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36364 1 month ago errors in multiprocessing.shared_memory examples has patch has PR open pierreglaser
34677 1 month ago Event scheduler page example has PR open mediator42
36210 1 month ago correct AIX logic in for (non-existant) optional extensions has patch has PR open Michael.Felt
13501 1 month ago Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch has PR open ngie
30587 1 month ago Mock with spec object does not ensure method call signatures has PR open cbelu
36494 1 month ago bdb.Bdb.set_trace: should set f_trace_lines = True has PR open blueyed
36253 1 month ago Use after free in ctypes test suite has patch has PR open btharper
18233 1 month ago SSLSocket.getpeercertchain() has patch open christian.heimes
35707 1 month ago time.sleep() should support objects with __float__ has PR open jdemeyer
26537 1 month ago ConfigParser has optionxform, but not sectionxform has patch open Anaphory
35941 1 month ago ssl.enum_certificates() regression has PR open schlenk
20271 1 month ago urllib.parse.urlparse() accepts wrong URLs has patch open serhiy.storchaka
16995 1 month ago Add Base32 support for RFC4648 "Extended Hex" alphabet (patch attached) has patch open matthaeus.wander
36429 1 month ago Fix starting IDLE with pyshell has PR open terry.reedy
31466 1 month ago No easy way to change float formatting when subclassing encoder.JSONEncoder has PR open qpeter
36409 1 month ago plistlib old API should be removed has PR open bigfootjon
34632 1 month ago Port importlib_metadata to Python 3.8 has PR open barry
34098 1 month ago multiprocessing.Server swallows original exception traceback has PR open salgado
31670 1 month ago Associate .wasm with application/wasm has PR open flagxor
36406 2 months ago doctest.testmod(empty_package) raises TypeError in 3.7 (and no errors in 3.6) has PR open Dutcho
35982 2 months ago Create unit-tests for os.renames() has PR open nanjekyejoannah
36020 2 months ago HAVE_SNPRINTF and MSVC std::snprintf support has PR open palotasb-conti
36021 2 months ago [Security][Windows] webbrowser: WindowsDefault uses os.startfile() and so can be abused to run arbitrary commands has PR open vstinner
13850 2 months ago Summary tables for argparse add_argument options has patch has PR open ncoghlan
10716 2 months ago Modernize pydoc to use better HTML and separate CSS has patch open rhettinger
36342 2 months ago test_venv failure when executed by test_multiprocessing and the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye
35155 2 months ago Clarify Protocol Handlers in urllib.request Docs has PR open Denton-L
36299 2 months ago array: Deprecate 'u' type in array module has PR open inada.naoki
23984 2 months ago Documentation error: Descriptors has PR open bjonnh
36398 2 months ago A possible crash in structseq.c's structseq_repr() has PR open ZackerySpytz
36375 2 months ago PEP 499 implementation: "python -m foo" binds the main module as both __main__ and foo in sys.modules has PR open cameron
36394 2 months ago test_multiprocessing_spawn fails on Windows7 3.x buildbot has PR open pablogsal
36390 2 months ago IDLE: Refactor formatting methods from editor has PR open cheryl.sabella
36388 2 months ago pdb: do_debug installs sys.settrace handler when used inside post_mortem has PR open blueyed
33964 2 months ago IDLE maxosc.overrideRootMenu: remove unused menudict has PR open terry.reedy
36285 2 months ago Integer overflow in array.array.remove() has PR open sth
21588 2 months ago Idle: make editor title bar user configurable has patch open terry.reedy
21696 2 months ago Idle: test configuration files has patch open terry.reedy
35675 2 months ago IDLE: Refactor config_key module. has PR open terry.reedy
28937 2 months ago str.split(): remove empty strings when sep is not None has patch open barry
36309 2 months ago Remove tempfile.mktemp() has PR open John Hagen
31199 2 months ago configure checks fail confusingly under --with-address-sanitizer if libasan is missing has PR open pmatos
36361 2 months ago generate correct pyconfig.h when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye
35859 2 months ago Capture behavior depends on the order of an alternation has patch has PR open davisjam
36353 2 months ago rpath incorrectly handled on OSX by build_ext has PR open Toon Verstraelen
36351 2 months ago the ipv6type variable in may be set incorrectly when cross-compiling has PR open xdegaye
36214 2 months ago AC_RUN_IFELSE macros not used as arguments of AC_CACHE_VAL et al has PR open xdegaye
36350 2 months ago inspect.Signature.parameters and inspect.BoundArguments.arguments should be dicts instead of OrderedDicts has PR open remi.lapeyre
35066 2 months ago Inconsistency between dangling '%' handling in time.strftime() and datetime.strftime() has PR open mjsaah
33875 2 months ago Allow dynamic password evaluation in pypirc configuration file. has PR open jperras
36335 2 months ago Factor out / add bdb.Bdb.is_skipped_frame has PR open blueyed
36247 2 months ago zipfile - extract truncates (existing) file when bad password provided (zip encryption weakness) has PR open CristiFati
36290 2 months ago _ast.ast_type_init does not handle args and kwargs correctly. has PR open remi.lapeyre
31062 2 months ago socket.makefile does not handle line buffering has PR open kchen
36127 2 months ago Argument Clinic: inline parsing code for functions with keyword parameters has PR open serhiy.storchaka
13670 2 months ago Increase test coverage for has patch open andrea.crotti
15286 2 months ago normpath does not work with local literal paths has patch open mandel
36287 2 months ago Make ast.dump() not output optional default fields has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36138 2 months ago Improve documentation about converting datetime.timedelta to scalars has PR open p-ganssle
6253 2 months ago optparse.OptionParser.get_usage uses wrong formatter has patch open ccx
14743 2 months ago on terminating, Pdb debugs itself has patch open xdegaye
14453 2 months ago profile.Profile.calibrate can produce incorrect numbers in some circumstances has patch open adamtj
14322 2 months ago More test coverage for hmac has patch open packetslave
7671 2 months ago test_popen fails if path contains special char like ";" has patch open flox
828450 2 months ago sdist generates bad MANIFEST on Windows has patch open jhylton
13681 2 months ago Aifc read compressed frames fix has patch open Oleg.Plakhotnyuk
1438480 2 months ago shutil.move raises OSError when copystat fails has patch open piman
12625 2 months ago sporadic test_unittest failure has patch open pitrou
10880 2 months ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
8214 2 months ago Add exception logging function to syslog module has patch open eric.smith
10558 2 months ago non-standard processing of several configure options ignores "=no" has patch open ned.deily
13074 2 months ago Improve documentation of locale encoding functions has patch open gjb1002
10978 2 months ago Add optional argument to Semaphore.release for releasing multiple threads has patch open rhettinger
12872 2 months ago --with-tsc crashes on ppc64 has patch open dmalcolm
8630 2 months ago Keepends param in codec readline(s) has patch open amccampos
12201 2 months ago Returning FILETIME is unsupported in msilib.SummaryInformation.GetProperty() has patch open markm
7982 2 months ago extend captured_output to simulate different stdout.encoding has patch open flox
8908 2 months ago friendly errors for UAC misbehavior in windows installers has patch open techtonik
9739 2 months ago Output of help(...) is wider than 80 characters has patch open casevh
1576313 2 months ago os.execvp[e] on win32 fails for current directory has patch open snaury
11580 2 months ago Add width and precision formatters to PyBytes_FromFormatV() has patch open ysj.ray
11511 2 months ago Proposal for exposing proxy bypass settings in ProxyHandler has patch open rswilson
9499 2 months ago Python C/API Execution namespace undocumented. (patch included) has patch open ideasman42
8822 2 months ago datetime naive and aware types should have a well-defined definition that can be cross-referenced has patch open techtonik
11056 2 months ago 2to3 fails for inner __metaclass__ class definition has patch open nw
8029 2 months ago bug in 2to3 dealing with "print FOO," followed by "sys.stdout.write('')" has patch open trentm
15680 2 months ago PEP 3121 refactoring applied to audioop module has patch open Robin.Schreiber
8535 2 months ago passing optimization flags to the linker required for builds with gcc -flto has patch open doko
13299 2 months ago namedtuple row factory for sqlite3 has patch open ncoghlan
8843 2 months ago urllib2 Digest Authorization uri must match request URI has patch open anelis
12639 2 months ago msilib Directory.start_component() fails if keyfile is not None has patch open john.keeping
15381 2 months ago Optimize BytesIO to do less reallocations when written, similarly to StringIO has patch open eli.bendersky
11717 2 months ago conflicting definition of ssize_t in pyconfig.h has patch open wrohdewald
1559298 2 months ago test_popen fails on Windows if installed to "Program Files" has patch open loewis
6820 2 months ago Redefinition of HAVE_STRFTIME can cause compiler errors. has patch open rgpitts
15178 2 months ago Doctest should handle situations when test files are not readable has patch open bkabrda
14367 2 months ago try/except block in ismethoddescriptor() in, so that pydoc works with pygame in Python 3.2 has patch open ncdave4life
10515 2 months ago csv sniffer does not recognize quotes at the end of line has patch open Martin.Budaj
12010 2 months ago Compile fails when sizeof(wchar_t) == 1 has patch open dcoles
10954 2 months ago csv.reader/writer to raise exception if mode is binary or newline is not '' has patch open lregebro
9985 2 months ago difflib.SequenceMatcher has slightly buggy and undocumented caching behavior has patch open marienz
21865 2 months ago Improve invalid category exception for warnings.filterwarnings has patch open berker.peksag
21944 2 months ago Allow copying of CodecInfo objects has patch open lehmannro
6701 2 months ago Make custom xmlrpc extension easier has patch open bogdan.opanchuk
8576 2 months ago test_support.find_unused_port can cause socket conflicts on Windows has patch open paul.moore
9784 2 months ago _msi.c warnings under 64-bit Windows has patch open pitrou
7877 2 months ago Iterators over _winreg EnumKey and EnumValue results has patch open brian.curtin
20257 2 months ago test_socket fails if using tipc module and SELinux enabled has patch open vajrasky
20613 2 months ago Wrong line information in bytecode generated by compiler module has patch open arnau
2889 2 months ago curses for windows (alternative patch) has patch open techtonik
22608 2 months ago test_socket fails with sem_init: Too many open files has patch open Urs.Traber
22149 2 months ago the frame of a suspended generator should not have a local trace function has patch open xdegaye
33990 2 months ago CPPFLAGS during ./configure are not passed-through in sysconfig.customize_compiler has PR open ericvw
15244 2 months ago Support for opening files with FILE_SHARE_DELETE on Windows has patch open sbt
22035 2 months ago Fatal error in dbm.gdbm has patch open serhiy.storchaka
12808 2 months ago Coverage of has patch open tleeuwenburg
10612 2 months ago StopTestRun exception to halt test run has patch open michael.foord
6731 2 months ago Add option of non-zero exit status of when building of extensions has failed has patch open Arfrever
16095 2 months ago urllib2 failing with squid proxy and digest authentication has patch open toobaz
29299 2 months ago Argument Clinic: Fix signature of optional positional-only arguments has patch open vstinner
36302 2 months ago distutils creates unreproducible .so files has PR open bmwiedemann
34033 2 months ago distutils is not reproducible has PR open vstinner
33944 2 months ago Deprecate and remove pth files has PR open barry
15749 2 months ago cgitb prints html for text when display disabled. has patch has PR open aliles
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