ID Activity Title Status Creator
33976 1 month ago Enums don't support nested classes has PR open edwardw
36793 1 month ago Do not define unneeded __str__ equal to __repr__ has PR open serhiy.storchaka
37560 1 month ago with cgi.FieldStorage(...) fails on cleanup with AttributeError, missing try/except in __exit__ has PR open Stefanik Gábor
36712 1 month ago duplicate method definition in Lib/email/test/ has PR open xdegaye
36711 1 month ago duplicate method definition in Lib/email/ has PR open xdegaye
16806 1 month ago col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions has patch has PR open
37330 1 month ago open(): remove 'U' mode, deprecated since Python 3.3 has PR open vstinner
32782 1 month ago memoryview & ctypes: incorrect itemsize for empty array has PR open Eric.Wieser
37559 1 month ago IDLE: Scrolling issues with code context shown has patch open taleinat
7202 1 month ago "python cmd --verbose" does not set verbosity has PR open zooko
37522 1 month ago http.cookies.SimpleCookie doesn't seem to be parsed using regulars has PR open MeiK
29708 1 month ago support reproducible Python builds has PR open bmwiedemann
34093 1 month ago Reproducible pyc: FLAG_REF is not stable. has patch has PR open inada.naoki
28009 1 month ago core logic of uuid.getnode() needs refresh has PR open Michael.Felt
30140 1 month ago Binary arithmetic does not always call subclasses first has PR open Stephan Hoyer
34543 1 month ago _struct.Struct: calling functions without calling __init__ results in SystemError has PR open DeKrain
37482 1 month ago Email address display name fails with both encoded words and special chars has patch has PR open bsiem
37344 1 month ago plistlib doesn't skip whitespace in XML format detection has PR open shaneg
30588 1 month ago Missing documentation for codecs.escape_decode has PR open mdartiailh
37592 1 month ago sysconfig should not rely on sys.version has PR open carlbordum
25433 1 month ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() has patch has PR open Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos
24053 1 month ago Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE constants in sys has patch has PR open belopolsky
37570 1 month ago [Windows] distutils.util.byte_compile() fails indirect byte compiling with non-ASCII full-path has patch open Suzumizaki
32381 1 month ago Python 3.6 cannot reopen .pyc file with non-ASCII path has patch has PR open tianjg
37553 1 month ago SendfileUsingSendTest tests timeout too short for Windows ARM32 has PR open Paul Monson
35907 1 month ago [security][CVE-2019-9948] Unnecessary URL scheme exists to allow local_file:// reading file in urllib has PR open push0ebp
13127 1 month ago is not labeled as read-only has PR open dillona
33326 1 month ago Convert collections (cmp_op, hasconst, hasname and others) in opcode module to more optimal type has PR open godaygo
25998 1 month ago doctest terminates when accessing __wrapped__ raises an error has patch has PR open Lasse Schuirmann
35409 1 month ago Async generator might re-throw GeneratorExit on aclose() has patch has PR open vxgmichel
12217 1 month ago Cross-link docs for faulthandler, traceback and pdb has PR open eric.araujo
36816 1 month ago TLS certificate key is too weak has PR open gregory.p.smith
36608 1 month ago Replace bundled pip and setuptools with a downloader in the ensurepip module has PR open webknjaz
28269 1 month ago [MinGW] Can't compile Python/dynload_win.c due to static strcasecmp has patch has PR open vmurashev
37574 1 month ago Mention spec_from_loader() in Finder.find_spec() docs. has PR open eric.snow
7951 1 month ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? has patch open eric.smith
35941 1 month ago ssl.enum_certificates() regression has PR open schlenk
34226 1 month ago cgi.parse_multipart() requires undocumented CONTENT-LENGTH in Python 3.7 has PR open yan12125
37556 1 month ago Launcher help does not mention configuration options has PR open Steve Barnes
7946 1 month ago Convoy effect with I/O bound threads and New GIL has patch open dabeaz
37537 1 month ago Compute allocated blocks in _Py_GetAllocatedBlocks() has PR open nascheme
37151 1 month ago Calling code cleanup after PEP 590 has PR open jdemeyer
37480 1 month ago add ptpython to list of alternate interpreters has PR open zjayv
37322 1 month ago test_ssl: test_pha_required_nocert() emits a ResourceWarning has PR open vstinner
37120 1 month ago Provide knobs to disable session ticket generation on TLS 1.3 has PR open njs
37363 1 month ago Additional PEP578 hooks has PR open steve.dower
29312 1 month ago Use FASTCALL in dict.update() has patch has PR open vstinner
11871 1 month ago test_default_timeout() of test_threading.BarrierTests failure: BrokenBarrierError has patch open vstinner
37052 1 month ago Add examples for mocking async for and async context manager in unittest.mock docs has PR open xtreak
37501 1 month ago Test failures when CPython is built without docstrings has patch has PR open ZackerySpytz
37390 1 month ago Generate table of audit events for docs has patch has PR open steve.dower
37523 1 month ago zipfile: Raise ValueError for i/o operations on closed zipfile.ZipExtFile has PR open dhillier
36993 1 month ago zipfile: tuple IndexError on extract has patch has PR open alter-bug-tracer
37367 1 month ago octal escapes applied inconsistently throughout the interpreter and lib has PR open bup
37187 1 month ago CField.size from the ctypes module does not behave as documented on bitfields has PR open Eric Wieser
29505 1 month ago Submit the re, json, & csv modules to oss-fuzz testing has PR open gregory.p.smith
21120 1 month ago PyArena type is used in headers from the limited API has PR open aponomarenko
37456 1 month ago FAQ says positional arguments aren't a thing has PR open SoniEx2
37504 1 month ago Documentation fails to build when using Sphinx' texinfo builder has PR open doko
36528 1 month ago Remove duplicate tests in Lib/tests/ has PR open xtreak
37479 1 month ago IntEnum __format__ behavior can't be overridden through __str__ has PR open jason.curtis
12782 1 month ago Multiple context expressions do not support parentheses for continuation across lines open Julian
15500 1 month ago Python should support exporting thread names to the OS has PR open bra
22107 1 month ago tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open rupole
10945 1 month ago bdist_wininst depends on MBCS codec, unavailable on non-Windows has PR open eric.araujo
37382 1 month ago Improve conditional check for test_gdb has PR open jdemeyer
36763 1 month ago Implementation of the PEP 587 has PR open vstinner
37209 1 month ago Add what's new entries for pickle enhancements has PR open pitrou
32631 1 month ago IDLE: revise has PR open terry.reedy
36889 1 month ago Merge StreamWriter and StreamReader into just asyncio.Stream has patch has PR open asvetlov
37448 1 month ago obmalloc: radix tree for tracking arena address ranges has patch has PR open nascheme
37374 1 month ago Minidom does not have to escape quote inside text segments has PR open mitar
18108 1 month ago shutil.chown should support dir_fd and follow_symlinks keyword arguments has patch open cjwatson
36656 1 month ago Please add race-free and os.symlink wrapper / helper has PR open Tom Hale
37445 1 month ago Some FormatMessageW() calls use FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM without FORMAT_MESSAGE_IGNORE_INSERTS has PR open ZackerySpytz
26468 1 month ago shutil.copy2 raises OSError if filesystem doesn't support chmod has PR open Vojtěch Pachol
37404 1 month ago asyncio sock_recv blocks on ssl sockets. has patch has PR open AkshayTakkar
37166 1 month ago inspect.findsource doesn't handle shortened files gracefully has PR open thatch
20443 1 month ago __code__. co_filename should always be an absolute path has PR open yselivanov
33926 1 month ago test_gdb is skipped in builds since gdb is not installed as part of build script has PR open xtreak
32926 1 month ago Add public TestCase method/property to get result of current test open Victor Engmark
36738 1 month ago Add 'array_hook' for json module has PR open matomatical
37410 1 month ago [Windows] subprocess: close the handle when the process completes has PR open vstinner
37405 1 month ago socket.getsockname() returns string instead of tuple has PR open Brent Gardner
36661 1 month ago Missing dataclass decorator import in dataclasses module docs has PR open mfisherlevine
37408 1 month ago [DOC] Precise that Tarfile "format" argument only concerns writing. has PR open pakal
37251 1 month ago Mocking a MagicMock with a function spec results in an AsyncMock has PR open jcline
33972 1 month ago AttributeError in email.message.iter_attachments() has PR open skrohlas
31711 1 month ago ssl.SSLSocket.send(b"") fails has patch has PR open joernheissler
37140 1 month ago ctypes change made clang fail to build has PR open petr.viktorin
37193 1 month ago Memory leak while running TCP/UDPServer with socketserver.ThreadingMixIn has patch has PR open maru-n
37334 1 month ago Add a cancel method to asyncio Queues has PR open Martin.Teichmann
28724 1 month ago Add method send_io, recv_io to the socket module. has patch has PR open tokibito
20177 1 month ago Derby #8: Convert 28 sites to Argument Clinic across 2 files has patch has PR open larry
20181 1 month ago Derby #12: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 4 files has patch has PR open larry
30256 1 month ago Adding a SyncManager Queue proxy to a SyncManager dict or Namespace proxy raises an exception has PR open jjdmon
18299 1 month ago Change script_helper to use universal_newlines=True in _assert_python has PR open r.david.murray
5752 2 months ago xml.dom.minidom does not escape CR, LF and TAB characters within attribute values has patch open Tomalak
37212 2 months ago ordered keyword arguments in repr and error messages has PR open xtreak
37302 2 months ago Add an "onerror" callback parameter to the tempfile.TemporaryDirectory member functions has PR open Jeffrey.Kintscher
37372 2 months ago datetime.time unpickling fails in case of python2 pickle with seconds>=24 has PR open Justin Blanchard
36073 2 months ago sqlite crashes with converters mutating cursor has PR open sir-sigurd
32924 2 months ago Python 3.7 docs in docs.p.o points to GitHub's master branch has PR open Mariatta
36210 2 months ago correct AIX logic in for (non-existant) optional extensions has patch has PR open Michael.Felt
37349 2 months ago venv.EnvBuilder environmental variable hooks has PR open donovick
37289 2 months ago regression in Cython when pickling objects has patch has PR open tcaswell
37353 2 months ago Source code has not always been forward-compatible has PR open mdk
20179 2 months ago Derby #10: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 4 files has patch has PR open larry
37328 2 months ago remove deprecated HTMLParser.unescape has PR open inada.naoki
36710 2 months ago Pass _PyRuntimeState as an argument rather than using the _PyRuntime global variable has PR open vstinner
20175 2 months ago Derby #6: Convert 50 sites to Argument Clinic across 8 files has patch has PR open larry
34831 2 months ago Asyncio Tutorial has PR open cjrh
35134 2 months ago Add a new Include/cpython/ subdirectory for the "CPython API" with implementation details has PR open vstinner
6839 2 months ago zipfile can't extract file has patch has PR open NewerCookie
20183 2 months ago Derby #14: Convert 41 sites to Argument Clinic across 5 files has PR open larry
37305 2 months ago Add MIME type for Web App Manifest has PR open filips123
35031 2 months ago test_asyncio test_start_tls_server_1 fails in AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT buildbots has PR open pablogsal
21872 2 months ago LZMA library sometimes fails to decompress a file has patch has PR open vnummela
37297 2 months ago function changed when pickle bound method object has patch open georgexsh
34875 2 months ago Change .js mime to "text/javascript" has PR open mylesborins
24255 2 months ago Replace debuglevel-related logic with logging has patch has PR open demian.brecht
28805 2 months ago Add documentation for METH_FASTCALL and _PyObject_FastCall*() has PR open skrah
37308 2 months ago Possible mojibake in mmap.mmap() when using the tagname parameter on Windows has PR open ZackerySpytz
37260 2 months ago shutil.rmtree() FileNotFoundError race condition has PR open Jeffrey.Kintscher
37271 2 months ago Make multiple passes of the peephole optimizer until bytecode cannot be optimized further has PR open pablogsal
32477 2 months ago Move jumps optimization from the peepholer to the compiler has PR open serhiy.storchaka
1572968 2 months ago release GIL while doing I/O operations in the mmap module has PR open luks
28708 2 months ago Low FD_SETSIZE limit on Windows has PR open David Hirschfeld
37285 2 months ago Python 2.7 incorrectly double-joins SDKROOT has PR open mistydemeo
12857 2 months ago Expose called function on frame object has patch open eric.snow
32280 2 months ago Expose `_PyRuntime` through a section name has PR open Maxime Belanger
34651 2 months ago Disallow fork in a subinterpreter. has PR open eric.snow
25567 2 months ago shlex.quote doesn't work on bytestrings has patch has PR open Jonas Thiem
26180 2 months ago multiprocessing.util._afterfork_registry leak in threaded environment has patch has PR open mzamazal
9694 2 months ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open benschmaus
37270 2 months ago Manage memory lifetime for all type-related objects. has PR open llllllllll
37247 2 months ago swap distutils build_ext and build_py commands to allow proper SWIG extension installation has PR open jlvandenhout
37198 2 months ago _parse_localename fail to parse 'en_IL' has PR open hodai goldman
26140 2 months ago inspect.iscoroutinefunction raises TypeError when checks Mock of function or coroutinefunction has patch open miyakogi
36607 2 months ago asyncio.all_tasks() crashes if asyncio is used in multiple threads has PR open Nick Davies
35066 2 months ago Inconsistency between dangling '%' handling in time.strftime() and datetime.strftime() has PR open mjsaah
37252 2 months ago devpoll test failures on Solaris has PR open kulikjak
28459 2 months ago _pyio module broken on Cygwin / setmode not usable has patch has PR open erik.bray
31829 2 months ago Portability issues with pickle has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36901 2 months ago Fix leaks in /PC/bdist_wininst/install.c has PR open cheryl.sabella
32625 2 months ago Update the dis module documentation to reflect switch to wordcode has PR open belopolsky
36520 2 months ago Email header folded incorrectly has patch has PR open Jonathan Horn
36896 2 months ago clarify in types.rst that FunctionTypes & co constructors don't have stable signature has PR open mbussonn
28502 2 months ago [Patch] Make os.chdir() optional has patch open EdSchouten
4356 2 months ago Add "key" argument to "bisect" module functions has patch has PR open tebeka
36853 2 months ago inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2) has PR open jaraco
37222 2 months ago urllib missing voidresp breaks CacheFTPHandler has PR open danh
37129 2 months ago Add os.RWF_APPEND flag for os.pwritev has PR open bezoka
36373 2 months ago Deprecate explicit loop parameter in all public asyncio APIs has PR open dtrauma
33591 2 months ago ctypes does not support fspath protocol has PR open mrh1997
37218 2 months ago Default digestmod has not been removed from documentation has PR open Alex.Willmer
23649 2 months ago tarfile not re-entrant for multi-threading has patch open sgnn7
37211 2 months ago obmalloc: eliminate limit on pool size has PR open tim.peters
35954 2 months ago Incoherent type conversion in configparser has PR open Adeokkuw
34836 2 months ago test_ssl.test_default_ecdh_curve needs no tls1.3 flag in 2.7, for now has PR open xnox
34235 2 months ago PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords: support required keyword arguments has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36003 2 months ago set better defaults for TCPServer options has PR open giampaolo.rodola
12144 2 months ago cookielib.CookieJar.make_cookies fails for cookies with 'expires' set has patch has PR open Scott.Wimer
10880 2 months ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open IROV
37144 2 months ago improper handling of path-like object has patch has PR open dm
10915 2 months ago Make the PyGILState API compatible with multiple interpreters has patch open pitrou
37030 2 months ago Lib/ Hide undocumented commands in help and completenames has PR open aldwinaldwin
36624 2 months ago cleanup the stdlib and tests with regard to sys.platform usage has PR open Michael.Felt
24139 2 months ago Use sqlite3 extended error codes has patch has PR open Dima.Tisnek
14367 2 months ago try/except block in ismethoddescriptor() in, so that pydoc works with pygame in Python 3.2 has patch open ncdave4life
36865 2 months ago FileInput does not allow 'rt' mode, but all its existing delegates do has PR open natgaertner
34971 2 months ago add support for tls/ssl sessions in asyncio has PR open RemiCardona
36839 2 months ago Support the buffer protocol in code objects has PR open dino.viehland
36675 2 months ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open steven.daprano
37157 2 months ago shutil: add reflink=False to file copy functions to control clone/CoW copies (use copy_file_range) has patch open vstinner
37034 2 months ago Argument Clinic omits name of keyword-only parameter on _PyArg_BadArgument() call has PR open vstinner
30835 2 months ago AttributeError when parsing multipart email with invalid non-decodable Content-Transfer-Encoding has patch has PR open Andrew Donnellan
37159 2 months ago Use copy_file_range() in shutil.copyfile() (server-side copy) has patch open giampaolo.rodola
37011 2 months ago pdb: restore original tracing function instead of sys.settrace(None) has PR open blueyed
34037 2 months ago asyncio: BaseEventLoop.close() shutdowns the executor without waiting causing leak of dangling threads has PR open vstinner
26826 2 months ago Expose new copy_file_range() syscall in os module. has patch has PR open StyXman
36602 2 months ago Recursive directory list with pathlib.Path.iterdir has PR open Epic_Wink
36724 2 months ago Clear _PyRuntime at exit has PR open vstinner
36818 2 months ago Add PyInterpreterState.runtime. has PR open eric.snow
34521 2 months ago Multiple tests (test_socket, test_multiprocessing_*) fail due to incorrect recvmsg(2) buffer lengths, causing failures on FreeBSD CURRENT has patch has PR open pablogsal
27513 2 months ago email.utils.getaddresses does not handle Header objects has patch has PR open frispete
37146 2 months ago opcode cache for LOAD_GLOBAL emits false alarm in memory leak hunting has PR open vstinner
37093 2 months ago http.client aborts header parsing upon encountering non-ASCII header names has PR open tburke
36868 2 months ago New behavior of OpenSSL hostname verification not exposed, incorrectly documented has PR open josh.r
34001 2 months ago LibreSSL does not tolerate setting minimum_version greater than maximum_version has PR open Alan.Huang
34271 2 months ago Please support logging of SSL master secret by env variable SSLKEYLOGFILE has patch has PR open jmfrank63
33608 2 months ago Add a cross-interpreter-safe mechanism to indicate that an object may be destroyed. has patch has PR open eric.snow
37086 2 months ago time.sleep error message misleading has PR open Justin Fay
27432 2 months ago Support unittest assertion truncation of repr in error messages has PR open Camilla Ke
37012 2 months ago Possible crash due to PyType_FromSpecWithBases() has PR open petr.viktorin
1438480 2 months ago shutil.move raises OSError when copystat fails has patch open piman
36781 2 months ago Optimize sum() for bools has PR open serhiy.storchaka
32865 2 months ago os.pipe creates inheritable FDs with a bad internal state on Windows has PR open eryksun
35964 2 months ago shutil.make_archive (xxx, tar, root_dir) is adding './' entry to archive which is wrong has patch has PR open HFM
33346 2 months ago Syntax error with async generator inside dictionary comprehension has PR open pablogsal
36612 2 months ago Unittest document is not clear on SetUpClass calls has PR open vrpolakatcisco
35849 2 months ago Added thousands separators to Lib/ final report has PR open addons_zz
36411 2 months ago Python 3 f.tell() gets out of sync with file pointer in binary append+read mode has patch has PR open pewscorner
36461 2 months ago timeit: Additional changes for autorange has PR open cheryl.sabella
36518 2 months ago Avoid conflicts when pass arbitrary keyword arguments to Python function has PR open serhiy.storchaka
14014 2 months ago codecs.StreamWriter.reset contract not fulfilled has patch has PR open Jim.Jewett
37073 2 months ago clarify functions docs in IO modules and Bytes Objects has PR open Windson Yang
32628 2 months ago Add configurable DirectoryIndex to http.server has PR open epaulson
37105 2 months ago Add deprecated-remove information on stream doc has PR open eamanu
15590 2 months ago --libs is inconsistent for python-config --libs and pkgconfig python --libs has patch has PR open doko
26835 2 months ago Add file-sealing ops to fcntl has PR open christian.heimes
36379 2 months ago nb_inplace_pow is always called with an invalid argument has patch has PR open Zuzu_Typ
21314 2 months ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open veky
26660 2 months ago tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() cleanup exception if nonwriteable or non-searchable files or directories created has PR open Laurent.Mazuel
35144 2 months ago TemporaryDirectory clean-up fails with unsearchable directories has PR open lilydjwg
35950 2 months ago io.BufferedReader.writabe is False, but io.BufferedReader.truncate does not raise OSError has PR open steverpalmer
36342 2 months ago test_venv failure when executed by test_multiprocessing and the platform lacks a functional sem_open() has PR open xdegaye
6686 2 months ago xml.sax.xmlreader.XMLReader.getProperty (xml.sax.handler.property_xml_string) returns bytes has patch has PR open cms103
9371 2 months ago pulldom doesn't provide END_DOCUMENT or COMMENT nodes. has patch has PR open mark.smith
35018 2 months ago Sax parser provides no user access to lexical handlers has PR open Jonathan.Gossage
9883 2 months ago minidom: AttributeError: DocumentFragment instance has no attribute 'writexml' has PR open Aubrey.Barnard
36906 2 months ago Compile time textwrap.dedent() equivalent for str or bytes literals has PR open gregory.p.smith
22385 2 months ago Define a binary output formatting mini-language for *.hex() has PR open ncoghlan
31904 2 months ago Python should support VxWorks RTOS has PR open Brian Kuhl
37096 2 months ago Add large-file tests for modules using sendfile(2) has PR open giampaolo.rodola
37088 2 months ago Add a way to schedule a function to be called from the main thread has PR open yselivanov
37090 2 months ago test_gdb's test_pycfunction should test all calling conventions has PR open petr.viktorin
32972 2 months ago unittest.TestCase coroutine support has PR open pdxjohnny
13214 2 months ago Cmd: list available completions from the cmd.Cmd subclass and filter out EOF handler(s) has patch open ngie
36919 2 months ago Exception from 'compile' reports a newline char not present in input has PR open BCSharp
36305 2 months ago Inconsistent behavior of pathlib.WindowsPath with drive paths has PR open kmaork
34364 2 months ago problem with traceback for syntax error in f-string has PR open bgailer
2506 2 months ago Add mechanism to disable optimizations has patch has PR open nedbat
34725 2 months ago Py_GetProgramFullPath() odd behaviour in Windows has patch has PR open mariofutire
22253 2 months ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections has patch has PR open kernc
26329 2 months ago os.path.normpath("//") returns // has patch open Fred Rolland
22257 2 months ago PEP 432: Redesign the interpreter startup sequence has patch has PR open ncoghlan
37064 2 months ago Feature request: option to keep/add flags to pathfix. has PR open pkopkan
28609 2 months ago argparse claims '*' positional argument is required in error output has patch open rrt
18564 2 months ago Fix Bluetooth address parser has patch has PR open maker
31163 2 months ago Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace has PR open albertogomcas
29699 2 months ago shutil.rmtree should not fail with FileNotFoundError (race condition) has patch has PR open dkg
35775 2 months ago Add a general selection function to statistics has PR open remi.lapeyre
29779 2 months ago New environment variable PYTHONHISTORY has PR open 0xl3vi
36982 2 months ago Add support for extended color functions in ncurses 6.1 has PR open Jeffrey.Kintscher
36876 2 months ago Global C variables are a problem. has PR open eric.snow
34963 2 months ago String representation for types created with typing.NewType(…) are opaque and unappealing has PR open fish2000
34541 2 months ago pathlib.Path.iterdir doesn't throw an exception until you start iterating has PR open Paul Pinterits
35328 3 months ago Set a environment variable for venv prompt has PR open batisteo
22577 3 months ago local variable changes lost after pdb jump command has PR open xdegaye
31862 3 months ago Port the standard library to PEP 489 multiphase initialization has PR open Dormouse759
37013 3 months ago Fatal Python error in socket.if_indextoname() has PR open ZackerySpytz
30802 3 months ago datetime.datetime.strptime('200722', '%Y%U') has PR open winton
24653 3 months ago Mock.assert_has_calls([]) is surprising for users has PR open rbcollins
21914 3 months ago Create unit tests for Turtle guionly has patch has PR open Lita.Cho
25068 3 months ago The proxy key's string should ignore case. has PR open Chuang Cao
36998 3 months ago distutils sdist command fails to create MANIFEST if any filenames are undecodable has patch has PR open a.badger
25652 3 months ago collections.UserString.__rmod__() raises NameError has patch has PR open jcgoble3
19613 3 months ago test_nntplib: sporadic failures, test_article_head_body() has patch open vstinner
33485 3 months ago autoconf target does not behave correctly has PR open eitan.adler
31779 3 months ago assertion failures and a crash when using an uninitialized struct.Struct object has PR open Oren Milman
36977 3 months ago SharedMemoryManager should relase its resources when its parent process dies has PR open pierreglaser
25988 3 months ago has PR open abarnert
36770 3 months ago stdlib - shutil.make_archive - add support for different ZIP compression method has patch has PR open owenchia
36971 3 months ago Add subsections in C API "Common Object Structures" page has PR open jdemeyer
26185 3 months ago zipfile.ZipInfo slots can raise unexpected AttributeError has patch has PR open Matthew Zipay
36967 3 months ago Eliminate unnecessary check in _strptime when determining AM/PM has PR open gphemsley
27141 3 months ago Fix collections.UserList shallow copy has patch has PR open bar.harel
36959 3 months ago ISO date errors in _strptime are jumbled has PR open gphemsley
36950 3 months ago add an helper to wait for an event with a timeout has PR open vstinner
35989 3 months ago ipaddress.IPv4Network allows prefix > 32 has PR open John Florian
10933 3 months ago Tracing disabled when a recursion error is triggered (even if properly handled) has patch open fabioz
29847 3 months ago Path takes and ignores **kwargs has PR open Jelle Zijlstra
22490 3 months ago Using realpath for __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ makes Homebrew installs fragile has patch has PR open tdsmith
30509 3 months ago Optimize calling type slots has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
36260 3 months ago [security] CVE-2019-9674: Zip Bomb vulnerability has PR open krnick
36946 3 months ago Possible signed integer overflow in slice handling has PR open ZackerySpytz
18060 3 months ago Updating _fields_ of a derived struct type yields a bad cif has patch has PR open lauri.alanko
36850 3 months ago shutil.copy2 fails with even with source network filesystem not supporting extended attributes has PR open hans-meine
29282 3 months ago Fused multiply-add: proposal to add math.fma() has patch open juraj.sukop
26515 3 months ago Update extending/embedding docs to new way to build modules in C has PR open brett.cannon
36880 3 months ago Returning None from a callback with restype py_object decrements None's refcount too much has patch has PR open dgelessus
36927 3 months ago traceback docstrings should explicitly state return values instead of referring to other functions has PR open Aaron Hall
31171 3 months ago multiprocessing.BoundedSemaphore of 32-bit python could not work while cross compiling on linux platform has PR open hongxu
35983 3 months ago tp_dealloc trashcan shouldn't be called for subclasses has PR open jdemeyer
36345 3 months ago Doc: make serve uses http.server instead of Tools/scripts/ has PR open matrixise
24871 3 months ago doesn't work on x86_64 Linux out of the box has patch open termim
34255 3 months ago test_embed skipped when srcdir != builddir has PR open ronaldoussoren
26124 3 months ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords has PR open Charles Daffern
35197 3 months ago graminit.h defines very generic names like 'stmt' or 'test' has patch open vstinner
36801 3 months ago Wait for connection_lost in StreamWriter.drain has PR open asvetlov
13824 3 months ago argparse.FileType opens a file and never closes it has patch open David.Layton
2897 3 months ago Deprecate structmember.h has patch open benjamin.peterson
2053 3 months ago IDLE - standardize dialogs has patch open taleinat
30491 3 months ago Add a lightweight mechanism for detecting un-awaited coroutine objects has patch has PR open njs
24538 3 months ago os.setxattr PermissionError on panfs propagates up causing `copystat`, `copytree`, and `pip install .` to fail unhepfully has PR open Gerrit.Holl
26317 3 months ago Build Problem with GCC + Macintosh OS X 10.11 El Capitain has patch has PR open Robert P Fischer
32587 3 months ago Make REG_MULTI_SZ support zero-length strings has patch has PR open nanonyme
24048 3 months ago remove_module() needs to save/restore exception state has PR open herring
30535 3 months ago Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open xmorel
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