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ID GH Activity Title Status Creator
47075 91231 4 months ago test_multiprocessing_spawn leaks QueueManager dangling processes has patch has PR open vstinner
47071 91227 4 months ago asyncio proactor udp transport stops responding after send to port that isn't listening has patch has PR open esoma
47070 91226 4 months ago Improve performance of array_inplace_repeat has PR open pieter.eendebak
47067 91223 4 months ago Add vectorcall for generic alias object has PR open penguin_wwy
47063 91219 4 months ago SimpleHTTPRequestHandler has hard coded index page list. has PR open myronww
47058 91214 4 months ago Skip tests failing on Solaris has PR open kulikjak
47054 91210 4 months ago "SyntaxError: non-default argument follows default argument" confuses has PR open bluenix
47053 91209 4 months ago Reduce de-optimization in BINARY_OP_INPLACE_ADD_UNICODE has PR open Dennis Sweeney
47049 91205 4 months ago Incorrect shutil.copytree() behaviour with symlinks has PR open vajdaz
47045 91201 4 months ago Remove the RESUME instruction has PR open Mark.Shannon
47029 91185 4 months ago Fix a BrokenPipeError when a multiprocessing.Queue is garbage collected has PR open maggyero
47025 91181 4 months ago bytes do not work on sys.path has patch has PR open graingert
47016 91172 4 months ago Create a test verifying bundled pip and setuptools wheels has PR open illia-v
47010 91166 4 months ago Implement zero copy writes in SelectorSocketTransport in asyncio has PR open kumaraditya
47000 91156 4 months ago Make encoding="locale" uses locale encoding even in UTF-8 mode is enabled. has PR open methane
46978 91134 4 months ago Doc strings for built-in, in-place operators are misleading has PR open nickovs
46973 91129 4 months ago Provide make target to regenerate autoconf files with container has PR open christian.heimes
46964 91120 4 months ago The global config should not be stored on each interpreter has PR open eric.snow
46962 91118 4 months ago Fix docstrings that do not honor --without-doc-strings has PR open arhadthedev
46961 91117 4 months ago Caching/interning of small ints sometimes fails has PR open steven.daprano
46958 91114 4 months ago json dump/dumps prints each array element on a new line (bad for readability) has PR open Entirity
46946 91102 4 months ago Port core types to Argument Clinic has PR open arhadthedev
46943 91099 4 months ago fix[imaplib]: call Exception with string instance has PR open spaceone
46942 91098 4 months ago Convert Object/classobject.c to Argument Clinic has PR open arhadthedev
46939 91095 4 months ago Specialize calls for Python classes has PR open kj
46934 91090 4 months ago Started multiprocessing.Process instances are unserialisable has PR open maggyero
46917 91073 4 months ago Require IEEE 754 floating point to build Python 3.11 has PR open vstinner
46913 91069 4 months ago UBSAN: test_ctypes, test_faulthandler and test_hashlib are failing has PR open vstinner
46907 91063 4 months ago Update Windows and MacOS installer to SQLite 3.38.2 has PR open felixxm
46896 91052 4 months ago add support for watching writes to selected dictionaries has PR open carljm
46887 91043 4 months ago ./Programs/_freeze_module fails with MSAN: Uninitialized value was created by an allocation of 'stat.i' has PR open vstinner
46882 91038 4 months ago Clarify argument type of platform.platform(aliased, terse) to boolean has PR open Rotzbua
46879 91035 4 months ago [doc] incorrect sphinx object names has PR open push-f
46878 91034 4 months ago [sqlite3] remove "non-standard" from docstrings has PR open erlendaasland
46838 90994 4 months ago Parameters and arguments parser syntax error improvments has PR open Andy_kl
46836 90992 4 months ago [C API] Move PyFrameObject to the internal C API has PR open vstinner
46835 90991 4 months ago ImportError: bad magic number in ... does not indicate where is that file located has PR open hroncok
46826 90982 4 months ago prefixes argument to site.getsitepackages() missing documentation has PR open asnell
46824 90980 4 months ago use AI_NUMERICHOST | AI_NUMERICSERV to skip getaddrinfo thread in asyncio has PR open graingert
46823 90979 4 months ago Add LOAD_FAST__LOAD_ATTR_INSTANCE_VALUE combined opcode has PR open Dennis Sweeney
46815 90971 4 months ago Extra `DeprecationWarning` when running `lib2to3` tests has PR open sobolevn
46814 90970 4 months ago Documentation for constructing abstract base classes is misleading has PR open Yoshanuikabundi
46811 90967 4 months ago Test suite needs adjustments for Expat >=2.4.5 has PR open sping
46799 90955 4 months ago ShareableList memory bloat and performance improvement has patch has PR open tcl326
46787 90943 4 months ago ProcessPoolExecutor exception memory leak has patch has PR open themylogin
46785 90941 4 months ago On Windows, os.stat() can fail if called while another process is creating or deleting the file has PR open Antony.Lee
46781 90937 4 months ago Tracing: c_return doesn't report the result has PR open smurfix
46771 90927 4 months ago Implement asyncio.timeout() context manager has PR open gvanrossum
46764 90920 4 months ago Wrapping a bound method with a @classmethod no longer works has PR open msullivan
46761 90917 4 months ago functools.update_wrapper breaks the signature of functools.partial objects has patch has PR open larry
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